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Renault Triber Dimensions

The Renault Triber is a MPV/MUV. On this page, we bring you the dimensions of the Renault Triber, including its length, width, height, ground clearance, wheelbase, boot space and fuel tank capacity. View Renault Triber dimensions in mm (millimetres), cm (centimetres), feet and inches.

Dimensions of Renault Triber

The Renault Triber measures 3990 mm in length, 1739 mm in width and 1643 mm in height. The Renault Triber has a ground clearance of 182 mm. The wheelbase of the Triber measures 2636mm.
Dimension mm cm Inches Feets
Length 3990 399 157.09 13.09
Width 1739 173.9 68.46 5.71
Height 1643 164.3 64.69 5.39
Wheelbase 2636 263.6 103.78 8.65
Total 4 doors
Seating up to 5-7 people

Renault Triber Boot Space

Boot space refers to the dedicated luggage storage space located at the rear of the vehicle, behind the rear passenger seats. Renault Triber’s boot space stands at 625 litres.
Total Boot space is 625 Ltr
You can fit upto 6.25 cabin baggages.

Renault Triber Internal Dimensions

The Renault Triber is a 7-seater MUV(Multi-purpose Vehicle) providing comfort and various other functions. It has a flexible and adaptable interior, catering to the needs of the passengers.  Although it has a compact exterior, it has a spacious interior consisting primarily of boot space and a fuel tank. In this following section, we shall discuss these in detail:

Boot Space

The Triber car has a flexible boot capacity; being a seven-seater, it provides a boot space of 84 litres. It is particularly suitable for keeping smaller luggage items, but if needed, the boot space can be expanded to 625 litres by removing/folding the rearmost seats. With space for up to seven people, removable third-row seats, and up to 625 litres of trunk space, Renault Triber's ultra-modular interior gives you comfort, flexibility, and a lot of storage possibilities. 

Fuel- Tank Capacity

The Renault Triber's fuel tank has a capacity of 40 litres. This makes it easier to balance fuel efficiency, and frequent refuelling is unnecessary. It's an obvious option for city commutes and touring long distances, which means that in terms of design, the Renault Triber is focused on optimising space. 

Renault Triber External Dimensions

The Renault Triber offers ideal exterior dimensions, contributing to its practicality. Its Length, width, height, ground clearance, and wheelbase promise a comfortable driving experience on busy roads and highways. The following section discusses Triber’s external dimensions in detail:


Along with the option to maximise cabin space and cargo to carry, the Triber's maximum length of 3990 mm adds flexibility. The 3990 mm length of the Triber gives a spacious traveller cabin that allows families to travel comfortably. The length of 3990 mm also provides numerous seating options, which implies that it can be modified depending on the travel group. While driving to spend time with the family or go on a weekend tour with friends, the Triber's length of 3990 mm allows for comfortable and convenient travel.


The 1,739 mm wide stature of the Renault Triber guarantees a stable street position while providing sufficient shoulder room for all passengers in the interior. To maintain stability and coping, the width of the Triber ensures a comfortable ride for the driver's seat and passengers. 


The 1,643 mm high dimensions will allow the Renault Triber to have an authoritative presence on the road, thus offering suitable headroom within the cabin area for each passenger. Moreover, these heights also contribute significantly to layout flexibility, which makes it possible for people of all heights to easily get in or out thereby providing enough accommodation too.


The Renault Triber's wheelbase is 2,636 mm, a dimension that is important in ensuring that the vehicle is stable and offers a comfortable ride. The longer wheelbase increases the space inside the Triber cabin, making it possible for passengers to sit comfortably without having to squeeze themselves, especially those in the second and third rows of the car. Moreover, the extended wheelbase has contributed significantly to better handling and stability on different roads.

Ground Clearance

With 182 mm of ground clearance available, the Renault Triber can navigate rough terrain, speed breakers, and uneven roads without any difficulties. This higher ground clearance also allows this car to be driven in various off-road conditions besides being used for city driving purposes only, enhancing its flexibility. In addition, even with such a feature, the Triber's underbody protective shield is not left hanging at any time because the vehicle can still maintain its ride quality even when driven under very challenging circumstances.

Renault Triber Dimensions vs Rivals

While Renault Triber has no direct rivals, it competes with cars like the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Grand i10 because of its price segment

 Renault Triber Vs Maruti Suzuki Ertiga


Renault Triber

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Length 3990 mm 4395 mm
Width 1739 mm 1735 mm
Height 1643 mm 1690 mm
Wheelbase 2636 mm 2740 mm
Ground Clearance 182 mm 180 mm
Boot Space 625 litres (with 3rd row folded) 209 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 litres 45 litres

Renault Triber Vs Maruti Suzuki Swift


Renault Triber

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Length 3990 mm 3840 mm
Width 1739 mm 1735 mm
Height 1643 mm 1530 mm
Wheelbase 2636 mm 2450 mm
Boot Space 625 Litres (with 3rd row folded) 268 Litres
Ground Clearance 182 mm 163 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 litres 37 litres

Renault Triber Vs Hyundai Grand i10


Renault Triber

Hyundai Grand i10

Length 3990 mm 3765 mm
Width 1739 mm 1660 mm
Height 1643 mm 1520 mm
Wheelbase 2636 mm 2425 mm
Boot Space 625 litres (with 3rd row folded) 256 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 litres 43 litres
Ground Clearance 182 mm 165 mm


HeroCardBGRenault Triber CarImage
Renault Triber
5-7 Seater
On-road price in undefined
₹6.70 L - ₹9.74 L
Get min ₹30,831 off

Frequently Asked Questions

How much storage does a Renault Triber have?

The Triber's boot space is 84 litres, expandable to 625 litres by folding down the third row.

Can 7 people sit in Triber?

With space for up to 7 people, removable third-row seats, and 625 litres of boot space, the Triber's ultra-modular interiors offer comfort, flexibility, and many storage possibilities.

How big is the Renault Triber?

Renault Triber dimensions are 3990 mm long, 1643 mm in height and 1739 mm in width.

What is the wheelbase of the Renault Triber?

The Renault Triber wheelbase is 2636mm. All variants of Triber have the same wheelbase. A longer wheelbase indicates more space inside the car.