133 Bike Taxis Seized In Bengaluru Following Auto Driver Protests

Published on 11 Jul, 2024, 5:44 AM IST
Updated on 11 Jul, 2024, 5:44 AM IST

Chinmay Hadkar
Chinmay Hadkar
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While Bengaluru auto rickshaw drivers say it's unfair, the bike taxi companies say it is legal 

In a rather debatable move, the Karnataka Transport Department seized 133 bike taxis last Friday. This seems to be an action taken under the pressure of a major protest staged by auto rickshaws and cab drivers on Thursday for stricter regulations or a complete ban on bike taxis.

The crackdown targeted unauthorised bike taxis operating across Bengaluru. These services, offered by companies like Rapido, Ola, and Uber, have grown in popularity in recent years, offering a faster and often cheaper alternative to traditional auto rickshaws. However, auto driver unions argue that bike taxis are taking away business and operating illegally. The argument also mentions that they are often using personal vehicles without proper commercial licences.

The Karnataka government's stance on bike taxis has also been a source of confusion. In 2021, they launched a scheme specifically for electric bike taxis, only to scrap it earlier this year due to concerns about misuse. Despite the crackdown, bike taxi companies remain defiant. They point to a recent Karnataka High Court order protecting their operations and argue that their services are legal.

The companies have mentioned that they operate within the law and the High Court has already directed the government to take action against those harassing the riders. The companies will continue to provide services to Bengalureans who rely on them.

The future of bike taxis in Bengaluru remains uncertain. The Transport Department's actions indicate a potential shift towards stricter enforcement. However, the legal battle and the needs of commuters will likely play a significant role in determining the ultimate fate of these services. Negotiations between the government, auto drivers, and bike taxi companies are needed to find a solution that addresses safety concerns, fair competition, and the needs of commuters.

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