Suzuki V-Strom 250 Review - An Underrated ADV?

Arun Mohan NadarMay 16, 2024

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Here’s a quick review of Suzuki India's most affordable ADV 

Suzuki’s 250 cc portfolio was quite generic until the V-Strom 250 arrived. It’s Suzuki’s first ADV offering for our market which has been built in India. Despite promising a lot of potential, sales for the bike haven't been too great, especially when the ADV segment is booming. In this quick review of the ADV, we shall talk about the positives and negatives of the V-Strom 250 and should you consider one for yourself or not. 


Engine vibes

The Suzuki V-Strom 250 is powered by the familiar 250 cc engine as seen on its other two siblings, the Gixxer 250 and the SF250. The engine tune remains the same but it has to carry a tad bit extra load and sports a 19-inch front wheel. While the engine offers good acceleration, it feels a bit gruff and vibey at low rpms especially till 5,500 rpm. So while riding in the city, you notice the vibes. While the vibrations aren’t too harsh, it can get irritating when you’re riding the bike in the city. 


What adds to this experience is the gearbox. The gear shifts are hard, especially the first three gears and require a lot of effort to engage. And when you come to a standstill, finding neutral can be a treasure hunt in itself. On the brighter side, clutch action is very light, a boon while riding in crawling traffic.

Eats disc pads

Wear and tear are part and parcel of owning any motorcycle, but with the V-Strom it’s a bit different. The Suzuki ADV has a tendency of feasting on its front disc pads as it wears out very quickly. Another issue is brake fade, initial bite from the front disc brake is good but after prolonged usage, one can notice the bite is missing. 

Tall seat height

At 835, there is no hiding the fact that the seat height of the Suzuki V-Strom is on the taller side. Amplifying this sensation is the rather wide rider seat, which offers great comfort while touring but makes life even more difficult for shorter riders. Last, but not the least is the very tall pillion seat and my female friends had a real hard time climbing on the rear seat. 


At ₹ 2.12 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), the pricing of the Suzuki ADV is pretty high for the kit it offers. In fact it’s more expensive than the Royal Enfield Scram 411 which offers a much larger engine and brand value. If the Japanese brand can cut down the price of the V-Strom 250 to under ₹ 2 lakh, I think it will mind more takers. 



The handling dynamics of the V-Strom is so good that you would forget that you’re riding a bike with a 19-inch front wheel. It feels very agile for an ADV and the front end feel is that of a 17-inch wheel. All you need to do is just point, lean, and throttle, it’s that much fun! Apart from tackling the fast corners with confidence, the V-Strom 250 is quick on its feet, which means hustling through city streets is a joy. 


One of the most important criterias for an ADV tourer is the comfort it offers and the Suzuki V-Strom 250 scores very highly in this regard. The riding triangle is spot on for touring, with centre-set footpegs and nice wide handlebar. The seat is also very large and cushioning is on point so you can munch miles on this Suzuki in absolute comfort. 

Cruising ability

As mentioned before the engine feels vibey at low rpm. But once you clock above 100 kmph, the engine nature changes significantly. The engine vibrations taper down and you can cruise easily between 100-120 kmph. The fact that it can sustain these speeds effortlessly makes the V-Strom 250 an able touring machine. 


The fit and finish of the panels has still remained solid despite the media unit being over 1.5 years old. The switchgear quality is also really good and my only grouse is the discoloration on the exhaust pipe. 

Fuel efficiency 

The 250 cc mill is very frugal for the kind of performance it offers and more so when touring. The overall fuel efficiency has been in between 34-37 kmpl consistently. So with a 12-litre fuel tank, you can easily clock 450 km on a full tank. 


The biggest issue faced by the V-Strom 250 is its identity. While it looks like an ADV, that’s not the case, it’s a proper sports tourer. The comfy ergos, the way you can cruise on this bike and the frugal mileage makes it a good machine to munch miles. Also the brilliant chassis makes it a delight around corners. It’s not perfect though, the engine is vibey, the gearbox isn’t smooth and the price is on the higher end. The V-Strom 250 makes perfect sense if you want a tourer that’s comfortable and can make your commutes fun, however if you want an off-road machine, this isn’t the one for you.

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