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Chandigarh is famous as one of the well-planned cities in post-independence India, and to a large extent, this is seen in the administration and functioning of the city in everyday aspects as well. As the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, the city is also a Union Territory in India, and therefore has its own Transport Department that handles the issuing of the all-important document that is a driving license. In a process that is automated and made available online to a large extent, residents can obtain the permission to operate a motorized vehicle through the Chandigarh Administration’s transport department.

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A driving license is issued through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, granted through the numerous Registering and Licensing Authority’s offices situated across the region. Chandigarh’s transport department has digitalized most of the process, ensuring that the minimum possible time is spent in the RLA. With increasing number of cases regarding fake licenses occurring, it is important to remember that only these authorities are capable of issuing original licenses.

Eligibility for Getting a Driving License

  • Prior to obtaining the driving license, a learner license is issued for a temporary period during which you are expected to learn how to drive the motorized vehicle completely.

  • A learning license issued in Chandigarh is only valid within the limits of the administration as stated on the license, whereas a permanent driving license is valid across the country.

  • To be able to apply for a driving license, the candidate must be at least 16 years of age for two wheeler vehicles.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for a license for four wheeled vehicles, with or without gears.

  • Any able bodied citizen, regardless of gender, caste, etc. can obtain a license.

  • Commercial licenses are generally issued for those above the age of 20 only.

Application Process for Driving License in Chandigarh

Here is a breakdown of the process to obtain a learner’s license in Chandigarh.

  • Download the form for Learner’s License from http://chdtransport.gov.in and take a printout.

  • Fill in all the required details in the form, including the medical certification required. A detailed guide of how to fill the form is available from official sources here: http://chdtransport.gov.in/Forms/FilesDL/PLLO.pdf

  • Scan all required documents, including medical certification, proof of age and proof of address.

    • School Leaving certificate / Class X marks card / Passport / Aadhar card for date of birth.

    • Any Government issued ID for address proof (Passport / Aadhar Card / Voter ID etc.)

  • After clicking on ‘Apply Online’ https://parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/newLL\_displayNewLL.do and filling in the requirements, upload all the required documents through this link: https://parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/uploadMain.do

  • With a printout of the acknowledgement received for this online process, and the Learner’s License form, go to the local RLA along with original documents for verification.

  • Alternatively, the form can be obtained at a Sampark office, or at the RLA itself.

  • Once these are successfully verified, submit the form and pay the fee required (both for Learner’s License and Driving License) and collect the fee receipt. This is generally Rs. 100.

  • Take the photograph required for the license, and then proceed to take the test.

  • The test is a computerized test. If you pass, you will be given your Learner’s License along with a form for the Driving License at the RTO office in Chandigarh. If not, you can retake the test after 15 days.

Application Process for Permanent Driving License in Chandigarh

After the minimum time period has lapsed from the issue of the learner’s license, one can return to the RLA to take part in the physical driving test.

  • The required forms can be obtained either in person at the RLA or online from this link: http://chdtransport.gov.in/Webpages/Regular_Licence_CL.aspx

  • If using the downloaded form, all required documents along with the completed form must be attached. You can then proceed to the RLA to take the driving license test. Payment must also be made, for a fee of Rs. 250. This test consists of driving the given vehicle through a predetermined track in the presence of an official from the RLA.

  • If you pass, the license will be sent to you via speed post. Proof is given through a file receipt. If you do not clear the test, you can reappear after a certain number of days, based on the examiner.

Documents Required for Obtaining Driving License in Chandigarh

  1. Form 4 (application form for permanent license)

  2. Form 8 if applying for a license for a type of vehicle when another license already exists (Eg. Applying for two wheeler license when four wheeler license is already acquired).

  3. Date of birth and address proof if requested for cross verification.

  4. Original valid Learner’s License.

How To Apply For A Duplicate Driving License

When your driving license is stolen, misplaced or damaged, duplicate license can be obtained by following the specified procedure. The same procedure can be used to obtain change of address on the driving license

  1. In the case of stolen or misplaced license, file an FIR immediately with the local police.

  2. Download the required form, and upload scanned copies of all required documents, as specified here http://chdtransport.gov.in/Webpages/Duplicate_Licence_CL.aspx

  3. The documents required are specified below.

    1. Duly filled in application form for issue of duplicate license, known as Form LLD (available online

    2. Duly filled in application form for license (Form 4).

    3. The FIR (carry multiple copies) in the case of stolen or misplaced license.

    4. In the case of damage to the license, the damaged card must be submitted to the RLA.

    5. Valid address proof, and if requested, proof of age.

    6. The fee for duplicate license issue of Rs. 200.

Take the acknowledgement of the online process along with all required original documents to the RLA and submit the required fee after all scrutiny of documents is completed. Photos for the renewed license may also be taken. In general, the expired license is seized and the renewed license sent to your address via speed post.

How to apply for renewal of permanent driving license

Once the permanent driving license has been obtained, it is generally valid for a period of 20 years, or until obtaining the age of 50. When either of these situations occur, renewal of the license is necessary. Candidates must apply for renewal 30 days before the expiry date of the license. Requirements include:

  1. Duly filled in application for renewal form (Form 9), available online.

  2. Health clearance certificate from a certified medical practitioner stating that the candidate is fit to drive.

  3. Previous (expiring) driving license in original.

  4. Valid proof of age and residence in original with photocopies.

  5. Passport size photographs.

All required forms are available online http://chdtransport.gov.in/Webpages/Renewal_Licence_CL.aspxTake the acknowledgement of the online process along with all required original documents to the RLA and submit the required fee of Rs. 250 after all scrutiny of documents is completed. An additional fine of Rs. 50 is added per year after the expiry of the grace period, and those applying after 5 years will have to pay a fee of Rs. 300 with an added Rs. 50 every year thereafter. Photos for the renewed license may also be taken. In general, the expired license is seized and the renewed license sent to your address via speed post.

Different Kinds of Driving Licenses

There are different licenses issued for different vehicles. Temporary licenses usually refer to the case of learner’s license, i.e. to enable the holder to gain enough knowledge to acquire a permanent license. The permanent driving license is valid for up to 20 years. Some of the different types of vehicles for which licenses are issued are mentioned below.

1.Two wheel vehicles (with and without gears):

This includes all scooters, bikes, mopeds etc.

2.Four wheel vehicle (geared / automatic):

This includes all cars undertaken for private use. It comes under the category of ‘Light Motor Vehicles’, along with two wheelers and auto rickshaws.

3.Commercial vehicles:

This includes all vehicles used for commercial purposes, including carriers and transport services. Cabs, small transport vans etc. come under this category.

4.Transport vehicle

Sub-divided into Medium and Heavy vehicles, these include larger vehicles such as trucks, tempos, buses, large vans etc.

How to Apply for an International License

All countries that have signed the UN convention recognize the validity of an international license issued in India for a period of one year. Holders of this license are expected to get a permanent license in the country of residence during this period. For this process, there is no online facility given by the Chandigarh Administration’s Transport Department. The procedure is as specified below.

  • Purchase the form for international license from the RLA or download it online from http://chdtransport.gov.in/Webpages/International_DL_CL.aspx The documents required are:

    • Application for international license (Form 4A).

    • Medical Certificate / Physical fitness declaration.

    • Proof of valid VISA and passport (attested copies of original required).

    • Valid driving license of local residence.

    • Passport size photographs.

    • Travel Ticket (confirmed and self-attested copy).

  • Fill in the forms carefully, and attach all required documents (copies).

  • Submit the form along with the required fee of Rs. 500 at the RLA, and collect the receipt which will serve as proof of the system.

  • The International Driving Permit can then be obtained from the DL Distribution counter at the RLA.

Useful tips for clearing your driving test

  • Use indicators / hand signals appropriately at all times.

  • Do not use the horn excessively, or flash lights unnecessarily.

  • Adjust your mirrors before you begin, and check them periodically throughout.

  • Shift gears correctly and smoothly. Avoid sudden jerks.

  • Adhere to all rules and regulations.

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