Porsche Adopts Open-Source Software for Innovation Boost

Team Acko DriveAug 9, 2023

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Nearly two years after initiating this shift, Porsche unveiled the FOSS Movement.

Luxury automaker Porsche has recently incorporated Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) into its software strategy to leverage open-source solutions. The integration of open-source software has allowed Porsche to expedite development cycles, cut costs, stimulate innovation, and enhance software quality.

Nearly two years after initiating this shift, Porsche unveiled the FOSS Movement. This new initiative delves into the core principles and values of free and open-source software. Collaborations from various departments, including vehicle development, corporate IT, legal, and Porsche Digital, have shaped the FOSS Movement.

"Our teams work closely with a global community of technology leaders. And with the Porsche FOSS Movement, they have established a common foundation of values, principles and goals across all subsidiaries and national borders to build for the future," says Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Board Member for Finance and IT at Porsche AG.

As part of the Volkswagen Group, Porsche's open source strategy stand to benefit other subsidiaries across the VW Group. Its active participation in the global open-source community is integral to Porsche's approach. Here are some of the strategies in place by the Porsche Open Source Office.

  1. Optimized Processes and Unified Tools:

    Porsche is streamlining its processes using open-source tools like the OSS Review Toolkit and ScanCode Toolkit. These tools aim to automate the integration of open-source software across all Porsche products.

  2. Investment in Workforce Training:

    Porsche is investing in training and qualification programs to ensure employees can effectively harness the potential of open-source software.

  3. Collaborative Platform Development:

    Porsche Digital has partnered with Porsche to develop a platform that offers transparency into the company's open-source activities.

  4. Participation in Android Open Source Project (AOSP):

    Porsche's involvement in the Android Open Source Project underscores its commitment to openness. It enables Porsche to analyze software code, contribute insights, and enhance the driving experience.

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