Yamaha India Celebrates 69th Anniversary with Smiles NGO

Published on 10 Jul, 2024, 6:38 AM IST
Updated on 10 Jul, 2024, 6:38 AM IST

Chinmay Hadkar
Chinmay Hadkar
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The celebration involved a charity ride and customer appreciation events across 12 cities in the country

Yamaha India celebrated Yamaha's 69th anniversary with a focus on giving back to the community. It also expressed gratitude to its customers with a fundraiser ride. 

The highlight of the celebrations was a unique collaboration with the Smiles Foundation, an NGO that supports underprivileged children. Yamaha India’s riding community, the Blue Streaks. This community embarked on a heartwarming ride across 12 Indian cities. The Blue Streaks visited Smiles Foundation schools and interacted with the students. It also donated essential school supplies like notebooks, pens, and pencils.

But the celebration wasn't just for the students. Yamaha India dealerships extended the festivities to its customers by inviting them to showrooms for cake-cutting ceremonies. This served as a token of appreciation for their continued trust in the Yamaha brand. Yamaha employees weren't left out either. The company organised a series of engaging activities for its workforce and their families.

Celebrating Yamaha's Global Legacy

Yamaha's 69th anniversary is a milestone not just for India, but for the entire Yamaha family worldwide. Every year on July 1st, Yamaha enthusiasts around the globe come together to celebrate "Yamaha Day," a day dedicated to fostering brand loyalty and appreciation for Yamaha's distinct approach to motorcycling. 

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Yamaha bought two new motorcycles, the MT-03 and R3, to India from their international portfolio. While not entirely new to the Indian market, these were highly anticipated entries in the growing 300-400cc segment. However, disappointment arose due to their premium pricing. This is reflected in the bikes' sluggish sales since launch. This is now being countered by offering a welcome box incentive. More about it here.

Despite this setback, Yamaha maintains a decent sales record in the domestic market. They focus on keeping their lineup fresh by introducing new colour options and connected technology variants. However, for a true innovation push, Yamaha needs a strong lineup of new products, like the liquid-cooled 155cc motorcycles and scooters with VVA technology. These might be a better fit for the current market demand for a balance between performance and economy.

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