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Driving License Status

Team Ackodrive19, May, 2022

Whether you are applying for a driving license for the first time or you’ve applied for renewal, you might want to know the status of your driving license. Driving license status helps you understand when it will be issued to you, for how long is it valid, and when you might have to renew it.

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When to check your Driving License status?

It might take around a month to process the driving license after you have appeared for the driving test. Extended and untoward delays may occur while renewing your license or in case of issuing a duplicate license. Mentioned below are some instances where you may have to check the status of your driving license:

  • After clearing the permanent driving license test.

  • After applying for driving license renewal.

  • After applying for duplicate driving license.

  • When awaiting approval for international driving license.

Facts to note regarding DL Status

  • You are required to renew your driving license 20 years after obtaining your permanent license, or when you reach the age of 50. When applying for driving license renewal, the expired license is seized and the renewed license is provided on the same day. However, if this does not happen, you can check the DL status of your renewed license through the number on your renewal form.

  • After clearing the driving test, it takes around 30 days for the permanent driving license to be delivered.

  • In certain cases, a driving license may be misplaced, stolen, or damaged to the extent where it cannot be used. In such situations, a duplicate license may be issued by the Road Transport Authority.

  • In general, the new license should take less time than the time taken to issue the original license, but it may differ from state to state. If an extended period of time passes, check the status of your license with the authorities immediately.

  • Almost all countries in the world recognize the validity of the international driving license issued in India for a period of around one year, during which the candidate is expected to apply for the permanent license of the country in question. Once all formalities have been completed, you can check the details of your DL status online.

How to check the Status of Driving License?

There are different ways through which you can check the status of your driving license and thereby avoid any unnecessary confusion.

  1. Visit the RTO where you gave the test and check the driving license’s status by providing your application number or learner’s license number.

  2. Alternatively, you can now check your driving license status online, by visiting the official Road Transport Authority website for your state.

  3. There will be a tab present on the homepage regarding ‘DL Status’ that will redirect you to a link where you can track your DL status.

  4. Enter your application number, and basic details.

  5. Once you enter the details, your driving license status should be displayed on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions on Driving License


Who issues the driving license?

A driving license is issued through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, granted through numerous RTOs situated across the country. These road transport offices are solely responsible for issuing, renewing, and making any necessary changes to your driving license.

Who can apply for a driving license?

A license is issued to a person who has adequate knowledge regarding the functioning of the road and transport system.

  • Prior to obtaining the driving license, a learning license is issued for a temporary period during which the applicant is expected to learn how to drive the motorized vehicle completely.

  • A learning license is generally valid only in the state of issue, whereas a permanent driving license is valid across the country.

  • The minimum age requirement for a person to obtain a driving license is 16 years of age for two- wheelers, and 18 years of age for four-wheeler vehicles.

  • Any able-bodied citizen, regardless of gender, caste, etc. can obtain a driving license in India.

  • Commercial licenses are generally issued for those above the age of 20.

For which vehicle types can I check the DL status?

Different licenses are issued for different vehicles. These different vehicles are as follows:

  1. Two-wheeler vehicle without gears

  2. Two-wheeler vehicle with gears

  3. Four-wheeler vehicle (geared/automatic)

  4. Commercial vehicle

  5. Transport vehicle

After clearing the driving test at your local RTO, you can follow-up about the status of your driving license online.

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