EXCLUSIVE: Bajaj Bruzer 125 CNG Bike Spotted, India Launch Next Month

Published on 10 May, 2024, 9:00 AM IST
Updated on 10 May, 2024, 9:00 AM IST

Jehan Adil Darukhanawala
Jehan Adil Darukhanawala
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We have managed to spot quite a lot of new stuff on the upcoming Bajaj CNG bikes

June 18 might only be a month away but the world’s first CNG-powered production motorcycle has been trending in the news for quite some time. But it seems that Bajaj is getting ready with not one but two CNG bike launches. We have managed to secure some clear footage of the upcoming Bajaj Bruzer 125 CNG in two distinct guises and here’s what we managed to spot on the bikes.

For starters, Bajaj is opting for a rather retro commuter-ish look for the Bruzer 125. Hence, the round LED headlight, a rather bulbous tank section and quite a simple flat and long seat. Plus, there’s a small flyscreen and slightly premium looking mirror stalks. For the more affordable option, a rugged approach that its petrol-powered Bajaj CT125X counterpart adopts, protective elements like hand protectors and a sump guard. Even the exhaust design is far simpler, blacked out and comes with a metal cover. Plus, the handlebar on this trim has a bracing member to protect it from deforming in case of a fall. The alloy design on both, though, is simple and conventional.

For both motorcycles, though, a sloper engine configuration has been brought back into reckoning with a dual-fuel running compatibility present. The main source of fuel will remain CNG and an auxiliary small petrol tank will be present to serve the purpose of limping the bike to a nearby CNG pump. There would be a knob, likely to be present near the rider’s left leg, to switch between the two fuel sources. 

Since cost is going to be key for success for the Bruzer 125 CNG, Bajaj hasn’t done anything fancy with the foundations of the bike, and yet still it has a modern setup. So, the bike is running on a telescopic fork and a monoshock suspension setup, the braking hardware comprises a front disc brake and rear drum brake with block pattern tyres wrapped around what seem to be 17-inch alloys. 

Bajaj has been masters of phenomenal pricing, the Triumph Speed 400, the 2024 Pulsar N250 and the new Pulsar NS400Z stand testament to that fact. And we are expecting something similar here as well. Hence, the Bruzer 125 CNG could start at an aggressive ₹ 80,000 while the more premium variant with a few more bells and whistles could be priced at ₹ 90,000; all prices ex-showroom. And since Rajiv Bajaj has already said that the running costs of these bikes will be half of that of petrol counterparts, it just seems like a win win for the commuter buyer.

Plus, he has also commented that the response that the company receives on this bike will be crucial in determining whether or not Bajaj will scale this platform to either a smaller capacity bike or even a larger capacity one. If all things go to plan, Bajaj would then definitely be on the path to beat Honda in the 125 cc+ space, and if it does go for a 100 cc bike, then could the Splendor finally be beaten?

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