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How to Increase Car Mileage for Petrol/Diesel Variants to Save Costs?
Modified Date: 8, Apr, 2021

Fuel economy is one of the most important parameters while purchasing a car. With the sky-rocketing fuel prices, Indian buyers are conscious about the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. If you already own a car, the obvious question that comes to your mind is - how to increase car mileage? This article is all about tips to save fuel while driving your petrol/diesel car. So, buckle up your seat belts and read on.

How To Increase Car Mileage For Petrol Diesel Variants In India

How to Increase Car Mileage for Petrol/Diesel Cars in India?

Several factors affect the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Listed below are the tips to save petrol or diesel while driving your car, and in turn, reduce the running cost of the car:

Best automatic cars under Rs. 10 lakhs
Best Automatic Cars under Rs. 10 lakhs in India
Modified Date: 16, Jul, 2021

The Indian car market has witnessed a radical shift over the last few years, thanks to the evolving buyer sentiments and innovative technologies. With a myriad of car purchase options, and an increase in disposable income, more and more buyers are leaning towards premium cars with advanced features.

Another trend in the Indian automotive market is the rising popularity of automatic cars. The worsening traffic congestion in metro cities has led to an increase in demand for automatic cars.

With the increased demand for automatic cars, all car manufacturers are retailing vehicles with automatic transmissions. Even the well-priced entry-level models come with automatic gearboxes. If you are planning to buy an automatic car, there are plenty of options, which in turn may also leave you confused. To make your life easier, we have shortlisted some of the best automatic cars you can buy for under Rs 10 lakhs in India.

How to jump start a car
How to jump start a car? A 6-step guide for beginners
Modified Date: 16, Jul, 2021

It's essential to drive your car at periodic intervals. However, due to the pandemic-induced restrictions, many of us are forced within the four walls of our house. It means there are high chances that your car would have been sitting idle for weeks and even months.  Parking your vehicle for an extended period can cause many problems with the car's battery. A discharged battery results in starting troubles as it will not supply enough power to fire up the engine.

So what to do if your car starts showing signs of trouble during such times? The best and easiest way to start your car is by the jump start technique in such a scenario. But for that, you need a vehicle (donor) with a fully charged battery. The next question on your mind would be, how to jump start a car? Read ahead to know the steps involved in starting a vehicle with a dead battery.

How to Renew Car Registration After 15 Years in India?
How to Renew Car Registration After 15 Years in India?
Modified Date: 16, Jul, 2021

The car's registration certificate (RC) is one of the legal requirements to drive your car in India. Your vehicle needs to be registered with the RTO (Regional Transport Office) and have a valid temporary/permanent registration number to drive the car on public roads. That’s the reason whenever you buy a new car, the first thing a dealer does is register the vehicle.

As per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a motor vehicle plying on public roads should have an active registration number. The rules also state that you should renew the registration after 15 years from the date of registration. Post that, you can renew the registration every five years until the vehicle is considered roadworthy. Read ahead to know how to renew car registration after 15 years in India.

How to Fix a Tubeless Tyre Puncture
How to Fix a Tubeless Tyre Puncture? - Check the Procedure
Modified Date: 16, Jul, 2021

Tyres are the only contact patch between your car and the road. However, tyres are prone to puncture due to bad road conditions or debris/sharp objects lying on the road. Nowadays, all modern vehicles come fitted with tubeless tyres. They are safe and reliable as they do not have an inner tube like the regular tyres and do not leak air instantly in the event of a puncture. 

As a car owner/driver, you may encounter this situation of tyre puncture, and it can cause a lot of inconveniences. But thanks to tubeless tyres, fixing a puncture is easy. Read on to know how to fix a tubeless tyre puncture.

Adjust Car Headlight Beams
How to Adjust Car Headlight Beams? - Check the Process
Modified Date: 16, Jul, 2021

Wonder why the oncoming drivers were flashing their headlights and honking at you the last time you took your car out? Or worried why you couldn’t see beyond a few feet from your car even with your headlights turned on? The reason might be simple: your car's headlights aren’t correctly aimed at the road and need realignment. When the headlight beams fail to light the road ahead, leaving it unattended would mean you are compromising on visibility and road safety. Why risk it at all when you can fix the headlight beams in your garage all by yourself?

How to Change the Wiper Blades of Your Car on Your Own
How to Change the Wiper Blades of Your Car on Your Own?
Modified Date: 16, Jul, 2021

The windshield wipers are an essential safety feature of any car, simultaneously; it is also one of the most ignored components of a vehicle. While driving your vehicle, visibility is critical. And it becomes even more crucial during rainy/stormy conditions. During such times, windshield wiper blades help you see the path ahead and drive safely. Hence, it is vital to ensure that wiper blades are in good condition. 

However, like other car parts, they also wear and tear with time, and hence, it requires replacement at periodic intervals. This article will take you through how to know it's time to replace your car's wiper blades and a step-by-step guide to change it on your own.

How to Store Your Car Documents in DigiLocker?
How to Store Your Car Documents in DigiLocker?
Modified Date: 16, Jul, 2021

It is essential to carry your car documents and your driving licence with you while driving your car. However, not being able to provide valid documents while driving may invite penalties. Unfortunately, many people have faced these penalties as they forgot to carry physical copies of their driving licence, car registration, and other essential documents while driving their car. 

The good news is - with the new amendments under section 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act, you can store critical car documents in a digital format. This enables you to get away with the hassle of carrying physical copies while driving and avoid penalties. With the help of the DigiLocker app, you can store your car’s documents in a digital format.

How to Get the Best EMI and Finance Scheme for Car Loan
How to Get the Best EMI and Finance Scheme for Car Loan?
Modified Date: 16, Jul, 2021

Buying a car requires a financial commitment. It includes a considerable cost and if you want to buy the best, the costs could escalate further. Sometimes, not having sufficient funds can put a dent in your dream of owning a car. This is where a car loan comes to your rescue. The loan provides you an easy source of funds so that you can buy the car that you want to buy, without worrying about its affordability.

How to Register Your New Car by Yourself?
How to Register Your New Car by Yourself?
Modified Date: 16, Jul, 2021

Registration is the first thing you need to do when you buy a new car. Typically, the car dealer or an agent will register the vehicle at the RTO (Regional Transport Office) on your behalf, but you might have to shell out an additional service charge. If you are not willing to spend that extra money, the obvious question on your mind would be, how to register your new car by yourself? Read ahead as this article covers all the steps involved in registering a new car.

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