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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Tata Nexon a sporty car?

The Tata Nexon is not sporty as it belongs to the compact SUV segment. It offers the adequate performance needed for your city drives and long road trips. The driving modes also help extract the car's best performance.

What is the on-road price of the base variant of the Tata Nexon?

The on-road price of the Tata Nexon base variant in Delhi is Rs. 9.07 lakhs*.

What is the on-road price of the top-end variant of the Tata Nexon?

The on-road price of the top-spec variant of the Tata Nexon in Delhi is 17.15 lakhs*.

Is the Tata Nexon a good family car?

Tata Nexon is a good family car that offers plenty of space inside the cabin. The comfortable seats also make it a perfect car for a family of five people. The spacious boot also makes it a practical family car.

Is the Tata Nexon worth buying?

The Tata Nexon is a car that is worth your money. It excels in all departments, including safety, features, comfort and performance.

What is the main disadvantage of the Tata Nexon?

One of the significant disadvantages of the Nexon is the need for engine refinement.

Is the Tata Nexon a powerful car?

The Nexon comes with turbocharged engines, producing adequate power for all your driving needs. However, do not expect outright performance as it is a compact SUV designed for mature driving.

What are the available colour options for Tata Nexon?

Here are the available colour options for Tata Nexon. Calgary White Flame Red Creative Ocean Pristine White Pure Grey Daytona Grey Fearless Purple

What is the expected mileage of the Tata Nexon?

As per the ARAI mileage figures, the petrol manual model delivers a fuel economy of 17.44 km/l, whereas the AMT version delivers 17.18 km/l. The petrol-DCT model returns a fuel economy of 17.01 km/l. The diesel manual avatar of the Nexon provides a mileage of 23.23 km/l, and the AMT version delivers an impressive 24.08 km/l.

Which variants of Tata Nexon have a sunroof?

The Tata Nexon sunroof models include Smart Plus, Pure S, Creative Plus and Fearless S.

What are the different Nexon variants?

Tata Motors offers the 2024 Nexon in four primary trim levels: Smart, Pure, Creative, and Fearless. These main variants are further divided into sub-variants, denoted by suffixes like (O), Plus, and S. Select variants are also available in the #Dark edition, a popular cosmetic package that Tata extends to other models in its lineup, including the Harrier and Safari SUVs.

Which variant of Nexon has a sunroof?

Tata Nexon offers a single-pane electrically adjustable sunroof, starting with the Smart+ S variant.

Which variant of Nexon is top selling?

The most popular petrol variant of the Tata Nexon is the Fearless Plus S DT, priced at Rs. 13.60 Lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi), while the best-selling diesel option is the Fearless Plus S DT Diesel, priced at Rs. 15 Lakhs. Please note that these prices are likely indicative and may be subject to change.

Which variant of Nexon has 6 airbags?

All variants of the Tata Nexon include 6 airbags as a standard safety feature.

What is the Smart Opt variant in Nexon?

The Tata Nexon Smart Opt variant is the car's base model, starting at Rs. 8 Lakhs ex-showroom in Delhi.

Is Tata Nexon 7 seater?

No, the Tata Nexon facelift is a premium sub-4m SUV with a passenger capacity of 5.

Is the Tata Nexon a comfortable car?

The Nexon boasts a roomy and well-appointed cabin, offering ample legroom for occupants. Its smooth ride quality complements the impressive engine performance, resulting in an enjoyable driving experience.

What is the Tata Nexon top model?

Nexon Fearless Plus S Dark Diesel AMT is the top model that costs Rs.15.80 lakhs ex-showroom in Delhi.

Is Nexon XZ stopped?

Yes, Tata Motors has discontinued manufacturing the XZ and XZA versions of the Nexon SUV.

Does Nexon have an inbuilt GPS?

Yes, the GPS navigation system is available in all the Tata Nexon variants. Note: The GPS technology aids your location and facilitates your navigation from point A to point B.

What is special about Tata Nexon?

The standout features of the Nexon include sequential LED DRLs, connected tail lights, ventilated front seats, a large infotainment system, 6 airbags, etc.

Is Tata Nexon 5 or 7 seater?

The Tata Nexon is a 5-seater SUV.

Is Nexon better than Brezza?

The Tata Nexon is better than Brezza in terms of engine and gearbox options, features and safety features.

Which car is better than Nexon?

The Kia Sonet and the Hyundai Venue are similarly equipped SUVs as the Nexon. All three SUVs get a similar set of features and engine specifications.

Which car is the competition of Nexon?

Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet, Maruti Brezza and Mahindra XUV300 are some of the key rivals of the Tata Nexon.

Is Nexcn low maintenance?

The Tata Nexon delivers good fuel efficiency, making it an easy-to-maintain SUV. The service costs are also reasonable, making the Nexon a low-maintenance SUV.

What is the length of Tata Nexon in feet?

The Nexon’s length in feet stands at 13.10 feet.

What is the garage size for Tata Nexon?

Going by the dimensions of the Tata Nexon, you need a garage with an approximate length of 15 feet, a height of 6 feet and a width of 6 feet.

What is the ground clearance of Tata Nexon?

The ground clearance of the Nexon stands at 208 mm.

Is Tata Nexon a 5-stear or 7-seater?

Tata Nexon is a 5-seater compact SUV.

Is Tata Nexon a big car?

The Nexon is a compact SUV. It is not a big car as it comes with compact dimensions.

Is Nexon bigger than Brezza?

The Nexon and Brezza are identical in terms of length. However, the Nexon is wider than Brezza, and the Maruti’s compact SUV is taller than its Tata rival. The Nexon also offers more ground clearance than the Maruti Brezza.

How can I maintain my Tata Nexon mileage?

When driving your Tata Nexon, hold off on using the brakes unless needed while driving. A high acceleration rate will reduce the mileage. When driving, keep your windows closed. Fuel economy is decreased by open windows because they create more drag.

What is the Tata Nexon's actual mileage?

Mileage for Tata Nexon 2020–2023 are: The mileage of the manual petrol version is 17.40 km/l. The mileage of the Automatic Petrol version is 17.40 km/l. The mileage of the Automatic Diesel version is 22.40 km/l. The mileage of the Manual Diesel version is 22.40 km/l.

Which Tata Nexon mode offers the best mileage?

The Eco mode offers the best mileage because it prioritises fuel efficiency. In order to run as fuel-efficiently as possible, the Nexon optimises the engine and gearbox parameters in this mode.

Why is the mileage on my Tata Nexon going down?

Your car’s mileage can be impacted by several factors, including aggressive driving, poor-quality fuel, clogged air filters, and underinflated tyres. Make sure you get this checked to identify the exact cause and get it repaired.

Which speed gets the best mileage out of a Nexon?

You are advised to use the accelerator gently. For optimal range, maintain a consistent speed between 60 and 80 km/h.

Does the Tata Nexon mileage increase after one servicing session?

Many customers have reported that following the service, the fuel efficiency has improved, reaching 13 km/l in the city and roughly 16 km/l on the highway.

Which colour of Tata Nexon is best?

Fearless Purple with Black Roof, Ocean Blue, Flame Red and Calgary White are some of the best colour options for Tata Nexon.

Is the Tata Nexon available in white colour?

Yes, the Tata Nexon is available in two white colour options: Pristine White and Calgary White.

Is the Ocean Blue colour available in all trims of Tata Nexon?

The Ocean Blue colour is available only with the Creative trim of the Tata Nexon.

Is the Tata Nexon available in dual-tone colour options?

Yes, the Tata Nexon is available in dual-tone colour options.

Is the Tata Nexon available in matte colour options?

No, the Tata Nexon is not available in a matte colour option.
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Tata Nexon
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