Questions Asked About The Bajaj Freedom 125 At CNG Pumps

Published on 10 Jul, 2024, 12:49 PM IST
Updated on 10 Jul, 2024, 12:53 PM IST

Jehan Adil Darukhanawala
Jehan Adil Darukhanawala
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Bajaj Freedom 125: The Public's Questions

And the first ever question was: “Why have you brought a bike to a CNG pump?

A category creator is often faced with a lot of dilemmas from the audience. Case in point, during our couple of days with the Bajaj Freedom 125, the curiosity levels of just seeing a production two-wheeler and not some weird contraption at a CNG pump threw a lot of people off. And with every new visit to the CNG pumps, the bombardment of questions got more and more. 

So, here’s the barrage of questions that we were asked during our test period with the Freedom 125 CNG and some of the answers to those that we can provide for now. For the full know how, you will have to wait until July 14, 10:10 am as that is when the ride review embargo lifts.

Q: Yeh bike CNG pe chalti hai? (This bike runs on CNG?)

A: Yes, the only bike in the world to run on CNG.

Q: Iska tank kidhar hai? (Where’s the CNG tank?)

A: The tank is located beneath the seat, placed in a horizontal manner. 

Q: CNG pe kitna jata hai? (What’s the range on CNG?)

A: According to the ARAI, the Freedom will go 102 km/kg in CNG mode. Coupled with a 2kg tank, you could ride the bike for over 200 km on a single tank full. 

Bajaj Freedom 125

Q: Kitna paisa lagega full tank ke liye? (What’s the cost of a full tank of CNG?)

A: In Pune, the per kg CNG rates are anywhere between ₹83.50 and ₹89. So, for two kilos, the max one would pay in Pune would be ₹178. In Mumbai and Ahmedabad, where rates are significantly lower, a full tank would cost between ₹150 and ₹160.

Q: Yeh phatega toh nahi na? (The CNG tank won’t explode, right?)

A: Bajaj has conducted 11 safety crash tests to ensure the CNG tank is protected in every manner possible. Even a truck was ridden over the bike and nothing happened to the CNG tank, although the bike was completely smashed. Read this article to know how safe it is.

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Q: Agar CNG khatam ho gaya toh? (What happens if I run out of CNG?)

A: For that Bajaj has provided a small 2-litre petrol fuel tank that the rider can use as a limp home measure to the nearest CNG bunk. The fuel efficiency in petrol is 65 kmpl claimed.

Bajaj Freedom 125

Q: Iska tank badli kab karna hoga? (When do I need to change the CNG tank?)

A: Bajaj has told us that you don’t have to change the tank but every two years, you need to get it recertified. This will be done at Bajaj service centres only for now.

Q: Servicing kahan hoga? (Where do I go to service the bike?)

A: At regular Bajaj service centres. The service technicians will be trained to handle the different nuances of a CNG product and hence, it isn’t recommended to do any form of roadside or third-party servicing.

Bajaj Freedom 125

Q: Kitna ka hai yeh? (What’s the price?)

A: The base model of the Freedom 125 starts at ₹95,000 and the on test top trim costs ₹1.10 lakh. Deliveries for the top trim start now while for the rest, it will begin in a month’s time.

Q: Chalane mein kaisa hai? (How’s it to ride?)

A: We can only reveal that on July 14 at 10:10 am.

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