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FASTag is mandatory for all cars from Feb 15, 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FASTag and how does it work?

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has directed all tollways to collect electronic payments through the FASTag programme.

FASTag is a tech-enabled sticker, like a QR Code, that you can stick on your car's windshield. Your FASTag ID is linked with your wallet / prepaid account that you can keep recharging. All the tollways in India will now use FASTags to collect toll payments.

With FASTag installed you don't have to wait in long lines at toll plazas or worry about exact change, as the toll payment will be automatically deducted from your wallet after they scan your FASTag.

FASTags are mandatory for four-wheelers from February 15, 2021.

Should I buy FASTag for my car?

Yes, having a FASTag on your car has been made mandatory by the Indian government from February 15, 2021.

It also makes crossing tolls a much faster and simpler affair for everyone, so you should definitely buy a FASTag for your car.

What happens if I don't have a FASTag card for my car?

There are going to be penalties for not having an active FASTag on your car. You may have to pay twice the toll payment amount in penalties.

Also, most toll plazas are keeping a single lane for defaulters who don't have an active FASTag, which could mean waiting in long queues to cross them.

How do I buy a FASTag on AckoDrive?

It is super easy. Just enter a few personal and vehicle details, add the initial wallet money and that’s it. We will deliver your FASTag sticker to your home within 5 working days of the purchase.

AckoDrive has partnered with IDFC First Bank to sell FASTags. IDFC First Bank is a premier Indian banking company that has been authorized by NHAI to distribute FASTags.

What is the validity of a FASTag card?

FASTag has a 5-year validity from the date of purchase. But you need to keep recharging the FASTag wallet based on your usage to drive through the Tolls.

What happens if the FASTag on my car is not working?

If you have purchased a FASTag from AckoDrive and it is not working, please call our dedicated helpline number 18002669970, and we will arrange for a new FASTag.

If it is not working at a particular toll plaza because of malfunctioning of the FASTag scanners, then as per the government's rule, you can cross the toll without making any payments.

What are the benefits of buying FASTag through AckoDrive?

  1. FASTag for free - Zero issuance cost, zero security deposit - only add the balance to your FASTag wallet
  2. No paperwork - You don't need an RC copy or any other documents to buy a FASTag on AckoDrive
  3. Fast home delivery - Get your FASTag delivered for free in 5 working days
  4. Petrol/diesel payments - Ackodrive FASTags can be used for contactless payments for fuel purchase at HPCL pumps

Should I submit any documents to purchase FASTag through AckoDrive?

You don't need to submit any documents to purchase FASTag through AckoDrive. Just use our form above to buy FASTag online in 5 minutes. Everything Acko builds is completely digital, super easy, and takes just a few clicks.

What charges and fees should I expect to pay to buy a FASTag from AckoDrive?

You only need to pay Rs. 100 which is for the initial balance in your FASTag wallet. AckoDrive doesn't charge any additional cost for FASTag issuance, security deposit, or home delivery.

Do I need to create a FASTag wallet? How can I recharge it?

When you buy a FASTag from AckoDrive, we will automatically create a FASTag wallet for you with IDFC Bank.

You can recharge your wallet easily with UPI payments. The UPI Id will be: netc.@idfcnetc

You can also recharge your FASTag wallet via cheque or through Credit Card, Debit Card, NEFT/RTGS or Net Banking.

How soon can I get my FASTag after making the payment?

After making the payment, you will receive a confirmation from IDFC First Bank via email and SMS and they will dispatch your FASTag immediately. Your FASTag will be delivered to your home within 5 working days.

Is there any way I can track the status of the delivery?

Yes, as soon as you make the payment you will get a confirmation from IDFC First Bank via email/SMS.

The tracking details will be shared with you within 1 working day of the payment date.

What if I face issues while purchasing FASTag on AckoDrive?

If you face any difficulties while buying FASTag on AckoDrive platform, please call us at 18002662250.

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