How to Get the Best Deal on a Car This Diwali

Published on 19 Oct, 2021, 7:49 AM IST
Updated on 20 Dec, 2022, 8:29 AM IST

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Diwali is a festival that brings joy and prosperity to our lives. Along with the positive energy, the festival of lights also brings attractive discounts on cars. That’s one of the reasons why the festive season is considered the best time for a new car purchase. Festive discounts on cars bring good deals to the table. If you plan to buy a new car, read ahead as we discuss how to get the best deal on a car this Diwali.

How to get the best deal on a car this Diwali

How to get the best deal while buying a car during Diwali?

The festive season brings joy and happiness. It is also a season of auspicious days for new purchases such as a new car or home. One of the main benefits of the festive season is the attractive discounts on new vehicles. Yes, car brands and dealers usually come up with discounts and other offers during Diwali.

Apart from the regular discounts, there are many other ways to maximise the discount on car prices. If you are planning to buy a new car during Diwali, here are some points that you may want to consider to get the best deal.

  • Purchase a car through online platforms: You can visit online car buying platforms such as ACKO Drive to get the best deal. Apart from the hassle-free car buying experience, you also get the best discounts on new cars. Also, you get the new car delivery on a priority basis, which is faster than the industry standard.

  • Visit multiple car dealerships: Don't stick to one dealership if you are purchasing the car from an authorised dealer. Visit several car showrooms in your town to find out which dealer provides the best discount and additional offers. Do not hurry while buying a car during Diwali, be patient and look out for a dealer that offers a maximum discount on your new vehicle.

  • Negotiate for additional cash discounts: Apart from the manufacturer-provided festive deal, the dealership may also provide you with extra cash discounts. For that to happen, you may have to negotiate with the dealer. So, ensure that you ask the dealer for such discounts. Usually, you may get a good deal during the festive season if you push for additional discounts.

  • Check for car insurance offers: Always check for car insurance offers while buying a new car during Diwali. The dealer may offer free car insurance as part of the Diwali offer package. If the dealer is not providing you with such offers, you can look for other options to insure your new car. The best option is to buy car insurance online. It's quick, paperless and hassle-free. On top of that, you also end up paying way less premium when compared to offline insurance purchases. So, if the dealer is not providing you with a good deal on insurance, you can always look out for online insurance. It will save you a lot of money.

  • Choose a slow-moving colour: This may be subjective as the car colour preference varies from one individual to another. However, if you choose an unpopular colour, the dealer may provide you with additional discounts on such models. Because the colour is not selling, you can negotiate with the dealer to get a sweet deal on your car purchase. But it depends on your colour preference.

  • Check for car loan offers: It's not only the dealers that come up with discount offers. Banks/financial institutions also curate offers on car loans. If you are buying a car on loan, check with your bank about extra benefits on car loans. Check if you already have a pre-approved loan. Usually, banks provide additional benefits such as low interest rates, flexible tenure, reduced down payment, zero processing fees, etc., on car loans during the festive season. So, do not rely on dealer-provided car loan offers and check other options as well.

  • Free car accessories: Another main attraction of festive season deals on cars are the free accessories. Ensure that you check with the dealer about such offers. You can even negotiate for free accessories such as seat covers, car cover, wheel covers, tool kit etc. Such free accessories can reduce the overall cost of the car. So, always look out for such offers when buying a car this festive season.

  • Check for free maintenance packages: Maintaining your car is a big task once you purchase your dream car. Usually, during the festive season, dealers may provide free maintenance packages. Such offers will save you a lot of money while servicing your vehicle. With benefits such as zero labour charge and discount on spares, such maintenance packages make the deal even better.

  • Use exchange offers: If you plan to exchange your used car, you may get a good exchange value during Diwali. Usually, if you buy a new vehicle from the same brand as your old car, you may get extra benefits on the exchange value. You may also negotiate with the dealer to get a good deal for your second-hand car.

Best cars to buy during Diwali

Here are some of the best cars that you can buy during this 2022 Diwali season.

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Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the common queries and their answers related to the best car deals during Diwali.

Do car dealers offer additional discounts apart from the manufacturer-provided discount?

Yes, generally, the dealers provide additional discounts and cashback on new car purchases during the festive season. However, it depends on the dealership. It’s better to check with the dealer about such offers before proceeding with the purchase procedures.

Which cars have the best discounts during Diwali?

Generally, entry-level models come with huge discounts during the festive season. The reason for that is that the manufacturer wants to clear the inventory of vehicles before introducing a new variant in the coming months. Typically, car manufacturers introduce new updated models during the festive season or year-end.

How can I get maximum value for my used car while buying a new car?

If you are purchasing a new vehicle from the same manufacturer as your old car, you can expect an additional exchange bonus on your used car. It’s called a loyalty bonus. You can also negotiate with the dealership to offer the best possible value for your second-hand car.

How can I get free accessories while buying a new car this Diwali?

The complimentary car accessories offer depends on the make/model you are buying and the dealership. Some manufacturers offer free accessories as part of the Diwali deal. In contrast, some dealers offer it as part of additional offers. You can also check with the salesperson about such deals, or you may also negotiate with the dealer to provide free accessories.

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