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Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Aligarh (UP-81): Helpline Number, Address

Team Ackodrive23, May, 2022

Whether you own a bike or a four-wheeler, three important documents must be in your possession. They are a Driving License (DL), Registration Certificate (RC) and a vehicle insurance policy. Out of these three, two documents are associated with a Regional Transport Office (RTO). Each area has an RTO that is why it has the term ‘regional’ in it. Thus, if you have vehicle-related back-end tasks in Aligarh, you must contact the Aligarh RTO.

This article is all about understanding the role of Aligarh RTO and sharing its contact information along with the fee structure. It also focuses on prominent functions performed by Aligarh RTO. Read ahead to know more.

RTO Offices In Aligarh

Aligarh RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

RTOs need to maintain a database of all the vehicles in their area. This process is initiated at the time of registering the vehicles. It is mandatory for all vehicles to be registered at the appropriate RTO. The vehicles are allotted the registration number after the successful registration process. This number consists of the state code and the RTO code along with other identifiers.

Aligarh is a part of Uttar Pradesh, therefore the state code of vehicles registered in Aligarh is UP. Aligarh RTO’s code is 81. Thus, two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, light-weight vehicles, etc. registered at Aligarh RTO will feature UP-81 in their registration number. Such type of categorising helps in managing a lot of back-end operational tasks.

The following tables will present you with information regarding ways to contact Aligarh RTO. This can be done via RTO Aligarh’s helpline number or by visiting the office address.

RTO NameRTO Aligarh (Sarsol)
RTO CodeUP-81
RTO Address5/129, GT Rd, Ram Nagar Colony, Sarsol, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh 202002
Phone no.0571-2400252, 0571-2407374

If you cannot connect with the Aligarh RTO, you can try contacting the Uttar Pradesh RTO. Here are the contact details.

Office NameTransport Department of Uttar Pradesh
RTO AddressOffice of the Transport Commissioner, Tehri Kothi, M.G. Road, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow-226001.
Phone no.1800 1800 151

RTO Fees in Aligarh:

RTO fees in Aligarh vary as per the nature of the tasks. You need to pay the fees based on the kind of task to be performed. All documents need to be submitted and proper process needs to be followed. The following tables will let you know different RTO charges. Note that the charges are sourced from the Transport Department of Government of Uttar Pradesh’s website and may change.

1) Driving License Fees in Aligarh:

Driving License is a category; it has several types under it. For example, a license when you are learning to drive and a license for driving in international locations. The permanent DL also needs to be renewed from time-to-time. The DL also features the owner’s address. Thus, any change in the address must also reflect in the DL. The RTO charges fees for performing such tasks.

Table showing Driving License fees in Aligarh:

TaskFees in INR
Learner's license150
Learner's license test fee or repeat the test fee.50
For the test, or repeat test of competence to drive.300
Issue of a driving license.200
Issue of International Driving Permit.1000
Addition of another class of vehicle.500
Endorsement or renewal of authorization for vehicles carrying hazardous goods.100
Renewal of a driving licence.200
Renewal of driving licence (after the grace period).300
Issue or renewal of a licence to a driving school.10000
Issue of a duplicate licence to a driving school.5000
Change in address or other such tasks.200

2) Registration Charges:

Just as a DL needs to be renewed, a Registration Certificate (RC) also needs to be renewed. This registration and reregistration process is done at Aligarh RTO after the payment of the fixed amount of fees.

Table showing Vehicle Registration Charges in Aligarh.

Class of VehicleAligarh RTO Registration Fees in INR
Invalid carriage50
Imported motorcycle2500
Medium goods and passenger vehicle1000
Heavy goods vehicle/passenger1500
Imported motor vehicle5000
Any other vehicle not mentioned above3000

3) Fitness Certificate Charges:

Aligarh RTO issues a Fitness Certificate to vehicles after thorough inspection and receipt of fees.

Table showing vehicle’s Fitness Certificate charges in Aligarh.

Fitness Certificate For Fees in INR
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle or quadricycleManual400
Medium or Heavy motor vehicleManual600
Grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness for motor vehicle 200

4) Permit Charges:

You need different permits to drive commercial vehicles in India. RTO Aligarh charges the following fees to issue those permits.

Table showing Permit charges in Aligarh.

Permit forCharges in INR
Stage Carriage7500
Goods Carriage7500
Contract Carriage (except motor/maxi cab)9000
Private service vehicle4500

Aligarh RTO Performance Standard:

For standard tasks, the timeline for task completion should be a week. However, it is difficult to ascertain the time taken for complex tasks. The time can be further extended if there are state or national holidays during the week. Tasks that require coordination between several teams usually take a long time. You can ask the officer in charge of executing the task to help you out with the approximate timeline.

Functions of Aligarh RTO:

All Regional Transport Offices in India function as per the rules and regulations stated in The Motor Vehicles Act. Since Aligarh RTO is city-specific, it comes under the purview of the state RTO, that is the Uttar Pradesh State Vehicles Department.

The Transport Department of Uttar Pradesh also offers a host of online services via its website. Nowadays, several RTO tasks are being digitised. For example, the conversion of old, booklet-style DLs into a new Smart Card license.

The overarching objective of the RTO is to help citizens concerning different driver-related and vehicle-related tasks. For example, tasks related to renewing DLs, issuing No Objection Certificates, etc. This section will help you understand some known and some unknown functions of Aligarh RTO.

1) Driving License

Tasks related to the DL are among the top responsibilities of the RTO. DLs come in different types. There are DLs for learner’s, DLs for those who want an international permit, and DLs of a permanent nature. A license is issued not for a specific vehicle but for a class of vehicle or vehicles. Thus, the addition or deletion of such classes of vehicles is also a task performed by the RTO.

The permanent DL is not issued based on form-filling alone. You need to pass a practical and objective-type test to own it. In the practical test, you must drive the car or ride a two-wheeler as per the instructions of the supervising officer. In the objective-type test, you must choose the correct answer from multiple-choice questions. All these activities are performed by the RTO.

Before the introduction of the Aadhaar Card, people used to use the DL as an identity-related document as well. It is still used for that purpose. Therefore, tasks related to change in address in the DL and other such tasks are also done by Aligarh RTO.

2) Vehicle Registration

All vehicles feature a number plate. This plate has a unique series of numbers through which it can be identified. As mentioned above, the number plate features the state code and the RTO code. This number is allotted to the vehicle after a successful registration. The owner is given the Registration Certificate (RC).

You need to renew the RC before the expiry. If there is a sale of a vehicle or change in the ownership due to the death of the original owner, the new vehicle owner’s name should be mentioned in the RC, as it is the proof of ownership.

3) Fancy Numbers

You might have noticed that some vehicles feature fancy numbers. They are a series of numbers such as 007, 888, etc. To avail such numbers, you need to follow a separate process. You can discuss the same by visiting Aligarh RTO.

4) Commercial Vehicles

If you want to drive a vehicle to earn money, you will need a Commercial Driving License and appropriate permit. Tourist vehicles, passenger-carrying vehicles such as cabs, and goods-carrying vehicles need a commercial license and permits.

A Commercial DL can be availed by visiting the RTO. All the necessary permits can also be taken by visiting Aligarh RTO and complying with the due process. Note that you should not drive a private vehicle for commercial purposes, it can lead to a penalty.

5) No Objection Certificate

Here’s an example. If you are in a situation where you want to permanently move to Mumbai from Aligarh, you might want to move your car with you. In this case, you will have to register your car in Mumbai RTO. However, before doing so, you will need a No Objection Certificate from the Aligarh RTO.  

6) Miscellaneous Tasks

Several other tasks such as those related to issuing Fitness Certificates to vehicles, collecting Road Tax, and enforcing traffic-related rules are also performed by Aligarh RTO.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s a section on commonly asked questions related to Aligarh RTO and its functions.

Will Aligarh RTO assist me in getting a DL to drive my car in Canada?


Yes, you can visit Aligarh RTO and apply for an International Driving Permit.

Is it suggested to convert the old DL into the new Smart Card DL?


It is better to convert the old DL in the new format. The Smart Card DL is a lot more durable and convenient to carry.

I am not too confident of passing my permanent DL test. What happens if I fail it?


If you fail your driving test, you have the option of applying for it again. You can practice your skills and then reappear for the test.

Where can I get a duplicate DL?


You can visit your nearest RTO and request for a duplicate DL.

Is there a criterion to apply for a transport vehicle’s license?


Yes, you need to be above twenty years of age and should have held a DL to drive a Light Motor Vehicle for a year before applying for a transport vehicle’s license.

What are the type of questions asked in a test for a Learner’s License?


A Learner’s License (LL) test usually poses questions related to road signs, traffic signals, and traffic rules.

Is a medical certificate needed to obtain a license to drive a transport vehicle?


Yes, a medical certificate is needed for a license concerning transport vehicles.

A Learner’s License is valid for how long?


The validity of a LL is 6 months.

Who can apply for a vehicle permit?


The official owner of the vehicle can apply for a permit.

Is a Fitness Certificate necessary for transport vehicles?


Yes, vehicles involved in the transport industry must pass the fitness test and have a Fitness Certificate.

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