How to Get Temporary Vehicle Registration Number? Step-by-Step Process & Download Forms

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A newly purchased car or bike should bear a temporary registration number before it leaves the premises of the showroom or the vehicle dealership. It is a legal obligation that no vehicle should be driven on public roads without a permanent registration number. Since the permanent registration may take some time, temporary vehicle registration is mandatory to move the vehicle from the dealer to the registering authority.

Temporary Vehicle Registration Number

What Is Temporary Vehicle Registration?

A temporary car or bike registration is required when the vehicle is yet to be assigned with a permanent registration number by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). This number is valid for a period of one month and serves the purpose of identifying the vehicle until it is registered with a permanent number. A temporary vehicle registration number is usually assigned by the vehicle dealership or the showroom on behalf of the owner of the vehicle. The owner must complete the permanent registration process of the car or bike before the temporary registration expires.

How To Get Temporary Vehicle Registration Number in India?

When a new vehicle is purchased, the owner of the vehicle must ensure that a temporary registration number is assigned before it leaves the showroom. And the owner should ensure the vehicle is registered permanently within one month of receiving a temporary number. Below is the procedure to get a temporary vehicle registration number in India:

Temporary Vehicle Registration Process:

Below is the temporary vehicle registration process of a motor vehicle by the registering authority in whose area the car or bike owner resides. This needs to be done prior to applying for the permanent registration number plate. Currently the Transport Ministry has not launched the Vahan temporary registration through their Vahan web portal.

  • Step 1: Apply for the temporary number through Form 20, which serves as an application form. (Download Here).

  • Step 2: Fill the Form 20 with the required details and submit it to the RTO in whose zone the vehicle owner resides.

  • Step 3: Provide the required documents for the temporary number.

  • Step 4: Pay the tax and fee as specified.

Documents Required For Temporary Registration:

While applying for the temporary registration for your car or bike, you need to submit the below set of documents:

  • Form 20: Application Form

  • Form 21: Sale Certificate

  • Form 22: Road Worthiness Certificate

  • Insurance Certificate

  • Address Proof: Ration Card, Electricity Bill, etc.

  • PUCC: Pollution Under Control Certificate

  • Pan Card: Copy of the PAN Card or Form 60 and 61 in the absence of PAN Card.

Extension of Temporary Vehicle Registration:

While the temporary number is valid for one month, the owner must ensure the vehicle gets a permanent registration number within the stipulated time. However, you also have the option to apply for the extension of the temporary vehicle registration.

Documents Required for Extension of Temporary Registration

Below is the set of documents required while applying for the extension of the temporary vehicle registration:

  • Form 21: Sales Certificate

  • Form 22: Road Worthiness Certificate

  • PUCC: Pollution Under Control Certificate

  • Insurance Policy Document: A valid insurance certificate of the vehicle.

  • Address Proof: Documents such as Ration Card, Electricity Bill, etc.

  • Design Approval Copy: In the case of Semi-Tandem Axle (STA) Semi-Trailer or Trailer.

  • Form 21: Original Sales Certificate in the case of an ex-army vehicle.

How To Download Temporary Registration Form Online?

To apply for the temporary number for your vehicle, you need form 21 which is the application form. Below is the procedure for Temporary Registration Certificate Online:

  • Step 1: Visit the Parivahan Sewa official website.

  • Step 2: Click on the drop-down menu of ‘Information Services’ and select ‘Vehicle Registration’ under the ‘Downloadable Forms’ option.

  • Step 3: You will be directed to a new page, where you can download the required documents for a temporary registration or click here to download the form.

Charges/Fees for Temporary Registration of Motor Vehicles:

The charges or fees for temporary registration of motor vehicles differ between each state in the country. Below are the details; however, for those states which do not have a fee mentioned in the table below, you will have to contact the local RTO to get the details.

State Temporary Vehicle Registration Fee
Tamil Nadu Two-Wheeler: Rs.40 + Rs.100 Service Charge
Four-Wheeler: Rs.40 + Rs.100 Service Charge
Transport Vehicles: Rs.40 + Rs.100 Service Charge
Andhra Pradesh Two-Wheeler: Rs.150
Four-Wheeler: Rs.300
Transport Vehicles: Rs.500
Madhya Pradesh Two-Wheeler: Rs.50
Four-Wheeler: Rs.50
Transport Vehicles: Rs.50
Kerala Two-Wheeler: Rs.100 + Rs.50 Service Charge
Four-Wheeler: Rs.100 + Rs.50 Service
Transport Vehicles: Rs.100 + Rs.50 Service
Rajasthan Two-Wheeler: Rs.200
Four-Wheeler: Rs.200
Transport: Rs.500
Punjab Two-Wheeler: Rs.50
Four-Wheeler: Rs.50
Transport Vehicles: Rs.50

What is the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988?

To regulate motor vehicles in the country, the Indian Parliament passed the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and it has provisions for vehicle registration, traffic regulations, motor insurance, issuance and renewal of permits and penalties. The MV Act, 1988 came into effect from 1 July 1989. The Act makes it compulsory for any motor vehicle to have a valid registration number and driving licence for drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Temporary Vehicle Registration:

Below are some common questions about the temporary registration number:

Is it legal to drive a vehicle with a temporary registration plate in India?


It is legal to drive a vehicle with a temporary registration number; however, the temporary number is valid only for 1 month. Within this period, the vehicle should be registered with a permanent number.

How long can a vehicle with temporary registration be used?


The vehicle can be used for a period of one month from the time the temporary number is issued.

Can I travel to another state with a temporary registration number plate?


You can drive a vehicle with a temporary number in another state; however, there are some states which do not allow you to drive on their public roads.

How to sell vehicles with temporary registration in India?


All motor vehicles in India should be registered with a permanent number to be driven on public roads. To sell a vehicle with a temporary number, you may have to request the dealer if they can oblige your request.

Can I drive a vehicle with temporary registration at night?


While it is mandatory to register the vehicle with a permanent number, you can drive a vehicle with a temporary number which is valid for one month. And, yes, you can drive the vehicle at night.

How many days does it take to get the original bike registration number after issuing the temporary number?


The temporary number is valid for one month. During this period you can apply for the permanent number of the bike.

Is it mandatory to provide my permanent address during the temporary registration of my car?


Yes. The form 20 which serves as an application for the temporary number requires your permanent address.

How can I track the status of temporary registration number through application number?


Currently, there is no option to check the status online. You may check with the registering authority or the vehicle dealer for the status.

Is temporary registration necessary for all brand new two-wheelers?


Yes. All brand new two-wheelers require a temporary number before the permanent number is allotted by the registering authority.

How much time does it take to get a temporary registration of a car or a bike?


Generally, the time frame to get a temporary number for a car or bike can be within a day. However, this depends on the dealer and the registering authority. You need to check with the dealer to get the correct information.

Can I get a FASTag for my vehicle with temporary vehicle registration?


No. To apply for a FASTag you need the permanent registration number or the RC details of the vehicle.

Is temporary vehicle registration mandatory or can it be exempted?


Temporary vehicle registration is mandatory since the vehicle is required to move from the dealer or the showroom to the registering authority.

How many days will it take to get temporary registration for a bike?


Your bike showroom or dealer can apply for the temporary number before the vehicle leaves the premises. This depends on the dealer who is initiating the registration procedure.

Is it possible to drive a vehicle with a temporary registration number beyond my home district?


You can drive a vehicle with a temporary vehicle registration number beyond your home district provided you carry all related documents such as invoice, roadworthiness certificate, insurance policy document, Pollution Under Control Certificate, etc.

What is the temporary registration charge for a private car in India?


The temporary vehicle registration fees or charges differ between states. More details are mentioned above.

Is a new car invoice required while getting the temporary registration on the same day?


While applying for the temporary number, form 21 (Sale Certificate) should be submitted along with other documents. The Sale Certificate contains the details of the buyer of the car.

What to do if I have lost my temporary vehicle registration documents?


You may have to visit the dealer or the showroom from where you purchased the vehicle to procure a new set of documents.

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