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Skoda Kodiaq Mileage

Skoda Kodiaq mileage varies, depending on the variant. The petrol-automatic model has a mileage of 12.78 km/l. Note that the mileage figures are as per ARAI.

Petrol Mileage

12.78 km/l

Skoda Kodiaq Variants Mileage

Following are the variant-wise mileage details of the Skoda Kodiaq.
Fuel cost was calculated assuming that the car traveled 20km/day
45.21 L
12.78 km/l
Fuel cost ₹4,447 / month

Tips for improving Mileage

Maintain your Skoda Kodiaq in top-notch condition by regularly servicing the vehicle.
Be gentle with the accelerator pedal, and avoid sudden acceleration.
Maintain the optimum tyre pressure in your Skoda Kodiaq.
Plan your commutes efficiently to avoid driving additional distances.
Use good quality fuel in your Skoda Kodiaq as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
HeroCardBGSkoda Kodiaq CarImage
Skoda Kodiaq
7 Seater
On-road price in undefined
₹45.21 L - ₹45.21 L
Get min ₹54,500 off

Factors Affecting Skoda Kodiaq Mileage

  • Poor-quality fuel: The fuel you use affects your automobile's performance. If you wish to improve performance and mileage, always use good quality fuel from a reputed fuel station. It is also better to have a steady fuel station unless needed. 
  • Condition of the Vehicle: Neglected maintenance results in lower mileage for the Skoda Kodiaq. On the other hand, regular engine maintenance and oil changes improve performance and economy.
  • Overloading: Having more load than the recommended boot space and seating capacity can put a lot of pressure on the engine and lead to reduced mileage. Use the extensive 270 litres of boot space of the Kodiaq wisely and maintain the five-seater capacity. 
  • Your Driving Style: Sudden acceleration and forceful braking are preferred by aggressive drivers. Even at faster speeds, you still need to drive cautiously on highways. Speeding might reduce its mileage. On the other hand, you may get more mileage by using highway cruise control or keeping a constant speed. You might accelerate gently and pay attention to stops to get better mileage.
  • Upsizing  Tyres: Larger tyres may have lower fuel economy since they weigh more. Stock tyres, on the other hand, have a higher mileage. The larger ones have a higher rolling resistance, so they need more effort and are more challenging to roll. Your engine may suffer if your tyres get smaller since they will get less mileage. 
  • Road Situation: The state of the roads may affect fuel economy. Well-maintained, smooth terrain provides less resistance, and vehicle owners may maintain a steady speed on smooth streets. On the other hand, poorly maintained roads may cause the engine to work harder and encounter more resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exact mileage offered by Kodiaq?

The Skoda Kodiaq has a 12.78 km/l mileage. It is the stated ARAI mileage for every Kodiaq version.

Which company owns Kodiaq?

Czech automaker Škoda Auto has been producing the crossover SUV Škodiaq, which has a three-row seating configuration, since 2017.

Will my Skoda Kodiaq’s mileage last for a lifetime?

Fuel economy may be impacted by normal wear and tear and engine performance. Furthermore, with time, parts like filters and sensors could need to be replaced. Another factor that lessens the burden of replacements and repairs is automobile maintenance.

What factors affect the mileage of my Skoda Kodiaq car?

A few of the notable aspects that may impact significantly on the car’s mileage include the following: Rash driving, Frequent braking, Damaged tyres,

Can tyre pressure impact my Skoda Kodiaq car’s mileage?

Yes, tyre pressure can impact the mileage. You can also consult experts who can guide you in tyre conditions.

What is unique about Skoda Kodiaq?

The new Kodiaq is a lot more spacious. It looks beautiful. The best thing about the car is the boot space. The Kodiaq comes standard with a DSG automatic transmission.