How to Sell a Used Car in India? Step-by-Step Process

ByTeam Ackodrive4, Jun, 2021
The used car market in India is booming rapidly with the introduction of new brands and models. You can find all types of vehicles under different segments in the second-hand car market. If you own a car, you may want to sell it to upgrade to a higher segment car or for some urgent need of funds. The best way to do it is to sell your old car in the online used vehicle market, as you can find many buyers in one place and the overall process is also faster than the offline market. This article will provide you with in-depth insights on how to sell a used car in India.
There are several routes that you can choose to sell your used car. The most common option is selling it the traditional way by getting in touch with car dealers or spreading the word among your family and friends. These are mainly the offline methods, which can be a more time-consuming and tedious approach.
How to Sell a Used Car in India?
However, you can also take a digital approach by selling your used car online. Selling an old car online is a better option as you can reach out to maximum buyers and the overall speed of process is much faster than offline method.  Let’s glance through the different ways to sell your second-hand car.

How to Sell a Second-hand Car?

There are two ways to sell used cars: the traditional offline method and the modern online method. The first method involves you getting in touch with car dealers or spreading the word among your contacts. You can take different approaches to sell an old  car. It also depends on the purpose of selling. For instance, if you upgrade to a new car, you may sell your old car to the dealer.
The second option is the digital method or selling your used vehicle online. There are numerous online used cars portals where you can list your car. You can also exchange your old car on online platforms such as AckoDrive. You can even make use of social media channels to sell your used car.

The Modern Way of Selling an Old Car

If you are under the impression that selling a used car online in India is a difficult task, you may be wrong because it is the most effective way to sell your second-hand vehicle. With the emergence of internet-enabled smartphones, selling used cars online has become a new norm. There are several online platforms or portals where you can list your old car. Below are the ways to sell your used vehicle online.
  • List your used car in an online classified portal.
  • Exchange the old vehicle via an online car buying platform such as AckoDrive.
  • Make use of your social media channels to spread the word about your used car.

Step-by-Step Process of Selling a Second-hand Car

Here is the step-by-step guide if you are planning to sell your used car.
  • Prepare the Car for Sale: Once you have decided to sell your car, the next step is to prepare your vehicle for sale. Get the car serviced, clean the interior and repaint if required. The car should be appealing to the buyers. A vehicle in top-notch condition will attract more buyers, and the chances of you getting a good price are higher.
  • Collect Your Paperwork: Gather all the car-related documents such as registration certificate, car insurance documents, PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate, etc. Also, do not forget to include other documents such as the owner’s manual, warranty card for the battery and the car service history record.
  • Set the Asking Price: After you have sorted out the documents, the next step is to set the selling or asking price. It is an important step and may require a bit of research to find out the best price for your car. Look for similar make/model cars in the used car market and get an idea about the selling price. Ensure that the selling price is not too high nor too less.
  • Create Ads that Sell: Creating an ad that is appealing and informative is extremely important. Create an advertisement in any of the online used car portals. Ensure that the ad has all the information such as make/model, year of manufacturing, registration details, insurance details, mileage, reason of selling, expected price, etc. Also, do not forget to publish the photographs of the vehicle. The more the pictures, the better it is.
  • Screen Callers and Interact With Prospective Buyers: Once you have set up the ads, you may get many queries. It is crucial to screen callers and identify genuine buyers. Interact with the potential buyers; simultaneously, don’t be too aggressive to close the deal. Explain all the details about your car and clear all the queries of the buyer.
  • Set up a Test Drive: Once you are done with the discussion, set up a test drive. Park your car in a clutter-free area when the buyer is visiting to inspect the vehicle. Accompany the buyer while test driving the car and answer his/her queries regarding the car's technical details.
  • Close the Deal: Once the buyer is happy with the car, you can close the deal by coming to a mutual agreement on the price. If the buyer needs some time to arrange funds, you can negotiate for a reasonable deposit. Also, mention the timeline within which the full payment has to be made.
  • Documentation and Payment: After finalizing the deal, wait for the payment to be cleared by the buyer. Once the payment is made, hand over all the documents and complete all the formalities. Also, ask the buyer to provide government-issued identity proof. Also, remember that there are some documents that you need to keep. After clearing documentation, hand over car keys to the buyer.
  • After-Sale Guide: Once you deliver the car to the buyer, there are specific tasks that you need to do as a seller. Inform the RTO about the transfer of ownership, submit the required documents, and collect the acknowledgement for the same. Inform the insurance company if the transfer of insurance cover is also part of the deal. If not, you need to cancel the policy. Lastly, ask the buyer to send you the updated Registration Certificate.

Documents Required for Selling a Second-Hand Car

Below are the required documents to sell an old car in India.

Car Documents

  • Car Registration Certificate (Mandatory)
  • Car Insurance Policy Document (Mandatory)
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate (Mandatory)
  • Invoice of the vehicle (Optional)
  • Duplicate keys (Optional)
  • Owner’s manual (Optional)
  • Insurance transfer application (If required)

Individual Documents

You need to submit the self-attested copies of the following documents.
  • PAN Card (Mandatory)
  • Address proof: Aadhar card, Voter ID card, Passport, etc. (Mandatory)
  • Photographs (Mandatory)

RTO-Related Documents/Forms

You can get the RTO forms online or offline. You need to submit the forms to the RTO.
  • Three copies of Form 28: For obtaining No Objection Certificate.
  • Two copies of Form 29: To claim all vehicle-related documents are handed over to the buyer.
  • Two copies of Form 30: To inform the RTO that ownership needs to be transferred.
  • Sale Affidavit: Agreement of transfer of liabilities of the car to the buyer.
  • Clearance Certificate: An application form stating the vehicle is sold to the buyer and the buyer's details.

Additional Documents (Special Cases)

  • If the Car is Financed: If your car is financed, you need to get the NOC from the bank. You would also need Form 35 to transfer the ownership to the buyer. By submitting these documents, Hypothecation (HP) will be removed from your Registration Certificate.
  • Car owned by an NRI: If you are an NRI (Non-Resident Indian) and want to sell your used car, you need a duly filled and signed letter from FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Officer). To get your FRRO letter, you can register at the FRRO portal.

How to Sell a Used Car With Loan?

If you had purchased the car on loan, you might be wondering how to sell a financed car? First of all, you need to get a clearance certificate (NOC) from the bank to sell your vehicle. Along with NOC, you will also need two copies of Form 35.
When you purchase the car on loan, the term HP (Hypothecation) will be mentioned in your RC. It means that the financing company/bank owns the vehicle. Once you clear the loan and get the NOC, you can remove HP from the RC. To sell a financed car, you need the NOC and Form 35.

Selling Used Imported Cars in India

The process of selling a used imported car in India is similar to selling any other used Indian vehicle. But there is a catch. You cannot sell an imported car in India for at least two years since you purchased the vehicle. That means you have to wait for two years to sell the car. Apart from that, other processes involved in selling the car, including RTO procedures, remain the same.
When selling an imported car, you can highlight the facts, such as the unique features of the vehicle and manufacturing country. Also, keep all the documents safely, such as the original invoice, custom clearance certificate, etc.

Pros and Cons of Various Ways of Selling a Used Car

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of various ways of selling a used car.
Pros and Cons of Various Ways of Selling a Used Car

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about selling an old car in India.
Which is the best option to sell my old car?
If you are planning to buy a new car, it is better to exchange the used car as there is no hassle finding a buyer. You can also evaluate the exchange value online when buying a car from an online platform such as AckoDrive. If you are selling the vehicle for urgent funds, it is better to list your car on online used car portals for maximum reach.
How can I get the best price for my used car?
Keep your used car in top-notch condition to get the best price. Also, ensure that you have all the required documents when selling the vehicle. Highlight the unique features of the car when negotiating with the buyer. Having no history of accidents will also help you in getting the best price for your vehicle.
Can I sell my used car, which still has a loan?
Selling a car that still has a loan can be a tricky task. There are several ways to get the deal done. The easiest way to do it is to clear off the remaining loan amount. If not, you can negotiate the asking price with the buyer and see if you can pay off the loan with the amount you receive for the car. Lastly, you can ask the buyer to pay directly to the bank. It is possible only if the buyer is okay to do so.