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Kia SUV Cars in India

84 Kia SUV Car models are currently available in the ACKO Drive for Kia SUV Car lovers. To help you make an informed buying decision, we have brought you a list of the most popular cars in the Kia SUV Cars category. Check/compare your favourite car models for price, body type, mileage, and other specifications, before buying your dream car online.
Body Type
Brand + Model
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84 Kia Suv cars to explore

Kia Carens


7 Seater

1/30 variants

Kia Carens
Next variant

1.5 Premium 7 STR Petrol



Available in 7 colors

On-road price
in Delhi
12.17 L
Express delivery
within 11 days

Kia Sonet


5 Seater

1/26 variants

Kia Sonet
Next variant

1.2 HTE



Available in 7 colors

On-road price
in Delhi
8.99 L
Express delivery
within 11 days

Kia Seltos


5 Seater

1/28 variants

Kia Seltos
Next variant

1.5 HTE



Available in 7 colors

On-road price
in Delhi
12.64 L
Express delivery
within 11 days

About Kia SUV Cars

Kia SUVs are built with a flawless blend of sleek features and potent engines. Kia cars' design philosophy and vehicle characteristics have undergone a notable transformation over the years. This has contributed to raising the standard for their longevity and excellence. 

Despite the varied combinations of fuel type, seating, pricing and transmission, Kia SUVs have a few signature features. These are:

  • 'Tiger-Nose' Grille: With its iconic "tiger-nose" grille, every Kia vehicle maintains a unique exterior that contributes to its quirky, eye-catching appearance. Each version has a different characteristic grille in chrome or matte finishes.
  • Panoramic Sunroof: Kia's panoramic sunroof feature is included in all new SUV model levels. To enhance the driving experience, some premium models even include a dual panoramic sunroof.

History of Kia SUV Cars

Kia Motors is South Korea's oldest car company. The Kia Corporation was established as a bicycle manufacturer in the mid-nineties. It was first called Kyungsung Precision Industry. Kia has developed into the fifth-biggest automaker globally from humble origins. Kia is currently present in eight nations. Its automobiles are distributed over 172 countries via a network of 3,000 distributors and dealers.

Kia has produced SUVs since 1993. It started when the Kia Sportage debuted in South Korea. For over twenty years, they have been a popular manufacturer of SUVs. In 2019 they sold over two million vehicles globally. The carmaker entered the Indian market in August 2019. At present, there are four high-performing SUVs that are ruling the streets of India. 

Kia SUV Cars in India

Kia is a relatively new automaker in the Indian landscape. However, the brand has succeeded in breaking into the Indian vehicle industry. Kia introduced the Seltos designed for the Indian market in 2019. It became a bestseller within ten months of launch. As a result, Kia quickly overtook several other well-known automakers to take the fifth spot in terms of sales in the nation. 

Kia's success is more inspiring, given that Kia has four models in India with multiple variants. Their introductory vehicle, the Seltos, is the reason behind their immense success in India. The newest Kia vehicle, which is the Carens, is a huge success.

The other cars in the market are the Sonet and the EV6 electric crossover SUV. The price ranges between ₹8.76 lakhs to ₹23.86 lakhs.

The Popularity of Kia SUV Cars in India

The popularity of Kia in the Indian market can be attributed to its customer-focused approach and well-thought-out debut. Young consumers find its dependable, high-quality SUVs appealing because they are available at a relatively low cost. Their offering of multiple powertrain options ensures that there is an SUV for every individual. Besides, each SUV has features for infotainment, safety and aesthetic appeal. 

According to reports, the company's sales in India totalled 1,36,108 units from January to June. Kia India's sales of 2,69,229 units in FY23 represented a more than 44% rise. In India, Kia has an extensive sales and servicing network. Before Seltos's official debut, the business established 192 service locations in 160 different cities nationwide. This South Korean automaker currently serves tier-I, tier-II, and tier-III cities in India with 339 touchpoints. 

Different Types of Kia SUV Cars

The wide range of SUVs offered by Kia meets various demands and tastes. A couple of Kia's many models are the sleek and compact Seltos and the swift and athletic Sonet. Every model offers a distinct experience. Kia offers two significant SUV segments in India. They are:  

  • MPV-Style SUVs: These are meant for larger families or those who prefer an extensive vehicle. The Carens is the most popular MPV from the company. It also has robust safety measures to back up the boxy design. 
  • Compact SUVs: The Sonet and Seltos are compact SUVs. They are stylish in a smaller space. They offer the features of bigger SUVs in a lower price range.
  • Electric SUVs: Kia also offers a crossover electric SUV in the form of EV6. It features a futuristic design and advanced technology to offer an ultimate driving experience.

Popular Kia SUV Cars in India

Kia SUVs are now a popular choice amongst car enthusiasts in India. The most popular Kia SUVs are:

Kia Seltos 

This is a five-seater compact SUV with eighteen variants. The price range is  ₹12.63 L - ₹23.86L. It has a prominent grille with updated fog lamps along with expanded LED DRLs and a new front bumper. It also has reworked headlights. There is also a streamlined touchscreen infotainment system. This makes the interiors appear neat. There are three engine options along with three gearbox options. The latter includes manual and automatic, along with DCT variants. 

Kia Sonet

This 5-seater compact SUV has 19 variants, and the price ranges from ₹8.98 L - to ₹18.46 L. It is the third automobile introduced in India and the most reasonably priced model from Kia. The Kia Sonet has a distinctive appearance and plenty of features. There are three engine options available. There is petrol and diesel along with a turbocharged petrol variant. There are also five gearbox options available including manual, automatic, DCT and iMT. 

Upcoming Kia SUV Cars in India

Kia has announced that it will introduce three new models in the current year and the next. All of these will be sports utility vehicles. This will include two electric variants and one compact SUV with an internal combustion engine. These are listed below.

Kia Carnival (New)

  • It is predicted to launch in India in April this year.
  • The expected price is ₹40 lakh onwards.
  • Transmission and Fuel: The India-spec model will probably have a petrol engine available.
  • Expected features include ambient lighting along with dual sunroofs and a multi-zone climate control. 

Kia EV5

  • It is a five-seater electric SUV with an expected price of ₹55 lakhs.
  • The expected launch date is January next year.
  • Battery Power includes 64kWh and 88kWh battery pack configurations. With a rapid DC charger, the EV5 can be fully charged from 30% to 100% in just 27 minutes.
  • Expected features are heated and ventilated front seats along with vehicle-to-load and vehicle-to-grid capabilities. It will also have a 5-inch temperature control panel and three zones of climate control alongside 12.3-inch dual-integrated displays.

Kia EV9

  • The expected starting price is ₹80 lakhs.
  • The expected launch date is April next year.
  • Battery power includes a powerful battery pack with a stated range of 482 km. The rapid charging will fully charge the battery from zero to almost eighty percent in less than half an hour.
  • It will have two compact touchscreens with a monitor and second-row seats that rotate 180 degrees. 

Kia SUV Car Options

The various Kia SUV combinations based on price range, fuel types, transmission, and seating capacity are outlined below.

Kia SUV Cars by Budget

  • Entry Segment (₹8.76 L- ₹9.86 L): Sonet, Sonet (2023-2024)
  • Mid Segment (₹10.92 L- ₹19.92 L): Carens, Sonet, Sonet (2023-2024), Seltos
  • Premium Segment (₹20.29 L - ₹23.86 L): Carens, Seltos

Kia SUV Cars by Fuel Type

  • Diesel SUVs: Carens, Sonet, Sonet (2023-2024), Seltos
  • Petrol SUVs: Sonet, Seltos, Carens
  • Electric: EV6

Kia SUV Cars by Transmission

  • Manual SUVs: Carens, Sonet, Sonet (2023-2024), Seltos
  • Automatic SUVs: Sonet, Sonet (2023-2024), Seltos, Carens

Kia SUV Cars by Seating Capacity

  • 7-Seater SUVs: Carens
  • 5-Seater SUVs: Sonet, Sonet (2023-2024), Seltos


Q. How much does the Kia Seltos cost?

The Seltos has eighteen variants. The price range is between twelve to twenty-four lakhs. The price can vary slightly based on the location of purchase. 

Q. What was the first car of Kia in India?

The Seltos was the first Kia car. It is still a popular choice in the market. 

Q. Are all the SUVs of Kia five-seaters?

Most of the SUVs are five-seaters. The Carens offers a seven-seater capacity. 

Q. Which is the most affordable Kia SUV?

The Sonnet is the most affordable SUV of the company. It has a starting price of eight lakhs.

Q. What can be the cost of the new Kia Carnival?

The new Carnival is expected to have a starting range of forty lakhs.

Top 3 Kia SUV Cars

Kia CarensRs. 12.17 L - 23.39 L
Kia SonetRs. 8.99 L - 18.56 L
Kia SeltosRs. 12.64 L - 23.95 L