Volvo's Last Diesel Car Will Be Produced In 2024

Ameya NaikSept 20, 2023

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Volvo plans to sell only electric cars from 2030 globally

Volvo has announced that it will end the production of all diesel-powered models by early 2024. This milestone follows our decision last year to exit the development of new combustion engines. In November of 2022 Volvo sold its stake in Aurobay, the joint venture company that harboured all of the company’s remaining combustion engine assets. So now, the company is not spending any money on R&D to develop new internal combustion engines.

Jim Rowan, Chief Executive at Volvo Cars, said, “We’re fully focused on creating a broad portfolio of premium, fully electric cars that deliver on everything our customers expect from a Volvo - and are a key part of our response to climate change.”

The company said that the less the number of diesel cars on the streets, the bigger positive effect on urban air quality. And that is because while diesels emit less  CO2 than petrol engines, they emit more gases such as nitrogen oxide (NOx) that have an adverse effect on air quality especially in built-up areas.

Volvo diesel car