How to remove scratches from car windshield: Tips to follow

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A windshield is a critical element in the overall performance and safety of any vehicle. A scratch on the windscreen can hamper the driver's visibility and lead to compromised passenger safety. Thus, It is crucial to keep the windshield without any scratches. Even if the car’s windshield gets some scratches, it is better to take care of them early on to avoid severe damage. Read on as we discuss how to remove scratches from the car’s windshield.

Remove scratches from car windshield

Tips to remove scratches from car windshield

Removing scratches from the windshield is possible, and there are multiple ways to do it. Depending on the types/intensity of scratches, you can take corrective action to ensure that the scratch or damage does not increase. Timely action to remove scratches from the automobile’s windshield can help in the overall performance and safety.

Here are the top tips to avoid scratches on the windshield.

  • Deal with minor scratches at the earliest.

  • Park your car in an enclosed space, ideally a garage, to reduce the chances of windshield scratches.

  • Check your car wipers regularly. You can remove the windshield wiper scratch by applying polish or using the glass repair kit.

How to remove scratches from car glass?

Here is how to remove scratches from the windshield.

  • Use a proper glass repair kit.

  • Use clear nail polish or non-gel toothpaste for minor scratches.

  • Seek professional help for significant damage or cracks.

What is a windshield, and how is it made?

A windshield comprises laminated glass with three layers, i.e., a layer of vinyl is present between two sheets of glass. These layers are then stuck together under extreme pressure and heat in an autoclave, a specialised oven for making windscreens. Since the windshield is made of laminated glass, it provides a safe driving environment by protecting against harsh weather, injuries and accidents.

Due to the three-layer structure of the windscreen, only the outer layer may sustain some damage, especially in the case of low to moderate impact in the form of minor scratches. It is important to note that you can fix these scratches without opting for a complete windscreen replacement.

7 Tips to remove scratches on windshield

There are different ways in which you can remove scratches from your vehicle's windshield. You can opt for any of the seven methods mentioned below as per your car’s windshield’s condition..

1. Glass repair kit

You can repair even deep cuts on the windshield using a glass repair kit, provided they are not deep enough that the windscreen may fall apart. Follow the below steps for scratch removal.

Step 1: You can use your fingernails to check the depth of the scratches. If you run your fingers over these scratches, you can figure out the windscreen's surface scratches and deep scratches.

Note: Wear protective gloves while checking for scratches as they may hurt your fingers. Get professional help if you are not comfortable with working on the windshield.

Step 2: Purchase the Glass Repair Kit online or from a nearby store.

Step 3: Start the repair process by applying compound from the kit on the windscreen. The rubbing compound has cerium oxide. It will react chemically with the glass to stop the scratch from deepening.

Step 4: Allow the compound to dry for 35 to 40 minutes.

Step 5: Clean the affected area with a soft cotton cloth.

2. Acrylic scratch remover

An acrylic scratch remover is available in most shops nearby or online. It is one of the most effective ways to remove scratches from car glass. Below are the steps to remove scratches using acrylic scratch remover.

Step 1: Apply the acrylic scratch remover using a cotton cloth on the windscreen.

Step 2: Rub the cloth over the scratch for around 60 to 70 seconds.

Step3: Let it rest on the windscreen for 25 to 30 minutes.

Step 4: Clean the glass with a soft cotton cloth.

Step 5: Buff out any remaining scratches gently.

3. Non-gel toothpaste

Another everyday product that comes in handy to repair car glass is non-gel toothpaste. A non-gel toothpaste acts as a grinding paste in car windshield repair. It takes away a tiny part of the glass around the scratch. Using non-gel toothpaste allows it to level the entirety of the damaged area. Glance through the steps below for a detailed explanation of the use of non-gel toothpaste.

Step 1: Dry the glass using a soft lint-free cloth.

Step 2: Apply some non-gel toothpaste to a soft cloth.

Step 3: Apply the toothpaste to the affected area on the windscreen in a circular motion for 30 to 45 seconds.

Step 4: Wipe the toothpaste using a damp cloth and use a soft lint-free cloth to dry the affected area on the windshield.

4. Transparent nail polish

The transparent acrylic nail polish, which is used chiefly as a cosmetic product, can act as a tool to repair minor scratches on the windscreen. It has properties that allow it to harden as it dries. As a result, it can do an excellent job for the shallowest scratches. Here are the steps to use transparent nail polish.

Step 1: Apply nail polish on the scratch and rub off the extra soon after applying.

Step 2: Give it some time to dry.

5. Buffing machine with water pump

A buffing machine and distilled water can work well for levelling minor scratches. Do not use it for deep scratches on the four-wheeler glass as it may cause irreparable damage to the auto/motor windshield. Refer to the steps below for the detailed process.

Step 1: Cover the car's body with plastic or paper near the windscreen.

Step 2: Make a dam-like structure using duct tape to use water effectively on the windshield. First, do it vertically, then horizontally.

Step 3: Pump the distilled water and use the machine to buff the area. Do it till you cannot see the damage.

Step 4: Clean the windscreen and remove the coverings from the car.

6. Glass scrub compound

The glass scrub compound is usually used to clean stubborn dirt from the windscreen, but it doubles as a scratch remover. Below are the steps to use glass scrub compound.

Step 1: Apply some scrub compound on the microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Rub it on the windscreen in a circular motion.

Step 3: Put some water in between the rotations. Dryness in the affected area can cause more scratches.

Step 4: Apply a little compound repeatedly.

Step 5: Repeat it for a few days till the scratch is gone.

7. Professional help

If you believe that the scratch on the four-wheeler’s glass is too deep or is more of a crack, it is better to seek professional help. In case of a crack, the windscreen needs to be entirely replaced.

Steps to apply polish on windshield glass

You can follow the below steps to apply polish on windscreen glass.

Step 1: Select the right place and time.

When cleaning your car, cleaning and polishing the windows should be the last item on the list.

Step 2: Pick the right supplies

Use a glass cleaner made for automotive use in place of a general glass cleaner as the latter may have ammonia and other chemicals. Use a microfiber cloth that can rub the glass smoothly without scratching it in place of ordinary cloth.

Step 3: Remember to roll down windows halfway.

As you are cleaning the windows, remember to roll down the windows halfway to clean the top edge of the glass.

Step 4: Clean the windows

It is now time to clean the windows. Apply the glass cleaner and use the microfiber cloth to clean both sides of the glass. You can rinse with water at the end.

Step 5: Select a glass polish.

You can buy a glass repair kit that includes polish and other stuff, or you can only buy a glass polish online or from a store nearby.

Step 6: Use a low-speed rotary polisher

Use a polisher between 1,000 and 1,200 rpm (revolutions per minute). Ensure that it has a polishing pad. Also, add a lubricating pad and polish to the pad before using it on the windscreen.

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How to remove deep scratches from car window glass?

You can remove deep scratches from the four-wheeler windshield by using the following steps.

Step 1: Get a professional glass repair kit, acrylic scratch compound, or glass scrub compound, as explained above sections.

Step 2: Use the buffing machine with the water pump method if required.

Step 3: If you are still not able to correct the deep scratches, get professional help.

How can you remove windshield wiper scratches?

Here is how to remove windshield wiper scratches.

Step 1: Clean the wiper blades.

Step 2: Check the wiper fluids.

Step 3: If the problem persists, change the wiper blades.

Step 4: Use a glass polish or glass repair kit to remove existing scratches.

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What can cause scratches on your windshield?

The following can be the cause of scratches on your four-wheeler windshield.

  • Defective wiper blades: Damaged wiper blades can cause windshield scratches. Hence, it is essential to replace the wiper blades when they are damaged.

  • Improper cleaning: Not cleaning the windshield and wiper blades can cause scratches. Dust particles on the glass or wiper blades can cause severe scratches on the car’s windshield.

  • Road debris: Road debris hitting the windshield can cause scratches and cracks.

Ways to avoid scratching car windshield in the future

Here are a few precautionary measures to avoid car windshield scratches.

  • Change your wiper blades frequently: Wiper blades are underestimated when it comes to caring for your windscreen. The rubber on the wiper blade has a short life. It is better to change wiper blades if you notice any performance issues in the wipers.

  • Clean your wiper blades regularly: It is essential to clean your wiper blades. With all the dust and dirt around us, the wiper blades build up dust and scratch the windscreen.

  • Never use wipers on a dry windshield: This is an absolute horror for the windscreen. It is almost like scratching the windscreen surface with a sandpaper rub.

  • Check wiper fluids regularly: It is essential to check the level of wiper fluids regularly. It is an inexpensive investment to maintain your windscreen..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most common queries and their answers regarding scratches on car windshields.

Can windscreen scratches be removed?

Yes. You can remove low to moderate scratches on the windshield.

Is toothpaste able to remove scratches from the windshield?

Yes. Non-gel toothpaste can remove scratches from the windscreen.

How much does it cost to repair a scratched windshield?

It may cost anywhere between Rs. 350 to Rs. 3,000 to repair the scratches on the windscreen, depending on the severity of the damage. Check with your local mechanic or service centre for exact pricing details.

Can I repair deep scratches in car glass?

Yes. Using the methods described in this article, you can repair deep scratches on the car glass can.

How to avoid scratches on the windscreen?

You can avoid scratches on the windscreen by checking wipers regularly, checking wiper fluids, and parking your car in an enclosed space.

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