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Skoda Kodiaq Dimensions

The Skoda Kodiaq is a SUV. On this page, we bring you the dimensions of the Skoda Kodiaq, including its length, width, height, ground clearance, wheelbase, boot space and fuel tank capacity. View Skoda Kodiaq dimensions in mm (millimetres), cm (centimetres), feet and inches.

Dimensions of Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq measures 4699 mm in length, 1882 mm in width and 1685 mm in height. The Skoda Kodiaq has a ground clearance of 192 mm. The wheelbase of the Kodiaq measures 2791mm.
Dimension mm cm Inches Feets
Length 4699 469.9 185 15.42
Width 1882 188.2 74.09 6.17
Height 1685 168.5 66.34 5.53
Wheelbase 2791 279.1 109.88 9.16
Total 4 doors
Seating up to 7 people

Skoda Kodiaq Boot Space

Boot space refers to the dedicated luggage storage space located at the rear of the vehicle, behind the rear passenger seats. Skoda Kodiaq’s boot space stands at 270 litres.
Total Boot space is 270 Ltr
You can fit upto 2.7 cabin baggages.

Skoda Kodiaq Internal Dimensions

The Skoda Kodiaq's internal dimensions refer to its boot space and fuel tank capacity. In this section, we will examine them in detail. 

Boot Space

The Kodiaq offers a massive 270-litre boot space even in the 7-seater configuration, expanding up to a voluminous 2005 litres by folding the rear seats. That is some exceptional luggage room!

Fuel Tank Capacity

It packs a large 58-litre fuel tank, delivering a sufficient theoretical average range of over 850 km on a full tank. However, the real-world result may vary based on the car's speed, road conditions, air conditioning system, etc. 

Skoda Kodiaq External Dimensions

The Skoda Kodiaq's external dimensions refer to dimensions such as length, width, height, wheelbase, ground clearance, etc. In this section, let’s examine the Kodiaq's exterior dimensions in depth.


At 4,699 mm in length, the Kodiaq strikes an optimal balance between the cabin space expected from a full-size 7-seater SUV and manoeuvrability requirements on Indian roads. The length allows it to tackle urban traffic without feeling too big or unwieldy.


With a width of 1,882 mm, the Kodiaq offers one of the roomiest cabins in its class. The ample shoulder room and space allow three adults to comfortably sit alongside the second-row bench seat, adding to the overall sense of space in the interior.


The Kodiaq stands tall, with an impressive height of 1,685 mm. This lends the SUV its trademark, imposing road presence and commanding elevated seating position, which many buyers prefer. As an advantage, the generous height translates into abundant headroom for second—and third-row passengers.


It has a sufficiently long 2,791 mm wheelbase, further expanding the already spacious best-in-segment cabin. Rear seat occupants enjoy an abundance of legroom and can comfortably stretch out on long drives. 

Ground Clearance

With 192 mm of ground clearance, the Kodiaq SUV can glide over broken roads, small potholes, or speed breakers without scraping its underbody. This capability extends its versatility beyond urban commuting comforts.

Skoda Kodiaq Dimensions vs Rivals

This section compares Kodiaq’s dimensions with those of some of its rivals.

Skoda Kodiaq vs MG Gloster


Skoda Kodiaq

MG Gloster

Length (mm) 4699 4985
Width (mm) 1882 1926
Height (mm) 1685 1867
Wheelbase (mm) 2791 2950
Ground Clearance (mm) 192 210
Boot Space (L) 270 (expandable) 343 (expandable)
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 58 75

Skoda Kodiaq vs Toyota Fortuner


Skoda Kodiaq

Toyota Fortuner

Length (mm) 4699 4795
Width (mm) 1882 1855
Height (mm) 1685 1835
Wheelbase (mm) 2791 2745
Ground Clearance (mm) 192 225
Boot Space (L) 270 (expandable) 296 (expandable)
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 58 80


HeroCardBGSkoda Kodiaq CarImage
Skoda Kodiaq
7 Seater
On-road price in undefined
₹45.21 L - ₹45.21 L
Get min ₹54,500 off

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the body dimensions of a Skoda Kodiaq?

The Skoda Kodiaq measures 4699 mm in length, 1882 mm in width, and 1685 mm in height. Its 2791 mm wheelbase contributes to its spacious interior. The Kodiaq's dimensions place it in the mid-size SUV category, offering ample room for passengers and cargo.

How many litres is the boot space on a Skoda Kodiaq?

The Skoda Kodiaq offers a boot space of 270 litres with all three rows of seats in use. However, the boot space expands significantly when the third row is folded, offering around 630 litres. If the second row is folded down, it provides even more space, making it versatile for different cargo needs.

Is Skoda Kodiaq spacious?

Yes, the Skoda Kodiaq is considered spacious. It provides ample headroom, legroom, and shoulder room across all rows. The third row, typically best suited for children or shorter adults, still provides reasonable comfort for short trips. Its adjustable second-row seats and foldable third-row enhance the space utility.

Is Kodiaq comfortable?

The Kodiaq is designed with comfort in mind. It features high-quality materials, supportive seats, and a well-insulated cabin to reduce road noise. The ride quality is smooth due to its suspension setup, and the adjustable seats and multi-zone climate control further enhance passenger comfort.

Is Kodiaq 7 seater bigger than 5 seater?

The Skoda Kodiaq is available as a 7-seater, but this configuration doesn't change its external dimensions compared to the 5-seater version. Instead, the additional seats are accommodated by utilising the available interior space, which can slightly affect the boot capacity when all seven seats are in use.

Is Skoda Kodiaq a true 4x4?

The Skoda Kodiaq offers an all-wheel-drive (AWD) system on specific variants, which can be considered a version of 4x4. However, it is more of a soft-roader than a hardcore off-roader, intended primarily for handling difficult road conditions rather than extreme off-roading.