Matter Aera 5000 Deliveries Delayed

Arun Mohan NadarMay 13, 2024

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While the delay in delivery is disappointing, there’s some good news for the electric bike buyers.

Ahmedabad-based Matter Group announced the delivery timelines for its Aera electric motorcycle and if you have booked the bike, we have some bad news. The EV brand confirmed in its latest release that deliveries for the Aera 5000 have been pushed to the festive season, which is by the end of 2024. This isn’t the first delay for the electric motorcycle as it was supposed to go on sale in 2023 but got further delayed. The latest announcement might frustrate prospective buyers as Matter had received over 40,000 bookings for the electric bike. 

Among the above disappointment, there is some good news as well. Matter has announced that they have been improving the electric bike over the past few months and have managed to improve the cooling system further to improve its thermal efficiency. Apart from that the unique feature of the Aera 5000, the 4-speed gearbox has been reengineered to provide better gear shifts and control with regen.

Commenting on the announcement, Mohal Lalbhai, Founder & Group CEO Matter  said, “Matter remains steadfast in its commitment of delivering future mobility, In the quest of doing so the company remains passionate about solving tech challenges seeking continuous inputs. Matter  remains committed to deliver the Aera to all the intenders who have pre booked with us, while there is a longer wait than estimated, our promise is about the outstanding experience in making through Aera.” 

The Aera 5000 is powered by a 10.5 kW motor and claimed top speed is 105 kmph. It features a 5 kWh battery pack that enables it to deliver a claimed range of 125 km. Charging is via a 5 amp socket charger and charging time is 6 hrs, it can be dropped to just 2 hrs via a fast charger.

The Matter Aera electric bike is offered in two variants, the base 5000 retails for  ₹ 1.74 lakh and the 5000+ variant will set you back by ₹ 1.84 lakh. It’s direct rival is the Tork Kratos, while a cheaper alternative is the Revolt.

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