April Fools' Day 2024: Here’s How Automakers Fooled You Yesterday!

Pratik RakshitApr 2, 2024

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April Fools Day

We're here to guide you through a rollercoaster of fake news stories from major auto brands!

April Fools' Day is that one delightful time of the year when everyone becomes a certified prankster. From harmless jokes to full-blown hoaxes, it's all fair game. We're here to guide you through a rollercoaster of fake news stories from major auto brands that had people both intrigued and fooled.

Let’s start with our home market. Ola Electric!

The company even created a special micro-site with all the details listed to make it look legit.

Next up is Armor All from Malaysia!

Armor All dropped what appeared to be a game-changing innovation for car aficionados: a diaper designed to fit any feathered friend, ensuring a catastrophe-free drive by preventing unwanted bird droppings from befouling your beloved vehicle.

Armor All

But until that fantastical day arrives, fret not! Car owners can still revel in discounted prices on all Armor All car care products, swooping in to save the day. This ingenious social initiative was birthed through a partnership with Havas Malaysia, with the important disclaimer that no pigeons were harmed in the conception of this idea.

Honda's April Fools' Day Prank

Honda unleashed a bark-tastic April Fools' surprise: PAW-S, also known as the PAW-sensor, a revolutionary technology designed exclusively for our four-legged companions. Say goodbye to human intervention because, with PAW-S, your furry friend can now activate the car's boot and enjoy a plethora of tail-wagging amenities all on their own.

Honda Paw-S

This groundbreaking Pet Activated Wireless System is set to debut in all-new e:Ny1 models ordered from April 1, 2024. But don't worry if you're feeling a bit ruff about missing out—PAW-S can also be retrofitted to existing models at your local dealerships across the country. Just remember, this April Fools', Honda's got your back, or should we say your paw!

April Fool’s Day 2024
April Fool’s Day
April Fool’s
April Fool’s 2024