Eicher Launches New Non-Stop Series Of Trucks

Published on 20 Nov, 2023, 11:18 AM IST
Updated on 20 Nov, 2023, 11:18 AM IST

Satvik Khare
Satvik Khare
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Eicher Truck

These trucks come with connected tech, more power and better fuel efficiency. 

Eicher Trucks and Buses has launched a new range of heavy-duty trucks, called the Non-Stop Series. This series includes the Eicher Pro 6019XPT tipper, Eicher Pro 6048XP haulage truck, Eicher Pro 6055XP and Eicher Pro 6055XP 4x2 tractor trucks. 

Vinod Aggarwal, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles, said, “Backed by our industry-leading Uptime Center and MyEicher App, this new range will deliver more productivity and profitability for the customers.”

Eicher Truck

The Non-Stop Series also comes with connected tech that Eicher says will help customers with preventive maintenance and provide crucial vehicle data. It has features like fleet management, uptime management, fuel management and more. These trucks also get cruise control along with power-assisted steering and brakes. 

Eicher also says these trucks have better fuel efficiency than before. This is due to the fact they make more power, thus resulting in fewer gearshifts. Eicher also claims these trucks will ensure that customers have more time to haul luggage. 

Eicher Pro 6019XPT

The Pro 6019 XPT is powered by a 5.1-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine developing 236 bhp and 900 Nm, mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Eicher says this tipper truck has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 18,500 kg. 

Eicher Truck

Eicher Pro 6048XPT 

The 16-wheeler Pro 6048XPT has a 7.7-litre, six-cylinder engine producing 296 bhp and 1200 Nm, mated to a 9-speed gearbox. Eicher says this truck has a GVW of 47,500 kg. The cargo – bed, tanker, or bulker – is directly mounted on the chassis itself. 

Eicher Pro 6055XPT, 6055/1XPT

The two tractor trucks get the same powertrain as the Pro 6048XPT, however, these have a GVW of 55,000 kg (including the 3-axle trailer). The 6055XPT is a 10-wheeler truck, while the 6055/1XPT is a 6-wheeler truck. Eicher says either of the two trucks can be used to haul cement bags, bulker, tanker, coal, iron and steel.

Eicher Trucks