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AI-Generated Family Scooter Catches Ather CEO, Tarun Mehta’s Attention

Chinmay HadkarNov 27, 2023

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Tarun Mehta Tweet

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Tarun Mehta, Ather's CEO, adds a playful touch to the announcement of the upcoming Ather family scooter. AI-generated designs have flooded the internet, prompting Mehta to share his favourite and tease the possibility of Ather's industrial designers reacting to more.

This unexpected tweet amplifies curiosity about the family scooter's design. The tweet has engaged a lot of people to comment about their opinion on this cool scooter. Mehta joining in shows that Ather really wants the community to be part of the creative fun.

Tarun Mehta Tweet

Recent spy images provide a sneak peek into the design of the family scooter, showcasing a sleek profile with slim headlamp and tail lamp units. The inclusion of a grab rail, a spacious seat, a side step for the pillion, and a flat floor for convenient storage suggest a focus on both comfort and practicality. Ather aims to position this scooter as a competitor to the TVS iQube, emphasising affordability to broaden its appeal beyond the sporty Ather 450 series.

Enthusiasts eagerly await Ather's reveal of the new family electric scooter and upgraded 450 series. Ather's innovation and community engagement maintain their standing in the electric scooter scene. Notably, Tarun Mehta's mention of the Golmaal-inspired design adds an interesting twist.

Tarun Mehta Tweet

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