New Ather Electric Scooter To Rival The TVS iQube S Spotted Testing

Published on 17 Nov, 2023, 8:00 AM IST
Updated on 17 Nov, 2023, 8:00 AM IST

Chinmay Hadkar
Chinmay Hadkar
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Ather iQube Rival

The electric scooter has a family focused approach, departing from its usual sporty approach

Ather working on a completely different electric scooter is no secret but the first sightings of the new e-scooter have just taken place. And it is quite different from the usual 450X. The design cues of the test mule indicate a potential shift towards a more conventional design, suggesting a family-friendly approach for the upcoming model. This welcoming demeanour of the new e-scooter also adds the much-desired convenience that the 450X lacks.

Ather iQube Rival

The test mule has a flat apron and side panels with very few sharp edges. The scooter's LED headlight is smoothly integrated into the front panel in a straight line, matching the taillight's layout on the side. The mirrors have a slightly different design but are big and stand out from the ones on current Ather scooters.

When you take a closer look at the scooter, you'll see a more spacious floorboard compared to the current 450X model. The seat is wider and longer, and there's a simple grab rail. Plus, you'll notice a foldable footrest for passengers on the left side.

Ather iQube Rival

The front of the test mule features a handlebar cowl and bulbous body panels. This design is markedly different from the sharp design typically seen on Ather scooters. We anticipate that this represents a different approach, one that could potentially address the complaints that mass-market buyers had with the sporty Ather products.

To keep the cost in check the upcoming Ather may incorporate the 450S' Deep View display. It will have LED illumination, ride modes, various screen readouts, and smartphone connectivity.

Ather transparent panels

There is a chance that this scooter will use the same motor and battery setup from the 450X. The belt drive system is now covered and we expect that there should be added durability with that. It might be toned down slightly to suit a more commuter friendly approach. More range is welcome but it will be interesting to see how Ather reimagines a family scooter.

Ather transparent panels

What is more key is how it will be priced. With FAME-II seizing to exist come April 1, 2024 and no further government subsidy to arrive, this e-scooter might face a challenge of carrying a competitive price tag, as well other EVs after the aforementioned date.