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Is the festive season the right time to buy a new car?

Team Ackodrive29, Oct, 2021

The last four months of the year brings joy and happiness as it is the festive season in India. With festivities come auspicious days and occasions that are considered ideal for new beginnings and purchases such as home, car, etc. That’s the reason why car sales accelerate rapidly during this period. But is the festive season the right time to buy a new car? Read on as we address this question in the following sections of this article.

Is the Festive Season the Right Time to Buy a New Car?

Should you purchase a new car during the festive season?

Buying a car is by no means a small purchase. You invest a lot of money and even time on a set of four wheels. The purchase timing plays a pivotal role in the benefits or discounts you get while buying a new car. Therefore, buying a car during the festive season can benefit you with the dealer/brand-provided discounts and other exciting gifts, free accessories, etc.

Apart from the discounts on new cars, there are many other benefits such as exchange bonuses, car loan offers, etc. So, you may end up saving a lot of money if you plan your new car purchase during the festive season.

Key reasons to buy a new car during the festive season

Here are some of the reasons why you should purchase a new car during the festive season.

  • Exclusive discounts: One of the main reasons to plan your new vehicle purchase during the festive season is to avail of the attractive festive discounts on cars. Yes, manufacturers and dealers generally offer discounts on new cars during festivals. Hence, it reduces the overall cost of the vehicle. You can spend savings on essential accessories for your new vehicle.

  • Free accessories and gifts: Apart from discounts, car dealers may also offer free accessories, gift hampers and conduct lucky draws during the festive season. You may get free accessories such as car covers, wheel covers, seat covers, tool kits, etc., as part of the festive offer on your new car purchase. You may also participate in lucky draws, provided the dealer is organising such events.

  • Exchange bonus: If you already own a car and plan to exchange it for a brand new vehicle, the festive season is the best time. Generally, dealers offer additional exchange bonuses for your used car, which you may not get during other times. Hence, the chances are high that you may get a good value for your second-hand car during the festive season.

  • Car loan offers: Festive season not only brings discounts on new cars but it also brings exciting offers on car loans. If you plan to buy your new car on loan, planning the purchase during festivities may be beneficial. During the festive season, financial institutions/banks come up with easy finance options with flexible tenure, reduced down payment, low-interest rate, zero processing fee, etc.

  • Reduced waiting period: Generally, car manufacturers ramp up production during the festive season to cater to the high demand. Hence, the waiting period on select models may be less when compared to other days. So, you may get your new car earlier if you purchase it during special occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, etc.

  • New car launches: Another good reason to buy a car during the last four months of the year is the introduction of new car models. Yes, car manufacturers generally launch new vehicles during the festive season. So, you may have more options to choose from and can get the latest models with new features and technology. You can also benefit from the introductory prices for the new models.

  • Auspicious time: Above all the reasons, the festive season is considered an auspicious time for new purchases such as cars, homes, etc. Hence, it’s the best time to bring home a new car. On top of that, you can also benefit from the factors mentioned above.

For example, Diwali is an auspicious occasion to get your new car home. Moreover, you will also benefit from the Diwali discount on cars.

Is Diwali a good time to buy a car?

Yes, buying a car during Diwali is a good idea since you can avail attractive Diwali discounts on cars. Moreover, Diwali is considered an auspicious occasion in India. Hence, what better time than Diwali to welcome a new car home. Also, you can benefit from the manufacturer and dealer-provided discounts, free accessories, etc., if you plan the purchase during the festival of lights.

Tips for buying a new car this festive season

Here are some of the tips that may help you while buying a new car this festive season.

  • Purchase online: You can visit online car selling platforms such as ACKO Drive to get the best deals on new cars this festive season. There is no hassle of visiting dealerships and bargaining for the best price.

  • Visit multiple car showrooms: If you wish to purchase a car offline through traditional dealerships, make sure you visit multiple showrooms. That way you can find out which dealer offers the best discount and make an informed decision.

  • Check for car insurance discounts: If you opt for dealer-provided car insurance, check for discounts. Generally, during festive seasons, you may get a good discount on car insurance, or sometimes the dealer may offer the insurance plan for free of cost. If you don’t get a good deal on insurance, you can always insure your car online at a low premium.

  • Check for free car accessories: Always check for free car accessories with the dealer. During the festive season, dealers tend to offer free accessories with the new car. However, you have to enquire with the dealer about such offers.

  • Check for a free extended warranty: A new car comes with a standard warranty package. However, dealers/brands may offer the extended warranty package free of cost during the festive season. All you have to do is check with the dealer about such offers.

  • Scout for car loan offers: If you plan to purchase a vehicle on loan, do not stick with the dealer-provided finance option—scout for other car loan options that provide flexible tenures, low interest rates and zero processing fees. Car loan offers are also part of the festive season offers on cars.

  • Negotiate with the dealer: Apart from the standard discount on new cars, you can always negotiate for additional cash discounts with the dealer. During the festive season, the chances are high that you may get an additional discount if you negotiate with the dealer.

  • Check for loyalty discount: If you already own a car of the same brand as the new car, the manufacturer may offer a loyalty discount. So, check about the loyalty bonus with the dealer if you already own a vehicle from the same brand.

Why ACKO Drive for new car purchases during this festive season?

Here are a few reasons why you should purchase your next car online through ACKO Drive this festive season.

  • Guaranteed lowest price: At ACKO Drive, you get the best discounts in the market, and that too without any negotiations. All you have to do is visit the ACKO Drive website/app and book your new car online.

  • Best price guarantee: If you find a lower price quote, then ACKO Drive will match that price and give you an additional Rs. 10,000 discount.

  • Exchange your old car: ACKO Drive will also assist you if you wish to sell your used car. We will set up a doorstep car inspection to determine the value of your second-hand vehicle.

  • Faster vehicle delivery: ACKO Drive has access to a large inventory of vehicles from different brands. Hence, we can deliver your new can faster than anyone else. Moreover, you will get the delivery date as early as even before booking the car.

  • Free home delivery: You need not visit the dealership to collect your new car. ACKO Drive offers free home delivery. If you wish to visit the showroom for the car delivery, you can also request driver assistance, which is free for ACKO Drive customers.


The reasons to buy a new car during the festive season itself answers the question—Is festive season a right time to buy a new car? It's a big yes! First and foremost, the festivals are considered auspicious occasions to make a new purchase, and on top of that, you also benefit from discounts and other special offers on new cars. So, all-in-all, it's a sensible decision to buy your next car during the festive season.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions related to car purchases during the festive season.

Should I buy a new car during the festive season or wait till year-end?

Buying a new car during the festive season is a good option if you look for discounts and other offers. However, manufacturers may roll out higher discounts during year-end to clear the inventory before the new models are launched. Hence, it all depends on your preference and the discounts you get while making a new car purchase.

Which car models get the maximum discount during the festive season?

Generally, entry-level and mid-range segment cars get the highest discounts during festival occasions. Also, the slow-moving models or slow-moving colours carry a significant discount. However, it all depends on the brand, dealer and model/variant you buy. 

Will the car dealers provide any additional cash discounts during the festive season?

It depends on the dealer, some may provide upon negotiation, and some may not. However, you may visit the ACKO Drive website/app for the best discounts and book your new car online at a lowest price. At ACKO Drive, you need not negotiate to get the discounts and buy your new car without any hassles.

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