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5 Colours Available For The Honda CB350

Jehan Adil DarukhanawalaNov 20, 2023

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Honda CB350 colours

Honda’s new classic roadster is the most affordable one in its lineup

Honda’s new CB350 has arrived on the scene, making its retro platform a whole lot more affordable. While sharing nearly all of the elements with its CB350 H’ness, it has a more traditional look about it with rounded off fenders and a peashooter end can. It is available in five colours.

Pearl Igneous Black

Honda CB350 Pearl Igneous Black

This is the only colour option available in the base DLX trim. You get black fenders, a black seat and a silver headlight nacelle on this colour-trim combo option. The DLX trim also misses out on Honda Smartphone Voice Control system (HSVCS) which is basically its rider connect app system that enables turn-by-turn navigation. The same colour can be had in the DLX Pro trim as well but you get a few different elements there.

Matte Dune Brown

Honda CB350 Matte Dune Brown

The rest of the colours are only exclusive to the DLX Pro trim. Inspired by the sands of arid deserts across the world, this trim gets tan brown seats, body coloured fenders, a chrome headlight surround and the HSVCS as standard.

Matte Crust Metallic

Honda CB350 Matte Crust Metallic

If you want an earthy look, this dark brown-ish paint scheme should do the job.

Precious Red Metallic

Honda CB350 Precious Red Metallic

Like fine red wine, this is perhaps one of the better colour options available on the Honda CB350. It goes extremely well with the tan brown seats, making it look quite classy.

Matte Marshall Green Metallic

Honda CB350 Matte Marshall Green Metallic

This colour scheme adorns the colours of the British army and subsequently the British racing teams of the past.

While Honda is offering the DLX trim at Rs 1,99,990 (ex-showroom Delhi), which seems like a good deal, the DLX Pro trim is Rs 17,810 dearer. And given the perks, the price difference doesn’t seem quite as justified. Heck, you could get the H’ness top Legacy edition trim for Rs 1000 less. Doesn’t seem quite as affordable now, does it?

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