Bharat Series (BH) Number Plate: Benefits, Application Process in 2023

Published on 28 Aug, 2023, 9:30 AM IST
Updated on 28 Aug, 2023, 9:30 AM IST

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If you're considering a move to another state or city within India, the prospect of re-registering your vehicle in the new area may seem daunting. But fret not, as the Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways (MoRTH) has implemented a streamlined process to tackle this issue. The Bharat Series number plates, commonly referred to as BH number plates, were officially launched in 2021. Their primary purpose is to simplify vehicle registration for individuals who frequently relocate due to work commitments.

In this comprehensive guide, we will throw light on the benefits and features of BH number plates and the step-by-step application process.

Bharat Series (BH) Number Plate

Streamlining the Vehicle Registration Process

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, passenger vehicles can be driven in a new state for up to 12 months without the obligation to transfer registration. Failing to adhere to this rule may lead to penalties. However, the process of re-registering can be quite time-consuming, especially for those with transferable jobs. To tackle this problem, MoRTH came up with a solution in the form of BH Series number plates. It enables passenger vehicle (private cars) owners to move to any part of the country without the need for re-registration.

Eligibility Criteria for BH Series Number Plates

The BH number plate is primarily designed for certain categories of individuals. Here are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a BH number plate.

  • Employees of State and Central Government

  • Bank employees

  • Personnel from Defence Sector

  • Employees of Administrative services

  • Private firm employees who work in offices across more than four states or union territories.

Features of BH Series Number Plates

The BH registration number plates offer the following characteristics.

  • They are applicable exclusively to passenger (non-transport) vehicles.

  • They eliminate the necessity of vehicle re-registration when relocating to another state.

  • They save the effort, paperwork, and time typically involved in the re-registration procedure.

  • They are valid throughout the entire country.

  • The design of the number plate is similar to a standard number plate, featuring a white background and black fonts. The numerical format, however, differs from the conventional plates.

BH Number Plate Format

The format of the BH series registration number comprises the Registration Year (YY), BH (Bharat series), a registration number consisting of 4 digits, and XX (denotes the vehicle category). For instance, the format appears as "23BH 1111AA.”

Online Application Process for BH Number Plates

Acquiring a BH number plate involves the following steps.

Step 1: Log in to the Vahan portal or seek help from an automobile dealer.

Step 2: If opting for dealer assistance, the dealer will complete Form 20 on the Vahan portal on your behalf.

Step 3: For private sector employees with offices in more than four states or UTs, submission of Form 60 along with employment ID and work certificate is mandatory.

Step 4: The State Authorities will verify the eligibility of the vehicle owner.

Step 5: During the application process, select the series type "BH.”

Step 6: Submit the necessary documents, such as the Working Certificate (Form 60) or a copy of the official ID card.

Step 7: The Regional Transport Office (RTO) will approve the BH series.

Step 8: Make the required fee or motor vehicle tax payment online.

Upon completion of these steps, the Vahan portal will generate BH series registration numbers in random order, which will be valid across all states of India.

Road Tax for BH Series Vehicles

Private vehicles registered under the BH series license plate are subject to road tax charges for a duration of two years or multiples of two (four, six, and eight years). The road tax can be conveniently paid online and remains applicable for a total of 14 years. Following the 14-year period, an annual payment for road tax becomes mandatory. The percentage of tax is calculated based on the invoice price of the vehicle, with lower tax rates for electric vehicles.

BH Series Number Plate Cost

The price breakdown for the BH number plate is as follows.

Invoice Cost

Motor Vehicle Tax (% of the invoice)

Less than Rs. 10 lakhs


Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 20 lakhs


More than Rs. 20 lakhs


Kindly be aware that there will be an additional 2% charge for diesel vehicles and a 2% reduction in tax for electric vehicles. For private vehicles with the BH number plate, the road tax will be applicable for a period of 2 years or in multiples of two (4, 6, and 8).

Advantages of the BH Number Plate

The BH number plate offers the following benefits:

Streamlined Vehicle Registration: The main advantage of the BH number plate is the simple vehicle registration process. It eliminates the hassle of re-registering the vehicle when relocating to a new state/city. It results in significant time and effort savings, as well as reduced paperwork.

Nationwide Validity: The BH number plate holds validity across the entire country. Vehicle owners can drive registered vehicles in any state/union territory without the need for re-registration.

Cost Savings: By eliminating the necessity for re-registration, the BH number plate enables vehicle owners to save costs associated with the process. Re-registration comprises costs such as fees, taxes, and documentation charges, which can accumulate significantly over time. However, if you get a Bharat Series number plate, you can avoid such expenses.

Disadvantages of BH Number Plate

Despite its merits, the BH registration number plate does come with certain limitations:

Limited Eligibility: Currently, the BH number plate is restricted to bank employees,  defence personnel, government employees and private firm employees with offices in multiple states or union territories. As a result, not all vehicle owners can take advantage of the BH series.

Exclusion of Transport Vehicles: The BH number plate is only applicable to passenger vehicles. Transport vehicles, such as buses, taxis, and trucks, are ineligible for the BH series. It narrows down the scope of convenience offered by BH number plates.

In conclusion, the Bharat Series number plates offer a convenient and time-saving solution for individuals who frequently relocate within the country. With its nationwide validity and cost-saving benefits, the BH number plate has become an attractive option for eligible vehicle owners. However, it is essential to consider the limited eligibility and exclusion of transport vehicles when applying for the BH series registration.

Here are a few common questions and their answers related to Bharat Series Number Plate.

Can transport vehicles like buses and trucks use the BH Number Plate?

No, the BH Number Plate is applicable only to private passenger vehicles. Transport vehicles, including buses, taxis, and trucks, are not eligible for the BH series.

How long is the BH Number Plate valid?

The BH Number Plate is initially valid for two years or in multiples of two (4, 6, and 8 years) for private vehicles. After 14 years, an annual road tax payment becomes mandatory.

What are the advantages of the BH Number Plate?

The BH Number Plate offers several advantages, including simplified vehicle registration, nationwide validity, and cost savings due to the elimination of the re-registration process.

Is there any additional charge or discount for diesel or electric vehicles?

Yes, there is a 2% extra charge for diesel vehicles and a 2% less tax for electric vehicles under the BH Number Plate system.

Can I drive my vehicle with a BH Number Plate in any state or union territory?

Yes, the BH Number Plate is valid throughout the country, and you can drive your registered vehicle in any state/union territory without the need for re-registration.

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