Mercedes-Benz G400d Adventure Edition Review: The Ultimate Off-Roader

Published on 7 Jul, 2024, 9:28 AM IST
Updated on 7 Jul, 2024, 9:48 AM IST

Siddharth Vinayak Patankar
4 min read
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Mercedes-Benz G400d

The G-Class is an icon and does the India-specific G400d live up to the name?

So the mercury has been soaring all around the country, it’s getting super hot, very uncomfortable. You don’t really want to step outside, but there are days where you get the right kind of motivation to step into the sun. How’s that for a good? Actually make that great reason. It is, right?

Mercedes-Benz G400d

Mercedes-Benz G400d Adventure Edition: What It Gets

It doesn’t need an introduction because it’s such an icon. The Mercedes-Benz G400d Adventure Edition is exclusive to the Indian market. And with it, you get a removable ladder at the rear, slightly different bumpers, 19-inch alloy wheels and a luggage rack on the roof.

Mercedes-Benz G400d

Now this luggage rack can take up to 90 kgs of weight. That’s when the car is moving so actual luggage. But when it’s at a standstill, well then it can take 240 kg. You can walk around on top, more than one of you, and you can also pitch a tent up here.

Mercedes-Benz G400d

So I brought the G Wagon to this Off-Road Adventure Zone outside the national capital, for a day of some fun.

Mercedes-Benz G400d Adventure Edition: Off-Road Capability

Now let me be honest. Today was not a day about testing the capability. Capability was never in question here. It’s just about me having some fun because it’s effortless. I’ve not had to activate specific off-road or four-wheel drive requirements or equipment here because the car in just its regular comfort mode is doing all of this without even batting an eyelid. Well figuratively speaking. And none of that is surprising to me either. But the thing is that it’s just so satisfying for me to be able to do this with a nice brutish diesel. A clean burning one and a very powerful one.

Mercedes-Benz G400d


2925 cc

Max Power

326 bhp @ 3,600-4,200 rpm

Peak Torque

700 Nm @ 1,200 - 3,200 rpm


9G Tronic

That diesel engine is the most powerful diesel engine produced by Mercedes-Benz ever. The 3.0-litre inline-six produces a healthy 326 bhp and a massive 700 Nm. It is scary fast for a car this size and does pretty well on the tarmac too.

Mercedes-Benz G400d

While the G-Wagon began its life as an off-road capable machine, it has developed into a lifestyle vehicle for the rich and famous in recent times. The G-Class is also a luxury car, a status symbol of sorts.

Mercedes-Benz G400d

The contrast is almost jarring in a way because here I am almost wrapped in the lap of luxury in terms of equipment, in terms of materials, in terms of comfort and outside, I’m being able to sort of take on anything and everything. Which makes it just so easy to drive this car. Honestly, for people who buy the G Wagen anywhere in the world, I get it. It’s not always about off-roading, it is about more of this stuff. But knowing your car can do what I’m doing right now and then some, I guess that’s the thrill.

Mercedes-Benz G400d

But what if you’re serious about tackling the tough terrain, you know it is a very capable off-roader and to certify that it has the Schöckl Proved badge hidden inside the doors. That helps give you confidence.

Mercedes-Benz G400d

And then it’s also helpful when you’re in a car like this to be able to use some of the technology on board. Like in this case I'm gonna turn on the front camera view so I can see the absolute blind drop that I’m coming up to very easily. It just makes it so easy to figure out where you’re going, and see what’s right ahead of the front bumper. Easy as pie.

Mercedes-Benz G400d Adventure Edition: Price & Tech

Well at ₹2.55 crore (ex-showroom, India), it should be heavy on lux and tech. But let me nitpick a little. This large 12.3-inch infotainment display isn’t a touchscreen and is still based on the older COMAND operating system. But that is set to change soon with an MBUX avatar coming with the facelift that’s around the corner.

Mercedes-Benz G400d

Mercedes-Benz G400d Adventure Edition: The Future of G-Class

All the credentials on the G-Class when it comes to basic requirements for a good offroader, those are just baked into the platform. Those have always been around. We recently had the facelift hit overseas, it should be coming to India very soon. And again its capability was always 200 per cent, it's just some of the other creature comforts that are changing. Of course, we’ve got the electric G that coming, and it’s coming to India too soon.

Mercedes-Benz G400d

But then is this really the car for someone who wants the latest tech, and luxury? Or someone who wants to do this, and then some?

Photography: Apoorv Choudhary

Location courtesy: Off-Road Adventure Zone

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