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22 essential car accessories for your new car in 2022

Team Ackodrive6, Jun, 2022

Whether it's driving kids to school, going to work, or taking a road trip, people tend to spend a considerable amount of time in their cars. So, it becomes important to equip your vehicle with essential car accessories for comfort, safety, and convenience while driving. Here, we will discuss several accessories for cars you should consider in 2022.

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What are car accessories?

Driving a car is an experience. Whether this experience is good or bad mainly depends upon the car’s design and features. Fortunately, you can enhance the car's design and features by customising the vehicle with preferred accessories to ensure a good driving experience. 

There are car accessories you can add to your vehicle to improve its practicality, comfort, convenience, appearance, safety, hygiene, etc. Some types of accessories might seem more useful to you than others based on your personal preferences. 

List of accessories you might like in your car

Here’s a curated car accessories list based on the purpose they fulfil in improving your driving experience. 

For appearance

It would be a good idea to get accessories for your car’s interior and exterior to enhance its appeal. 

1. Interior ambient lighting

Want to give your car’s interior a premium look?! Ambient lighting should be on the top of your list of car interior accessories. There are plenty of ambient LED lighting options, which you can install in your car. Mainly, these lights are installed around the dashboard and below the seats to illuminate the entire cabin. 

2. Dashboard decoration

You can buy decorative car dashboard accessories to accentuate your car’s interior. Focus on the colour, size, appearance and elegance while picking a decorative piece. 

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3. Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels have to be on the list when buying accessories for car exterior. They are not only practical but provide an aesthetic edge to the exterior of your car as well. You can get a design that glamorises the wheel along with the added bonus of being lightweight and stronger than regular steel wheels.

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4. Car cover

If you don’t have a garage to park your car, investing in a car cover would be a wise decision. It will keep your car’s exterior protected from sunlight, dust, dirt, and bird droppings.

For safety/emergencies

Here are some essential car safety accessories you must get as preventive measures and for emergencies. 

5. Jumper cables

Sometimes your vehicle’s battery may die due to prolonged non-usage of the car. If it happens in the middle of the road, you will need jumper cables to jumpstart your vehicle.

With jumper cables, you can connect your car batteries with the battery of another car to jump start. Keeping these cables for emergencies is important to avoid being stranded, especially on long journeys.

6. Windshield treatment

Even with brand new wipers, excessive rain can restrict your visibility while driving. The solution lies in using a windshield water-repelling treatment. When applied to the windshield, it doesn’t allow the moisture to sit on the surface. Thus, you get better visibility while driving during bad weather conditions.

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7. Puncture repair kit

A flat tyre is an emergency you must be ready for while driving, especially on a bad road. A puncture repair kit can help you give a quick fix in situations when no repair centre is nearby. 

8. Tyre inflator

It is crucial to drive your car with the correct tyre pressure for long-term performance. So, if you purchase a puncture repair kit, pair it with a tyre inflator as well. A tyre will need inflating once you repair a puncture. Using the inflator, you can inflate a deflated tyre to an optimum level based on its position (front tyres or back tyres). 

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9. GPS (Global Positioning System) navigator

A GPS navigator is one of the most important car road trip accessories you need for long journeys. It will help you find the correct routes to your destination when there is no network or power to help you use the phone's navigation system. 

A car GPS navigation system maintains its direct connection with satellites even in remote locations. Thus, it proves to be effective in choosing the right roads and making the correct turns.  

10. Parking camera/sensors

Parking a car in congested places or crowded areas is a challenging task. A parking camera or sensor can save you from getting dents on your car. While some car models come equipped with this feature, you can also buy an aftermarket parking camera separately and get it installed in your car.

11. Dash camera

A dash camera is a valuable security feature for recording an accident while driving. Not all roads and streets have CCTV cameras. Thus, it can serve as video proof to help your case in front of the police or in court. Moreover, the recorded video can also prove helpful during car insurance claim settlement. 

12. Glass breaker

If stuck in your car, you will need something strong and sharp to break the windows and get out. A glass breaker is just the accessory you will need to get out of such a panic situation. 

13. Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a necessity in your car for unforeseen emergencies. You can buy a compact fire extinguisher and get it fitted in an easy-to-reach area of your car. 

For hygiene

Here are a few essential accessories to keep your car’s cabin clean and fresh.

14. Vacuum cleaner

The interior of your car collects dust and shredded skin particles. Over time, it impacts the look and hygiene of your vehicle. This is why you should keep a portable vacuum cleaner in your vehicle. Regular cleaning will help to maintain the top-notch condition of your car. 

15. Air freshener

Only vacuum cleaning won’t keep the foul smell away from your car. Your vehicle’s cabin is a small confined space that stays closed most of the time. You should consider an air freshener to soak up the allergens, odours and moisture from the air inside. It will enable the car’s cabin to smell nice at all times. 

16. A mini dustbin

A responsible driver avoids throwing waste on the road. Here, a mini dustbin with disposable garbage bags can be helpful. For example, you are likely to have snacks in your car on a long journey. Kids, in particular, frequently get hungry on long drives. The mini dustbin would be a temporary home for all the empty snack packets until you find a suitable place to throw the waste. Not only will it keep your car clean, but also help to protect the environment.

For comfort

Here are a couple of car interior accessories to improve your comfort. 

17. Seat cushion

The discomfort of sitting for long durations can take the fun out of road trips. An extra cushion adds more padding to the seats, which feels more comfortable and relaxing, especially on long journeys. Make sure you compare the quality to pick long-lasting cushions.

18. Neck/back support

Along with your hip, you need to take care of your neck and back while driving. Add a neck and back support to your seat to maintain the right posture without feeling uncomfortable throughout your long drives. 

For convenience

Here are a few essentials you need in your car for convenience.

19. Phone mount

A phone mount will add convenience to times when you need to look at your phone for directions while driving. Instead of picking up and looking at your phone, you can attach it to a mount fitted on the dash. 

20. Universal charger

It is nearly impossible to manage your everyday life without your phone. Similarly, other devices like laptops and smartwatches have become an integral part of our lives. So, you may want to keep your devices charged up and running while driving. 

This is why a universal charger would be a great accessory to carry in your car. A multi-port universal charger will allow you to charge multiple gadgets at once while driving. 

21. Car seat organiser

A car seat organiser is attached to the back of the car seat and offers different-sized sections. You can arrange your laptop, mobile phone, water bottle, books, etc., for easy access and safety. 

22. Grip pad on the dashboard

There are silicone-made grip pads you can purchase for your dashboard. They are useful for securely carrying items like your mobile phone, sunglasses, keys, etc. A grip pad holds the small items tight enough so they don’t fall if your car hits a bump. 

Top electric car accessories in India

There is a different set of unique accessories that Electric Vehicle (EV) owners might need. Some of the must-have EV accessories include the following.

  • EV home charger

  • Additional EV charging cables

  • Chargeable blanket for heating

  • Charging station poles/holder

Why are car accessories important?

Here are the reasons why car accessories are important.


Certain car accessories are necessary to carry to get out of emergencies. For instance, you need jumper cables to restart your car if the battery gives up in the middle of the road. Similarly, other accessories like a glass breaker, puncture kit, fire extinguisher, etc., are the accessories you need to prepare for potential emergencies while driving. 


Another reason why you should invest in car accessories is to uplift its aesthetics. From dashboard decoration to headlight lashes and wooden trims, you can use decorative items based on the appeal you wish to have.


Keeping your car clean elevates its appearance a thousand times inside and out. Consider buying a vacuum cleaner, floor mats, seat covers, etc., to maintain the cleanliness inside the cabin of your car. 


Even when you buy a new car full of comfort features, there may be some scope for customisation. There are accessories you can buy to make your drives more comfortable. It may include seat cushions, neck cushions, sun shades, etc.


You might want to add some accessories to align a new car with your everyday lifestyle. It can be a phone holder, baby seat, and many more accessories to help you make a new car look more like your car. 


Some accessories are required to improve the practical usage of your car. Either you can choose a car’s model/variant with practical features or add them later. All practical accessories like LEDs, fog lights, rear parking sensors, etc., make a car more user-friendly. 


Some of the accessories can keep you entertained while driving. Most people prefer a music system, stereo system, etc., to enjoy their favourite music on road trips. However, you can also get an LCD screen installed for the people in the backseat for some visual entertainment. 

How to choose the right accessories for your new car?

You might feel tempted to buy more accessories than you need for your car. But it would be better to evaluate car accessories objectively based on the following factors.


When you are picking car accessories, evaluate their usability in terms of lifestyle, driving habit, taste, and preferences. This approach will get you only those accessories that you actually need for your car. 


The primary function of a car is the assurance of safe drives from one location to another. Hence, no accessory should be installed at the cost of your vehicle’s safety. In fact, you should consider purchasing car safety accessories which aren’t already there in your vehicle.


The cost is also an important factor to consider when shopping for new car accessories. The prices of similar auto parts may vary depending on their brand, design or the extent of functions. 

Once you know the type of accessories needed in your car, compare multiple products online for quality and the price tag. It will help you find the best car accessories at affordable prices.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few important questions and answers related to car accessories.

Which accessory do I need to check the tyre pressure on a road trip?

There are two options for that. You can either purchase a tyre pressure gauge or a real-time TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). 

With a pressure gauge, you will need to stop driving and get down to check the tyre pressure. On the other hand, a TPMS will let you have a real-time reading of tyre pressure while driving. The display of the TPMS is installed on the dash of the car to be easily visible to the driver. 

Which car accessories are not legal in India?

There are certain rules around modifying your vehicle with accessories in India. The illegal car accessories in India usually include the following. 

  • Any modification on the HSRP (High-security Registration Plate)

  • Pressure horns

  • Dark film on car windows

  • Illegal taillights and headlights

  • Kits that lift the vehicle body up

There are more regulations around accessorising a vehicle in India. So, you must ensure the legality of an accessory before installing it in your vehicle. Visit the Parivahan portal to access the latest rules and regulations around adding accessories to your vehicle in India.

Do children need a special type of car seat?

Yes, a special seat in a car keeps children below 12 years of age comfortable. Regular car seats are designed for adults. Thus, the seating posture and seatbelt position don’t align with the physical structure of a 12-year-old or below. Thus, you should get a children's seat installed.

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