Bajaj CNG Bike Launch Delayed To July 17

Sutanu GuhaJun 10, 2024

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Bajaj was slated to launch the world’s first CNG bike on June 18.

The launch of Bajaj’s first CNG motorcycle has been delayed by a month to July 17. While we are yet to affirm a reason as to why this delay, given the complexity of the system especially with regards to safety, we’re assuming Bajaj might have run into some last-minute, internal delay. Earlier, the world’s first CNG motorcycle was slated to launch this month on June 18, and it was confirmed by Bajaj’s CEO, Rajiv Bajaj, at the launch of the Pulsar NS400Z. 

While exact details about the bike, in terms of engine capacity, mileage etc, are still under wraps. Some of the facts that are already known include:

Commuter Bike

Bajaj’s first CNG bike will be a commuter motorcycle and it will be aimed towards the masses who are looking for an option in the 125 cc segment. Therefore, we expect it to be priced somewhere in the range of ₹80,000 to 95,000. 

High On Mileage

Like any typical CNG vehicle, Bajaj’s upcoming CNG bike is also expected to deliver high mileage figures. Thus, it will offer consumers with a much more affordable alternative to conventional commuter bikes. In fact, Rajiv Bajaj claimed that the running cost of the CNG motorcycle will be half of a petrol-powered commuter bike. 

Bruzer 125 or Fighter 125

While the official name is yet to be confirmed, earlier trademarks suggest that Bajaj’s first CNG bike can either be called Bruzer 125 or Fighter 125. Our money is on the former, for it compliments the “buzz” that the CNG bike has generated over the past couple of months. But then again, Bajaj is known to pull a surprise.

No Petrol Tank

Unlike conventional CNG cars, Bajaj’s first CNG bike will primarily have a CNG tank slotted below the seat. There will be a small petrol tank that will be used as a reserve for emergency purposes.

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