After Bajaj, TVS Is Now Exploring CNG Option

Published on 11 Jul, 2024, 8:46 AM IST
Updated on 11 Jul, 2024, 8:46 AM IST

Sutanu Guha
Sutanu Guha
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TVS CNG Scooter

TVS’ first CNG-powered two-wheeler might hit Indian markets by 2025

As TVS gears up to add exciting new products soon, the brand is also simultaneously exploring new options in the newfound CNG-powered two-wheeler segment that was kickstarted by Bajaj with the new Freedom 125 last week

The exact details of this upcoming product from the Hosur-based two-wheeler manufacturer have not been officially confirmed yet. However, TVS might likely be working on a scooter, instead of a motorcycle and the brand’s most successful family scooter offering – the Jupiter – stands a strong chance to be offered with this new choice of fuel. So, it will be interesting to see how TVS engineers the CNG tank into the scooter’s design. 

On this note, being a motorcycle the Bajaj Freedom 125, which was built completely new from the ground up, had the structural capacity to accommodate a CNG tank. And while Bajaj did go ahead and equip a 2-litre petrol tank as well, it remains to be seen how TVS will adopt the same setup to its scooter design in the future. Moreover, if TVS also decides to go for a bi-fuel setup just like the Bajaj Freedom 125, then we might end up with an eco-friendly scooter without the practicality of a good underseat storage space – which is one of the big USPs of the Jupiter 125. 

In addition to that, safety is a big aspect of CNG two-wheelers, and its reputation concerning zero risks on this matter is yet to be well established. While Bajaj did ensure that the CNG tank in the Freedom 125 wasn’t compromised in any way or manner by conducting 11 strenuous safety tests. It would be interesting to see how TVS addresses these concerns and to what length the brand goes to ensure the same. Additionally, TVS would also be required to rework the chassis to accommodate the CNG tank and this change in structure should also alter the scooter’s riding behaviour. 

Not The First Green Vehicle From TVS

This is not the first time that TVS has been associated with alternative fuel-powered vehicles. In fact, TVS was the first in the country to showcase an ethanol-based motorcycle with the Apache RTR 200 E100.

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Bajaj Freedom 125
Bajaj CNG Bike