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Type of Road Traffic Signs and Their Relevance

Team Ackodrive6, Jun, 2022

Understanding road traffic signs is a crucial aspect of driving a car or riding a bike. These signs act as guides for drivers as well as the pedestrians. Coordination is a necessary skill when it comes to following traffic rules in India and road traffic signs help you and other drivers coordinate with respect to speed and direction. These signs prompt drivers to take a particular action which is expected to be followed by every driver for a smooth ride. Just as the meaning of three lights on a traffic signal is understood by everyone, it is expected of the drivers to understand the meaning of road signs as well.

Type of Road Traffic Signs

Type of Road Traffic Signs

Unlike a traffic signal, there are more than three traffic signs. For basic understanding, they can be clubbed under the following three types:

  • Mandatory Signs

    No Entry, Stop, Speed Limit, etc. are mandatory signs. Not following them is a punishable offense. For example, you can be fined if you drive your vehicle in a one-way lane from the wrong side and violate traffic rules. These signs ensure that all vehicles follow a similar pattern and there is no chaos on the road.

  • Cautionary Signs

    Right Hand Curve, Slippery Road, Narrow Bridge, etc. are cautionary signs. These signs also warn the driver regarding the immediate action to be taken. They alert the driver early about what’s coming next. Drivers can control their speed, adjust their lane positioning, etc. depending upon the cautionary signed displayed.

  • Informative Signs

    These signs might not have a direct impact on your driving but they surely are helpful. School Ahead, Hospital Nearby, etc. are some of the informative signs that can be seen on roadways. They provide the necessary information and you can choose to act accordingly if the information concerns you.

Rules and Regulations

It is a common notion that traffic rules in India are not that strict and people tweak them as per their convenience. However, not following road traffic signs can not only lead to penalties but also cause accidents.

It is important for every driver to know and understand road traffic signs and follow traffic rules. Thus, identifying these road traffic signs is a part of the test conducted before handing out an Indian driving license. It is suggested to acquaint oneself with various road traffic signs before applying for an Indian driving license.

The test comprises of questions wherein you have to look at the road traffic sign and mention what it means. There are multiple choice options available out of which you need to pick the right answer. This examination is conducted at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and is a part of the learning license procedure. A learning license is the first step towards getting a driving license.

Safe Driving

It is an unmentioned rule that one should always drive safely. Over-speeding, driving under the influence of intoxicating substance, etc. are a strict no, no. The road traffic signs need to be followed religiously by all drivers. Make a point to keep your driving license, vehicle’s insurance policy, Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate and the registration certificate with you while driving.

Ensure to renew your car and bike’s insurance policy in a timely manner. An expired vehicle insurance policy is of no use. It is mandatory to insure your car and/or bike with at least a Third-party Liability insurance policy. However, it is suggested to opt for a Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance policy for wider coverage.

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