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FASTag is mandatory for all cars from Feb 15, 2021
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About FASTag

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Traffic congestion at toll plazas is a common sight on highways. To solve this problem, electronic toll payment system or FASTag toll booths were introduced in the country. Getting a FASTag for your vehicle is easy. You can buy FASTag online and get it delivered for free!

What is FASTag?

FASTag is a tech-enabled sticker, for example, like a QR code sticker that you can stick on your car’s windshield. Your FASTag ID is linked to a digital prepaid wallet or account, which you can keep recharging as you need to cross toll plazas.

With FASTag installed on your car, the toll charges will be automatically deducted from your digital wallet after the toll booth scans your FASTag. With an active FASTag, you don’t have to wait in long queues at toll booths nor do you have to carry cash for toll payments.

What is the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) System?

National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) system was introduced by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to automate the collection of tolls at toll plazas. NETC system uses FASTag for electronic toll payment via the linked account or digital prepaid wallet.

Is FASTag mandatory in India?

Yes, FASTags are mandatory for four-wheelers from February 15, 2021.

FASTag Benefits:

One of the main advantages of FASTag is the cashless payment at toll plazas. You need not wait in the queue at the toll booth as the toll charges are automatically deducted as you pass through the FASTag lane. Apart from that, there are a host of benefits of FASTag, which are listed below:

Save Fuel and Time:

With FASTag, there is no waiting at the toll booth/plaza. The toll charges will be deducted automatically when you approach the scanner installed on the electronic payment booth. With no stop-and-go traffic at toll plazas, you will save fuel.

No Hassle of Carrying Cash:

Usually when you approach a toll plaza, you have to carry the exact amount in cash for toll payment. But with FASTag, you can concentrate on your driving, without having to worry about cash payment.

Keep Track of your Transactions:

Every time you pass a FASTag toll booth, you will get an SMS for the transaction. Apart from that, you can also check your FASTag transactions through the FASTag online portal.

Online Recharge:

You can recharge your FASTag account online, and the process is simple. You can top-up FASTag via UPI, Netbanking, Credit/Debit Card or through Cheque.

Key Features of ACKO Drive FASTag:

You can buy FASTag online from ACKO Drive, and the purchase process is simple and hassle-free. Below are the key features of ACKO Drive FASTag:

  • No Documents Required: Usually, when you buy a FASTag, you need to submit the copy of your vehicle RC (Registration Certificate) and other KYC documents. But ACKO Drive has made the process simple and fast by eliminating the paperwork. All you need to do is provide a few personal and vehicle details to buy FASTag online.

  • No Issuance Fee and Security Deposit: When you buy FASTag online from ACKO Drive, you need not pay any issuance fee or security deposit. Generally, when you buy FASTag, you have to pay some amount as issuance fee and security deposit. However, ACKO Drive will bear these charges on your behalf.

  • Quick and Free Home Delivery: Once you purchase the ACKO Drive FASTag, the tag will be dispatched immediately, without any additional charges. You will receive the FASTag within 3 working days.

  • Multipurpose Tag: AKODrive FASTag can also be used to make contactless payments for Petrol/Diesel at HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) fuel stations. Enjoy hassle-free payments with ACKO Drive FASTag, be it while filling petrol/diesel or paying toll charges!

  • Lowest and Simple Pricing Structure: You can buy FASTag from ACKO Drive at just Rs. 100, which is the lowest price in the market. There are no other charges involved, such as issuance fee, security deposit or delivery charges. Below is the price breakup of ACKO Drive FASTag:

FASTag Price:

Details Price
Issuance Fee Rs. 0
Usable Wallet Money Rs. 100
Security Deposit Rs. 0
Delivery Charge Rs. 0
Total Rs. 100

Buy FASTag Online:

Buying FASTag online is very convenient as it saves you a lot of time. Now, ACKO Drive has gone a step further and made the online purchase even faster and simpler by eliminating the need for documents. Follow the below steps to buy FASTag from ACKO Drive:

Step 1.

Visit the website

Step 2.

Enter your car registration number.

Step 3.

Enter your details, address and KYC details.

Step 4.

Confirm your car details and click Continue.

Step 5.

Review personal, vehicle and payment details and click Continue.

Step 6.

Enter the OTP sent to you for mobile number verification.

Step 7.

Complete the payment.

Step 8.

You will receive a confirmation email and SMS, and your FASTag will be dispatched immediately.

How do I get FASTag for Free?

The only charge you pay while buying FASTag from ACKO Drive is Rs. 100 for the minimum wallet balance (Usable Wallet Money). Apart from that, there are no other charges involved such as issuance fee, security deposit or delivery charges. The ACKO Drive FASTag card will be delivered to your doorstep for free within 3 working days. So, technically you are getting your FASTag for free!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a FASTag and how does it work?


National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has directed all tollways to collect electronic payments through the FASTag programme.

FASTag is a tech-enabled sticker, like a QR Code, that you can stick on your car's windshield. Your FASTag ID is linked with your wallet / prepaid account that you can keep recharging. All the tollways in India will now use FASTags to collect toll payments.

With FASTag installed you don't have to wait in long lines at toll plazas or worry about exact change, as the toll payment will be automatically deducted from your wallet after they scan your FASTag.

FASTags are mandatory for four-wheelers from February 15, 2021.

2. Should I buy FASTag for my car?


Yes, FASTag for your car has been made mandatory by the Government of India from February 15, 2021. FASTag makes crossing toll plazas a much faster and simpler affair, so you should definitely buy FASTag for your car.

3. What happens if I do not buy FASTag for my car?


FASTag is compulsory from February 15, 2021. Post that if you do not have a FASTag for your car, there are going to be penalties. You might have to pay twice the toll charges as a penalty for not having an active FASTag on your car. Also, most toll plazas will have only a single lane for those who do not have FASTag, and you might get stuck in long queues while crossing toll plazas.

4. How to apply for a FASTag on ACKO Drive?


It's very easy! Just enter a few details (Personal and Vehicle details). Pay the minimum wallet balance amount. That’s it!. We will deliver the FASTag sticker to your doorstep. ACKO Drive has partnered with IDFC First Bank to sell FASTag.

IDFC First Bank is a premier Indian banking company that has been authorised by NHAI to issue FASTags.

5. What is the validity of a FASTag sticker?


FASTag has a validity of 5 years from the date of purchase. But you need to recharge the FASTag wallet based on your usage/need to drive through toll plazas.

6. What to do if the FASTag on my car is not working?


If you have purchased a FASTag from ACKO Drive, and it is not working, please call our dedicated helpline number 18002669970, and we will arrange for a new FASTag.

If the FASTag is not working at any particular toll plaza due to an issue with the FASTag scanners, then as per the government's rule, you can cross the toll plaza without making any payments.

7. What are the benefits of buying FASTag from ACKO Drive?

  • Free FASTag: ACKO Drive does not charge for issuing the FASTag, and there is also no security deposit. Only add a minimum balance to your FASTag wallet.

  • No Paperwork: You don’t need to upload the copy of RC (Registration Certificate) or any other documents to buy FASTag on ACKO Drive

  • Quick Doorstep Delivery: Get your FASTag delivered for free in 3 working days. No delivery charges.

  • Multipurpose Tag: ACKO Drive FASTag can be used for contactless payments for Petrol/Diesel at HPCL fuel pumps.

8. Do I need to submit any documents to buy FASTag from ACKO Drive?


No, you don’t need to submit any documents to purchase FASTag from ACKO Drive. Everything at ACKO is digital, and it’s super easy and just takes a few clicks to buy FASTag online.

9. What charges and fees should I expect to pay to buy a FASTag from ACKO Drive?


You only need to pay Rs. 100, which is for the minimum required balance in your FASTag wallet. ACKO Drive does not charge any additional cost for FASTag issuance, security deposit or home delivery.

10. Do I need to create a FASTag wallet? How can I recharge it?


When you buy a FASTag from ACKO Drive, we will automatically create a FASTag wallet for you with IDFC First Bank.

You can recharge your FASTag wallet easily with UPI payments. The UPI ID will be: netc.<your vehicle number>@idfcnetc. You can also recharge the wallet via Credit/Debit Card, NEFT/RTGS, Net Banking or Cheque.

11. How soon can I get my FASTag after making the payment?


Your FASTag will be delivered to your doorstep within 3 working days from the date of payment.

12. Is there any way I can track the status of the FASTag delivery?


Yes, as soon as you make the payment, you will receive a confirmation from IDFC First Bank via Email/SMS. The tracking details will be shared with you within 1 working day from the date of payment.

13. What if I face issues while purchasing FASTag on ACKO Drive?


If you face any difficulties while purchasing FASTag, please call us at 18002662250.

How to register for a FASTag?

FASTag registration can be done either online or offline. For offline registration, you can visit any of the POS (Point of Sales) terminals located at toll plazas or a bank authorised to issue FASTag.

But the most convenient way to register for a FASTag is to register online. You can apply for a FASTag online through any of the issuing agencies (Banks or Tag Issuer). You have to upload the soft copies of the documents while purchasing FASTag online. Once you make the purchase, FASTag will be delivered to your doorstep.

ACKO Drive customers need not upload any documents while purchasing FASTag. You have to enter a few basic details while buying FASTag from ACKO Drive. The rest of the data will be obtained from authorised databases after your consent.

After you complete the purchase, the account will be created. Once the account is activated, you need to register the FASTag. The registration process might vary from one issuer to another, but it can be done online. Visit the FASTag issuer’s customer portal and enter the RFID number or vehicle registration number or the wallet ID to create a login ID and password. That’s it! The FASTag is registered. You can manage your FASTag through the web portal.

How does the FASTag System Work?

FASTag is an electronic toll collection system, which uses Radio Frequency Identification Technology for electronic payment of toll charges at toll plazas. The RFID technology communicates with the scanners installed on the toll booth for electronic payments. The FASTag is linked to an account or prepaid digital wallet, from which the toll charge will be automatically deducted. The FASTag is affixed on the front windscreen of the vehicle, and whenever the vehicle passes the electronic toll booth, the toll charges will be deducted automatically. You will also get an SMS for the transaction.

Documents Required to get FASTag:

If you are purchasing FASTag offline, you need to submit the hard copies of the documents. Also, you need to carry the original documents for verification. Below are the documents required to buy FASTag:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC).

  • KYC Documents (Identification proof and address proof)

  • PAN Card

  • Passport-size photographs.

For online purchase of FASTag, you need to upload the soft copies of the documents. If you are purchasing FASTag from ACKO Drive, you need not submit any documents.

Documents required for individual customers

If you are an individual customer, applying for a FASTag will require the following documents.

  • PAN card

  • Address/identity proof (Valid passport, driver’s licence, voter ID, or Aadhar card)

Documents required for corporate customers

For corporate registration, you must have a public limited, private limited or sole proprietorship corporation. The documents for registration include the following.

  • Proprietor’s PAN card as corporate address proof

  • Corporation’s registration certificate/partnership deed/certificate of incorporation

  • Signing authority’s photo identification under the Shop Act/any other corporation proof

  • Names of the directors of the corporation and firm partners’ addresses

After collecting all the documents, the rest of the process becomes similar to corporates and individuals. 

You can submit a duly filled FASTag application, submit the required documents, and pay the applicable fees to purchase a FASTag from any of the issuer banks.

How Much does FASTag Cost?

The cost of FASTag depends on the class of the vehicle. For instance, FASTag for a car will cost less when compared to FASTag for a truck. However, there are three factors, which impacts the cost of FASTag: Joining Fee, Security Deposit and Minimum Recharge Amount. Some FASTag issuers even charge for the delivery of the physical tag. But when you buy FASTag from ACKO Drive, there is no security deposit or delivery charge. Below are the details of the factors impacting the cost of FASTag:

Joining Fee:

It is a one-time fee collected during the registration of the FASTag user. The joining fee is collected to create and activate the FASTag. Currently, the joining fee stands at Rs. 100, which includes taxes.

Security Deposit:

The security deposit varies depending on the vehicle class. The security deposit is fully refundable, provided there are no dues at the time of the account closure. If there is insufficient balance in your account, the bank might use the security deposit to settle the toll charges.

Minimum Recharge Amount:

The minimum recharge amount or the threshold amount is collected during the FASTag account activation. The amount is credited to your tag account, and it is usable. You can pay toll charges with the threshold amount, as soon as the tag is activated. The minimum recharge amount also depends on the vehicle class.

Fees and Charges for FASTag:

Vehicle Class Security Deposit Minimum Recharge Amount
Private Car/Van/Jeep Rs. 200 Rs. 100
Tata Ace or Mini Light Commercial Vehicle Rs. 200 Rs. 100
Light Commercial Vehicle (2 or 3-Axle) Rs. 300 Rs. 140
Bus/Mini Bus (2 or 3-Axle) Rs. 400 Rs. 300
Truck with 2-Axle Rs. 400 Rs. 300
Truck with 3 or more Axle Rs. 500 Rs. 300
Tractor with Trailer/Tractor Rs. 500 Rs. 300
Heavy Construction Vehicle/Earth Moving Vehicle Rs. 500 Rs. 300

How to Activate FASTag?

Once you have bought the FASTag for your vehicle, the next step is to activate it. If you have purchased the tag via POS at toll plazas or online platform, no bank is assigned to the tag. In such cases, you need to self-activate the tag.

FASTag Self Activation:

You can self-activate the FASTag by downloading the My FASTag smartphone app. You can link the FASTag to any of the existing bank accounts through the My FASTag app. You need to enter the vehicle details on the app to self-activate the tag. But note that this method only works if you have purchased FASTag from an online platform.

You can also visit the bank branch to link the FASTag to your existing bank account. To activate and link the FASTag to your bank account, you need to submit the KYC documents and RC (Registration Certificate) of your vehicle.

How to use it?

Once you have activated the tag, the next obvious question will be, How to use FASTag? Well, it’s pretty simple. Once the FASTag is activated, you need to affix the tag on the front windscreen of your vehicle.

If you have linked the FASTag to your bank account, then the toll payments will be deducted from the linked bank account. If you have created an NHAI Prepaid Digital Wallet for the RFID tag, then you can recharge the wallet through the ‘My FASTag’ app  The payment can be done through UPI, credit/debit card or Net Banking.

FASTag Tags Classification for Vehicle:

The National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) has been developed by the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). And under the NETC program, the tags are classified according to the category of the vehicle. The below table denotes the tag class for different categories of vehicles:

Vehicle Class Tag Class
Car/Jeep/Van and Mini Light Commercial Vehicle 4
Light Commercial Vehicle (2-Axle) 5
Commercial Vehicle/Bus (3-Axle) 6
Truck/Bus (2-Axle) 7
Truck (4-6 Axle) 12
Truck with multi-axle (7 or more Axle) 15
Earth Moving Equipment or Heavy Construction Machinery 16

What to do if FASTag is not Working/Activated?

If you have any issues in activating the FASTag, contact the issuer immediately. You can get in touch with customer support, the contact details will be provided to you when you purchase the tag.

If the FASTag is not working, you are having issues in toll payments, make sure that you have sufficient balance in your FASTag wallet or bank account. You can visit the FASTag web portal or the My FASTag app to check the status and balance of your FASTag account. If the issue still persists, you can contact the FASTag customer support.

Will I get any notifications for toll payments through FASTag?

As soon as you pass the FASTag lane, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number. The SMS will have details of the toll payment transaction. You can also check the transaction details via the customer web portal of your issuer or on the My FASTag app.

FASTag Complaint and Customer Care Numbers:

If you have any issues with the FASTag, you can contact the NETC FASTag Helpline (1033). If you are facing any problems with recharge/activation, you can contact the tag issuer. The list of FASTag issuers and helpline numbers can be found on the NPCI website.

More FAQs.

Below are some of the most common queries related to FASTag:

1. Can I travel without a FASTag?


If you are travelling on highways, FASTag is mandatory for four-wheelers, effective from February 15, 2020.

2. Can I get FASTag instantly?


Yes, you can visit any of the NHAI toll plazas to get your FASTag instantly. Submit all the required documents and the FASTag will be activated instantly.

3. Can I have two FASTags for the same car?


No, you cannot have two FASTags for one car. FASTag is specific for a vehicle, and it does not depend on the owner or driver.

4. From where can I buy FASTag?


You can buy FASTag from POS (Point of Sales) located at toll plazas. You can also get the FASTag from any of the issuers, either offline or online.

5. Which documents do I need to submit to buy FASTag for my car?


You need to submit the following documents to buy FASTag:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)

  • KYC Documents (ID and Address Proof)

  • Passport size photograph

6. Does the FASTag account balance expire?


A FASTag is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. You need to recharge the account as per your requirement. As long as the tag is active, you can use the account balance for toll payments.

7. Can I buy FASTag if the car is not in my name?


Yes, you can buy FASTag even if the car is not in your name. All you have to do is carry the original and duplicate copies of the vehicle registration certificate and KYC documents of the owner of the vehicle while purchasing the FASTag.

8. What is the difference between RFID and FASTag?


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the technology used by the FASTag. Every vehicle has a unique RFID. On the other hand, FASTag is a tag, which is affixed to the vehicle's windscreen, and it is linked to an account, from which the toll payments are deducted.

9. How do I pay through FASTag at toll plazas?


You need to approach the FASTag lane at the toll plaza and pass the electronic payment booth. The toll charge will get automatically deducted from your FASTag account. There is no need to stop your vehicle for making toll payments through FASTag.

10. Is there a minimum balance for a FASTag account?


Yes, you have to maintain a minimum balance in your FASTag account, and the minimum recharge amount depends on the vehicle class. For a car, the minimum recharge amount is Rs. 100.

11. How do I check the transactions done through my FASTag?


You can log in to the FASTag customer web portal or download the My FASTag app to check the transactions. Also, you will receive an SMS each time you pay the toll fee via the FASTag lane.

12. My car is stolen. How do I block my FASTag account?


If your vehicle is stolen, you should immediately block the FASTag account. You can contact the customer support of your FASTag issuer, and raise a request to block your account. Or you can call FASTag helpline number: 1033.

13. Is FASTag required for two-wheelers?


No, FASTag is not required for two-wheelers. Only four-wheelers (except exempted FASTag Vehicles) need to have FASTag for electronic toll payments.

14. Can I use the FASTag if I relocate to another city?


Yes, you can use FASTag even if you relocate to another city. FASTag will work on electronic payment-enabled toll plazas across the country. But you will need to inform the tag issuer for address change.

15. I am selling my car. Should I deactivate my FASTag account?


Yes, you should deactivate the FASTag account if you're selling the car as the toll payments will continue to deduct from your account. Also, the new owner of the car will not be able to get a FASTag until you close the FASTag account linked to the car as only one active tag can be linked to a vehicle.

16. My car has RFID. Can I use it as a FASTag?


Yes, if the car has an RFID, then the FASTag is already active. The tag might also have a minimum balance. All you have to do is recharge the FASTag for toll payments.

17. What to do if my FATSag is damaged or lost?


If the FASTag installed on your vehicle is damaged or lost, then immediately contact the FASTag issuer. You can call the customer support helpline and request for a new FASTag. You will be issued a new tag, and the old FASTag account will be linked to the new tag. Also, the balance will be transferred to the newly installed tag.

18. How can I remove the old FASTag sticker from my car?


A FASTag will get damaged if you try to remove it from the windshield. So, contact the FASTag issuer before removing the tag. But if the FASTag is expired or damaged, then you can remove the tag by peeling off the sticker from the windshield. You can also spray some water on the windscreen to easily remove the sticker.