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Fisker's Strategic Distribution Overhaul Boosts Sales

Pratik RakshitNov 20, 2023

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2023 Fisker Ocean

This accomplishment can be attributed to Fisker's strategic enhancements in its distribution capabilities.

Fisker Inc. has successfully implemented a new distribution strategy, resulting in a notable surge in sales and deliveries. On November 16, the company achieved a milestone by delivering 107 vehicles, generating revenue exceeding $7.5 million. This accomplishment can be attributed to Fisker's strategic enhancements in its distribution capabilities.

“This result proves that our new distribution strategy is working,” Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said. “We expect this pace of deliveries to accelerate, and we will provide frequent updates during the remainder of 2023. We are grateful to our customers for their patience as we conduct this ramp-up.”

One key aspect of the strategy involves the establishment of dedicated delivery locations globally, staffed by an expanding workforce of Fisker employees. Additionally, the company has forged partnerships with multiple transportation logistics providers to facilitate the swift transportation of Fisker Oceans to delivery points, expediting the overall delivery process.

A noteworthy feature of Fisker's approach is the introduction of Fisker Direct, an option for customers residing within 60 miles of a Fisker fulfilment location. Through this service, a Fisker employee personally delivers the Ocean directly to the customer, eliminating the need for traditional vehicle transport. This initiative has significantly increased process agility, with many customers receiving their cars within four to seven days of completing the purchase, and, in some instances, even on the same day when opting for vehicle pickup.

The Fisker Ocean Extreme, priced at $61,499, boasts a formidable 113 kWh battery pack (106 kWh usable) and an impressive EPA range of 579 km—the longest among new electric SUVs in its class. In Europe, the Fisker Ocean Extreme achieves a WLTP range of 707 km, standing as the lengthiest range for any electric SUV currently available. The all-electric SUV begins at $38,992 for the Fisker Ocean Sport trim level in the US.

Fisker Ocean SUV