Best CNG cars in India

Team AckodriveAug 2, 2023

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Factors such as affordable pricing, rising fuel costs and low running costs have led to increased demand for CNG fuel vehicles. To cater to the market demand, several car manufacturers have come up with CNG vehicles. If you are also planning to buy a CNG car, this article brings you the list of the best CNG cars in India.

Best CNG Cars in India

List of top/best CNG cars in India

Here are the best CNG cars available in India.

Model Seating capacity Price (Ex-showroom Delhi) Mileage
Maruti Alto 4-seater Rs. 4.76 - 4.82 lakhs 31.59 km/kg
Maruti S-Presso 5-seater Rs. 5.11 - 5.43 lakhs 31.2 km/kg
Maruti Eeco 5-seater Rs. 5.60 lakhs 20.88 km/kg
Maruti Wagon R 5-seater Rs. 5.83 - 5.89 lakhs 32.52 km/kg
Maruti Celerio 5-seater Rs. 5.95 - 6 lakhs 30.47 km/kg
Hyundai Santro 5-seater Rs. 6 - 6.21 lakhs 30.48 km/kg
Hyundai Grand i10 Nios 5-seater Rs. 6.99 - 7.53 lakhs 18.9 km/kg
Hyundai Aura 5-seater Rs. 7.67 lakhs 28 km/kg
Maruti Ertiga 7-seater Rs. 9.66 lakhs 26.08 km/kg

Note: Mileage as per ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India)

List of best mileage CNG cars In India (2023 updated list)

CNG cars are dual-fuel vehicles, which means they can run on both petrol and CNG fuel. Hence they are also called petrol + CNG cars. One of the most significant advantages of a CNG vehicle is its mileage or fuel economy. The combination of low fuel cost and high fuel efficiency makes CNG vehicles perfect for daily commute.

Below is the updated (2023) list of CNG cars in India with the best fuel efficiency.

1. Maruti Wagon R

Fuel efficiency: 32.52 km/kg

Maruti Wagon R is a popular hatchback in India as it offers a perfect balance of looks, performance and comfort. The CNG variant of the Wagon R is available with a 1-litre engine coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox. This setup delivers an impressive fuel economy of 32.52 km/kg. A spacious cabin, tallboy design, and premium features make Wagon R an excellent choice.

2. Maruti Alto

Fuel efficiency: 31.59 km/kg

Maruti Alto is an entry-level hatchback, and it has been in the market for quite some time. The compact dimensions and low maintenance make it a perfect choice if you are looking for a no-frills small hatchback. The CNG variant comes with an 800cc engine with a 5-speed manual transmission, and it delivers an ARAI-certified fuel economy of 31.59 km/kg.

3. Maruti S-Presso

Fuel efficiency: 31.2 km/kg

Maruti S-Presso is a hatchback with an SUV-ish design. Hence, it is also called a micro SUV. The CNG vehicle gets a 1-litre engine coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox, and this combo delivers a fuel efficiency of 31.2 km/kg. Apart from that, the S-Presso gets all the essential safety equipment and comfort features.

4. Hyundai Santro

Fuel efficiency: 30.48 km/kg

The new Hyundai Santro is also offered in the CNG variant. Powering the CNG model is a 1.1-litre engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. In this configuration, the Santro can travel a distance of 30.48 km on a kilogram of CNG fuel. The Santro is one of the best compact hatchbacks in India, with the excellent build quality and premium features.

5. Maruti Celerio 

Fuel efficiency: 30.47 km/kg

The Celerio is another elegant compact hatchback that is available in the CNG avatar. The Celerio CNG draws power from Maruti Suzuki’s tried and tested 1-litre engine. When mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox, the engine delivers a mileage of 30.47 km/kg. The affordable price tag, low maintenance cost and widespread sales/service network makes Celerio a no-frills car.

6. Hyundai Aura 

Fuel efficiency: 28 km/kg

The Aura is a compact sedan from the stable of Hyundai, and it is based on the Grand i10 Nios hatchback. The Aura CNG is available with a 1.2-litre engine paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The ARAI-certified rating for Aura stands at 28 km/kg. The CNG trim gets all the necessary safety and comfort features. Most importantly, it’s a well-rounded package that comes with an affordable price tag if you are looking for a CNG compact sedan.

7. Maruti Ertiga

Fuel efficiency: 26.08 km/kg

Maruti Ertiga is an MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle), and the latest iteration sports a new design language. Powering the MPV is a 1.5-litre engine, and the power is transmitted to the front wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission. Despite being a relatively large vehicle, the CNG model delivers 26.08 km/kg fuel economy. If you are looking for a people mover CNG car, Ertiga is a worthy contender.

8. Maruti Eeco

Fuel efficiency: 20.88 km/kg

Maruti Eeco is an affordable van with a spacious interior. It sports a minimalistic design that is reminiscent of the Omni. The Eeco draws power from a 1.2-litre engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. In the CNG avatar, the Eeco returns a fuel efficiency of 20.88 km/kg. The van also gets all the essential safety and comfort features, which is impressive considering the price it demands.

9. Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

Fuel efficiency: 18.9 km/kg

The new-gen Hyundai Grand i10 Nios features a revamped design and premium interior. It comes with premium design elements such as LED DRLs and alloy wheels. The CNG variant of the hatchback draws power from a 1.2-litre engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The CNG variant returns a mileage of 18.9 km/kg. It is one of the best options if you're on the hunt for a premium-looking hatchback under Rs. 8 lakhs.

Note: Fuel economy figures are as per ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) rating.

List of Automatic CNG Cars In India

Currently, there are no CNG cars available with automatic transmission. All the CNG vehicles are equipped with manual gearboxes. If you are looking for an automatic car, you can opt for either a petrol or diesel variant. Car manufacturers have refrained from offering automatic CNG fuel vehicles as it may bump up the price significantly.

List of upcoming CNG cars in India (2023 updated list)

Here’s the updated (2023 list of upcoming CNG cars in India.

1. Maruti Dzire

Currently, the Maruti Dzire is available only in petrol guise post BS6 emission norms. Maruti Suzuki already offers several CNG cars in India, and the Dzire is expected to soon join that list. The CNG avatar of the compact sedan is expected to get the same 1.2-litre engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

2. Maruti Swift

Maruti Swift is one of the most popular hatchbacks in the country, and similar to Dzire, the Swift is available only with a petrol engine option. But that may change soon as the Indian automaker may introduce the CNG variant of the Swift. The hatchback will also feature the same 1.2-litre engine. However, it will be interesting to see the pricing of the Swift CNG.

3. Tata Tiago

Following the footsteps of other manufacturers, Tata Motors is also expected to explore the CNG arena with the Tiago hatchback. The entry-level model from Tata Motors will be a perfect CNG vehicle for the Indian market. The Tiago CNG is likely to get the same 1.2-litre petrol engine seen on the standard model. Expect Tata Motors to launch the Tiago CNG in the coming months.

4. Tata Tigor

The Tigor—Tata Motors’ Dzire rival is expected to get a CNG variant in 2023. The compact sedan is based on the Tiago hatchback, and it is also a petrol-only offering. That means the CNG iteration of the Tigor will also get the existing 1.2-litre engine. The CNG iteration of the compact sedan may be a value for money proposition if Tata Motors manage to price the Tigor on par with its competitors.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions related to CNG cars in India.

Is it a good option to purchase a CNG car in India?


Yes, buying a CNG car in India is a sensible option considering the rising fuel costs and deceased fuel economy due to varying road conditions. Also, CNG vehicles produce fewer emissions (harmful gases) than conventional petrol/diesel cars. Hence, they are also good for the environment. Besides being eco-friendly, CNG cars are also pocket-friendly due to low maintenance costs and high fuel efficiency.

Do CNG cars require special maintenance?


No, CNG cars do not require any additional maintenance. Like a petrol/diesel car, you can carry out the regular service and maintenance by visiting the authorised service centre. The only other maintenance is the inspection of the CNG fuel line components.

Are CNG cars less powerful than petrol/diesel cars?


Yes, CNG cars produce around 10% less power than their petrol/diesel counterparts. It results in a reduction of top speed by about 3%. The combination of these two will also affect the acceleration of the vehicle.

Which are the best CNG sedans in India?


Currently, there is only one CNG sedan in India, and that is the Hyundai Aura. However, with Dzire CNG and Tigor CNG expected to hit the roads, the CNG sedan segment will have more cars to choose from.

Which are the best CNG hatchbacks in India?


Below is the list of the best CNG hatchbacks available in India.

  • Maruti Wagon R

  • Maruti Alto

  • Hyundai Santro

  • Maruti Celerio

  • Maruti S-Presso

  • Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

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