45 Essential Car Accessories for a New Car in 2024

Published on 13 May, 2022, 5:45 AM IST
Updated on 20 May, 2024, 8:30 AM IST

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New cars in 2024 come equipped with different kinds of aesthetic and practical features. However, there still might be some elements of the vehicle that you may want to personalise as per your liking. This is where car accessories come into the picture. Read ahead to learn more about the essential car accessories for a new car in 2024

essential car accessories

What are car accessories?

Car accessories refer to add-ons that are used to upgrade a new car, improve its capabilities or enhance its visual appearance. Accessories for cars come in different forms, shapes and sizes. You can choose from infinite options ranging from cosmetic upgrades to practical features to your vehicle. 

Car accessories can enhance the car's overall experience. In the following sections, we have listed out the best accessories for cars to personalise your vehicle to your liking.

Why are car accessories important?

Following are the reasons why car accessories are essential in your day-to-day life.


Certain car accessories are necessary to carry to get out of emergencies. For instance, you need jumper cables to restart your car if the battery dies in the middle of the road. Similarly, accessories like a glass breaker, puncture kit, fire extinguisher, etc., are necessary to prepare for potential emergencies while driving.


Another reason to invest in car accessories is to enhance the vehicle’s aesthetics. From dashboard decoration to headlight lashes and wooden trims, you can choose decorative items based on your desired appeal.


Keeping your car clean elevates its appearance a thousand times! Consider getting a vacuum cleaner, floor mats, seat covers, etc. It will ensure that the car's cabin remains clean and hygienic.


Even when you buy a new car full of comfort-centric features, there may be some scope for customisation. There are accessories, such as cushions, neck cushions, sun shades, etc., that you can buy to make your drives more comfortable. 


You might want to add some accessories to align a new car with your everyday lifestyle. It can be a phone holder, baby seat, and other such accessories to help you make a new car look more like your car. 


Some accessories are required to improve the practical usage of your car. You can choose a car's model/variant with practical features or add them later. Practical accessories, like LEDs, fog lights, rear parking sensors, etc., make a car more user-friendly. 


Most people prefer a music system, stereo system, etc., to enjoy their favourite music on road trips. However, you can also install an LCD screen for the people in the backseat for some visual entertainment.

List of accessories you should buy when buying a car

When buying a brand-new car, you will have many options for accessories. Some may be essential, and some may not be required. However, here are some car accessories you should opt for when buying a new vehicle.

  • Car body cover

  • Cleaning cloth

  • Puncture repair kit

  • Tyre inflator

  • Tool kit

List of accessories for your car

Your search for a car accessories list ends here! This section brings you an extensive list of accessories for a car's interior, exterior, safety, etc.

Must-Have Interior Car Accessories

Customise and organise your car's cabin with these clever accessories:

1. Seat Covers 

Protect your seats while adding style with custom-fitted seat covers in attractive fabrics, leather or neoprene. They prevent wear and tear and spills.

2. Steering Wheel Cover 

A steering wheel cover made of leather or specialised materials provides an enhanced grip and a soft feel while driving and prevents the wheel from getting too hot or cold.

3. Dashboard Storage  

Small shelves and trays that attach to the top of the dashboard provide handy storage space for sunglasses, toll change and other small items.

4. Trunk Organiser 

A trunk organiser prevents loose items from sliding around. It secures groceries, tools and luggage neatly with multiple compartments and straps.

5. Sun Blinds 

Retractable sun blinds or shades for side windows protect passengers from glare and heat while also providing privacy.

6. Seat Back Organiser 

Net pouches mounted behind the front seats are great for stashing tablets, books, charging cables and other items for rear passengers.

7. Floor Mats 

All-weather rubber mats or plush carpets protect your car’s footwells from dirt, water and daily wear. Get ones with a customised fit.

8. Cargo Liner 

Made from durable rubberised materials, cargo liners prevent spills, dirt and damage in your trunk or cargo area. They are much easier to clean than carpets.

9. Garbage Can 

Small garbage bins help keep trash off seats and floors. They can be mounted or secured in place and emptied easily as needed.

10. Glovebox Organiser 

Small compartments in the glove box allow you to neatly sort and access paperwork, instruction manuals and other items you need to access while driving.

Cool Exterior Accessories for Your Car

Elevate the look and protection of your car's exterior with these accessory options:

11. Window Tinting 

Dark tinting on the side and rear windows provides UV protection, privacy and a stylish look. But check regulations for allowable visibility limits.

12. Hood Protector 

Clear thermoplastic shields mounted on the hood protect the paint from stone chips and small dents from road debris sent flying by other vehicles.

13. Graphics/Decals 

Vinyl graphic kits and decals allow customising your car with racing stripes, unique motifs and personalised names/texts for a showroom quality bespoke look.

14. Underbody Neon Lighting

Neon tubes mounted underneath and along the sides create a colourful glow for a tricked-out look. These are legal, but get ones that can be switched off while driving.

15. Front Grille  

Replace your factory grille with chrome, blacked-out or custom-coloured aftermarket grilles for serious curb appeal.

16. Rear Spoiler 

A subtle rear roofline spoiler adds a sporty profile, improves aerodynamics and protects your rear window from debris.

17. Fog Lights 

Auxiliary lights in the front bumper improve illumination in foggy conditions and add to the style. But avoid LED light bars which are illegal.

18. Side Steps 

Sturdy steps mounted below the doors ease entry into lifted trucks and SUVs. They also provide a rugged look.

Must-Have Car Safety Accessories

Stay safe on the road with these vital add-ons:

18. Dash Cam 

Dash cams record video footage, which serves as evidence in case of accidents or traffic disputes. Models with night vision and cabin view provide all-round coverage.

19. Blind Spot Mirrors 

Small curved convex mirrors that stick on existing side mirrors eliminate blind spots and improve the visibility of lanes on both sides of the vehicle.

20. Fire Extinguisher 

A compact fire extinguisher that mounts in your cabin will help dampen and control small fires that may start in your engine compartment or elsewhere before they spread.

21. First Aid Kit  

A well-stocked first aid kit containing bandages, antiseptic creams, gauze, medical tape and essential medicines can prove invaluable in case of minor injuries.

22. Tyre Inflator 

A portable 12-volt powered inflator runs off your car battery to reinflate tyres in case of punctures or loss of pressure when out on the road. It is much faster than manual pumps.

23. Emergency Hammer 

A small hammer with a seatbelt cutter allows breaking window glass to escape the vehicle in emergencies like fires or crashes. It will also cut jammed seat belts.

24. Warning Triangles 

Collapsible warning triangles placed on the road behind your car warn oncoming traffic of breakdowns and accidents to prevent secondary collisions.

Accessories for Comfortable Long Drives

Road trips will be easier and more relaxing with these clever long-drive accessories:

25. Neck Pillow 

Memory foam pillows that conform to your neck's shape allow you to sleep comfortably and avoid neck strains during long journeys. Some come with eye masks.

26. Seat Cushion  

Extra cushions and lumbar support pillows that sit on your seat improve comfort on long hauls by correcting posture and reducing tailbone and back pain.

27. Foot Rest 

Small padded platforms that sit atop the transmission tunnel provide a place to rest your feet on long drives when footwell space feels cramped.

28. Personal Fan  

Compact battery-operated fans with clip mounts direct cool air towards your face and body so you stay refreshed in hot weather when AC alone is not enough.

29. Snack Organiser 

Trays and baskets that hook over seatbacks or centre consoles keep snacks, water bottles and munchies organised and allow rear passengers easy access on long road trips.

30. Portable Fridge 

A 12-volt mini fridge powered through your car's cigarette lighter socket lets you store drinks and perishable food items nicely chilled during multi-day travel.

31. Window Screens  

Retractable screens allow you to keep windows open for ventilation while blocking bugs and debris from entering the cabin, making long rides more pleasant.

Top Tech Accessories for Your Vehicle

Power up your in-car tech with these gadgets:

32. Wireless Charger 

Place your Qi-compatible phone on the charging pad mounted on the dash or vent to juice it up without fumbling for cables.

33. Bluetooth Transmitter 

Plug into your car's AUX socket to enable hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming from your phone to your car stereo via Bluetooth.

34. GPS Navigation System  

Built-in navigation on touchscreen units or windshield mounted allows getting directions and finding destinations without relying solely on your phone.

35. Rear Seat Entertainment System 

LCD screens mounted behind front headrests with auxiliary inputs, SD card slots, and IR transmitters keep rear passengers engaged with movies on long drives.

36. Car Vacuum Cleaner 

Plug-in vacuum cleaners help maintain your car’s interior pristine by providing quick, easy cleanup of dirt, crumbs and pet hair while on the road.

37. LED Interior Lights  

Interior LED strip lighting under seats and across door sills in customisable colours creates a stylish atmosphere. Some even sync to music.

Essential Maintenance Accessories

Keep your car in top shape with these maintenance aids:

38. OBDII Scanner 

Plug-in scanners diagnose and Check Engine lights by reading OBDII codes and display sensor data for engine RPM, temperature, emissions and other vitals.

39. Tyre Inflator  

Quickly reinflate low tyres to proper pressures from your car’s 12-volt power outlet before driving to the gas station for a full top-up.

40. Portable Jump Starter 

Compact yet powerful lithium battery jump starters can restart your car in seconds if the battery dies, saving the need to wave down another vehicle.

41. Snow Brush 

Telescoping snow brushes with ice scrapers clean snow and remove frost from windows, mirrors and lights after cold winter nights so you can drive safely.

42. Funnel  

Funnels allow easy pouring of oil, coolant, transmission fluid and other liquids into the proper reservoirs without spills during top-up and fluid changes.

43. Tyre Depth Gauge 

This simple tool allows checking if your tyres' tread depth is above the legally permitted minimum to avoid getting fined or skidding on wet roads.

44. Car Wash Mitt  

High quality microfiber mitt allows washing your car without scratching the paintwork. Use with a bucket and car shampoo solution for a thorough clean.

45. Glass Cleaner 

Special automotive glass cleaners easily remove grime and fogging from windshields and windows without leaving streaks for crystal-clear visibility.

Top accessories for an Electric Car (EV) in India

Apart from the accessories mentioned above, Electric Vehicle (EV) owners might need a different set of unique accessories. 

Some of the must-have EV accessories include the following.

  • EV home charger

  • Additional EV charging cables

  • Chargeable blanket for heating

  • Charging station poles/holder

How to choose the right accessories for your new car

You might feel tempted to buy more accessories than you need for your car. However, it would be better to evaluate car accessories objectively based on the following factors.

  • Usability: When picking car accessories, evaluate their usability in terms of lifestyle, driving habits, taste, and preferences. This approach will ensure that you get only those accessories that you actually need for your car. 

  • Safety: No accessory should be installed at the cost of your vehicle’s safety, and you should consider purchasing car safety accessories that aren’t already in your vehicle.

Price: Cost is also an essential factor to consider when shopping for new car accessories. Once you know the type of accessories needed for your car, compare multiple products online for their quality and price tag. This will help you find the best car accessories at affordable prices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few important questions and answers related to car accessories.


Which accessory do I need to check the tyre pressure on a road trip?

There are two options for that. You can either purchase a tyre pressure gauge or a real-time TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). 

With a pressure gauge, you will need to stop driving and get down to check the tyre pressure. On the other hand, a TPMS will let you have a real-time reading of tyre pressure while driving. The display of the TPMS is installed on the dash of the car to be easily visible to the driver. 

Which car accessories are not legal in India?

There are certain rules around modifying your vehicle with accessories in India. The illegal car accessories in India usually include the following. 

  • Any modification on the HSRP (High-security Registration Plate)

  • Pressure horns

  • Dark film on car windows

  • Illegal taillights and headlights

  • Kits that lift the vehicle body up

There are more regulations around accessorising a vehicle in India. So, you must ensure the legality of an accessory before installing it in your vehicle. Visit the Parivahan portal to access the latest rules and regulations around adding accessories to your vehicle in India.

Do children need a special type of car seat?

Yes, a special seat in a car keeps children below 12 years of age comfortable. Regular car seats are designed for adults. Thus, the seating posture and seatbelt position don’t align with the physical structure of a 12-year-old or below. Thus, you should get a children's seat installed.

Which are the most popular car accessories?

Some popular car accessories include seat covers, floor mats, dashboard decorations, air fresheners, alloy wheels, etc.

Which are some of the unique car accessories?

Some of the unique car accessories include valve stem lights, a heads-up display, LED exterior lights, an air purifier, etc.

What are electrical and non-electrical car accessories?

An electrical car accessory is a device that requires electricity to operate. For example, a universal car charger requires electricity to function. A non-electrical car accessory does not require electricity — for example, a decorative dashboard item or air freshener.

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