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Honda City Dimensions

The Honda City is a Sedan. On this page, we bring you the dimensions of the Honda City, including its length, width, height, ground clearance, wheelbase, boot space and fuel tank capacity. View Honda City dimensions in mm (millimetres), cm (centimetres), feet and inches.

Dimensions of Honda City

The Honda City measures 4574 mm in length, 1748 mm in width and 1489 mm in height. The Honda City has a ground clearance of 165 mm. The wheelbase of the City measures 2600mm.
Dimension mm cm Inches Feets
Length 4574 457.4 180.08 15.01
Width 1748 174.8 68.82 5.73
Height 1489 148.9 58.62 4.89
Wheelbase 2600 260 102.36 8.53
Total 4 doors
Seating up to 5 people

Honda City Boot Space

Boot space refers to the dedicated luggage storage space located at the rear of the vehicle, behind the rear passenger seats. Honda City’s boot space stands at 506 litres.
Total Boot space is 506 Ltr
You can fit upto 5.06 cabin baggages.

Honda City Internal Dimensions

The Honda City is famous for its smooth, high-quality performance, making it an atypical sedan that represents both style and usefulness. Besides the attractive exterior, this car also has roomy internal dimensions, focusing mainly on providing ease and comfort to those driving or riding in it.

Boot Space

The Honda City is known for its carefully crafted inside, giving a roomy and comfy setting to the one controlling the steering and other travellers. The valuable part of this interior can be attributed to the ample boot space that can offer up to 506 litres of storage. You will not have any problem fitting in your suitcases, food bags, sports gear, or anything else needed for trips because it is large enough to hold them all comfortably inside. The Honda City is suitable for trips, whether a short one with friends or a family journey, as the boot space can hold your luggage without disturbing passenger comfort.

Fuel Tank Capacity

In addition, the City has a fuel tank that can hold up to 40 litres of fuel. This enormous fuel capacity not only means you need to stop less often to refill with gas but also plays into its excellent efficiency when it comes to using fuels optimally. When you do not stop for petrol too often, driving is smoother and longer-lasting - be it on crowded city roads or on open highways - providing an uninterrupted experience of travelling pleasure. Moreover, the City's fuel usage effectiveness guarantees that every time it is refilled, it is utilised to its fullest extent. This feature benefits you in terms of both ease and value for money, enhancing your daily trips.

Honda City External Dimensions

The external measurements of Honda City are made to look elegant and at the same time, they maximise usefulness and aerodynamics. With its smooth shape and dynamic size, the design of the City shows a balance between attractiveness and usefulness in every part.


The Honda City has a length of around 4,574 millimetres. This length gives it enough room inside for people but also keeps its size reasonable so that it can easily move around in small city areas and park.


Speaking of width, the City measures approximately 1,748 millimetres across. This broadness gives it a solid and wide appearance on the road and contributes to its stability and strong presence. The width also provides ample shoulder room for those sitting inside this car.


The city's height is nearly 1,489 mm – it is designed to provide good aerodynamics and enough headroom for those sitting inside. This balanced height helps the City maintain its smooth look and lets everyone have a comfortable seating position.


In regards to the City's exterior dimensions, a very important element is its wheelbase. This part of the car measures about 2,600 mm and greatly affects how well you feel when riding in it, along with stability or room inside. The City has a long wheelbase that enhances riding comfort because it provides better stability on uneven roads and maximises leg space for people sitting in rear seats.

Ground Clearance

Clearance from the ground is an important aspect to consider when driving in city and suburban areas, and the Honda City provides around 165 mm of ground clearance. This amount of space between its bottom part and the road is a compromise that gives enough height to deal with speed bumps or irregular terrain smoothly but also maintains a low centre of gravity, aiding in stability and control.

Honda City Dimensions vs Rivals

When we compare the Honda City's dimensions to similar cars, we mainly check how relatively big or small it is. This assists us in understanding if the City has more space inside, is simpler to park, or is better suited for certain types of driving. Now, let's look at how Honda City matches up with its rivals.

Honda City vs Hyundai Aura


Honda City

Hyundai Aura

Length 4574 mm 3995 mm
Width 1748 mm 1680 mm
Height 1489 mm 1520 mm
Wheelbase 2600 mm 2450 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm 165 mm
Boot Space 506 litres 402 litres
Fuel Tank 40 litres 37 litres

Honda City vs Tata Tigor


Honda City

Tata Tigor

Length 4574 mm 3993 mm
Width 1748 mm 1677 mm
Height 1489 mm 1523 mm
Wheelbase 2600 mm 2450 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm 170 mm
Boot Space 506 litres 419 litres
Fuel Tank 40 litres 35 litres

Honda City vs Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire


Honda City

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Length 4574 mm 3995 mm
Width 1748 mm 1735 mm
Height 1489 mm 1515 mm
Wheelbase 2600 mm 2450 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm 170 mm
Boot Space 506 litres 378 litres
Fuel Tank 40 litres 37 litres


HeroCardBGHonda City CarImage
Honda City
1498 cc
5 Seater
On-road price in undefined
₹13.46 L - ₹23.73 L
Get min ₹79,192 off

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honda City good for 6 feet in height?

Yes, the Honda City can easily accommodate people who are 6 feet tall and allow them to drive or travel with comfort.

Does the Honda City's dimensions allow for stability when driving?

Yes, the dimensions of the chassis of this car have been designed in a calculated manner to provide the best stability possible when driving.

How long is the distance between Honda City's wheels, and in what way does it influence driving?

The dimension of the wheelbase has an influence on ride quality, stability, and distribution of interior space. By knowing about this aspect, buyers can evaluate how well a car performs when driving on rough roads or turning corners.

What is the turning radius of the Honda City?

The turn radius of a vehicle is very important for its manoeuvring ability, particularly in city surroundings and narrow parking spots. This question aids buyers in evaluating how easily they can manage the car's navigation in different driving conditions.

How does the ground clearance of the Honda City compare to similar models?

The clearance from the ground plays a role in how well the car handles obstacles such as speed bumps and uneven surfaces. When people look at this dimension compared to other vehicles, they can deduce if the City is suitable for their driving area, like city roads or countryside roadways.