Brixton Motorcycles To Enter India With Four Models

Sutanu GuhaJun 10, 2024

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Brixton Motorcycles To Debut In India

Austria-based Brixton Motorcycles is known for its retro class of motorcycles.

India’s love-hate relationship with Austrian motorcycles is set to receive fresh air for another Austrian two-wheeler brand named Brixton Motorcycles has officially confirmed its entry to our sub-continent with not just one, but four brand new motorcycles. 

But What Is Brixton Motorcycles?

Despite being a young Austrian brand, Brixton Motorcycles has been in operation for over 25 years. Their product lineup features a range of motorcycles that blend classic retro styling with modern components. After establishing a presence in European and Asian markets, Brixton Motorcycles has partnered with KAW Veloce Motors Pvt. Ltd. India, a subsidiary of the KAW Group, to bring their motorcycles to Indian shores.

What Is Its India Plan?

Brixton Motorcycles plans to launch four models in India during the upcoming festive season: Crossfire 500X, Crossfire 500XC, Cromwell 1200, and Cromwell 1200X. The company emphasizes that these models have been designed with key selling points in mind, such as retro styling, affordability, urban riding suitability, and customization options. Moreover, they are also slated to be available at a competitive price, which the company believes will help them appeal to a wider range of riders. 

Brixton Motorcycles

To facilitate their expansion in India, Brixton Motorcycles and KAW Veloce Motors have outlined a two-phase plan. The first phase involves setting up a manufacturing plant in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, with an annual production capacity exceeding 40,000 units. Initially, the focus will be on introducing 500cc and 1200cc displacement motorcycles from Brixton's existing international lineup, which ranges from 125cc to 1200cc.

Brixton Motorcycles

In the second phase, the partnership plans to jointly develop new products specifically tailored for the Indian market at Brixton's Austria Design Centre. Additionally, they intend to expand manufacturing capabilities to meet future demand.

Where Will You Be Able To Buy One?

Brixton Motorcycles will initially establish its presence in 13 Indian cities, including Pune/PCMC, Mumbai, Thane, Nashik, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Cochin, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vapi, and Panjim, before potentially expanding further.

Brixton Motorcycles
Brixton Crossfire 500X
Brixton Crossfire 500XC
Brixton Cromwell 1200
Brixton Cromwell 1200X
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