Planning to buy a new car this Diwali? Here's a quick guide

Team AckodriveJun 6, 2022

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Festive season witnesses the highest activity in the Indian automobile industry. With auspicious occasions such as Diwali, new car purchases across the country are in full swing. With manufacturer/dealer discounts and offers, the festive season makes for an ideal time for buying a new car. Are you planning to buy a new car and looking for a Diwali car buying guide? Then read ahead as we list down some of the tips for buying a new vehicle this Diwali.

Quick Guide on Buying a New Car During Diwali

Tips to consider before buying a new car this Diwali

Here are some tips that you may want to consider while buying a new car this Diwali.

  • Fix your budget and sort out the finance: First, you need to fix a budget for your new car purchase. It will help you shortlist the cars based on the price and your needs. Also, try to sort out the finances before you walk into a dealership. That way, your car buying experience will be smooth and hassle-free.

  • Thorough research: It is a tip that not only applies during Diwali but at all times. Do thorough research to shortlist the cars that you may want to buy. Go through expert reviews and ownership reviews online before zeroing in on a vehicle.

  • Brand new or second-hand car?

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a new car.

Pros of purchasing a new car Cons of purchasing a new car
Gives you a first-hand experience of owning a brand new car.  Higher initial investment.
You get access to new features and technology that comes with the new car. While buying a new car, you also have to bear RTO-related costs such as registration fees, road tax, etc.
A new car requires less maintenance. You may also have to pay for additional accessories while buying a new car.
A new car comes with a manufacturer warranty. You may have to wait for a few days/weeks after booking your new car.
Since the engine is new, it delivers better fuel efficiency. There may be additional dealer-related charges.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used car.

Pros of buying a used car Cons of buying a used car
Lower initial investment. You may not get that first-hand experience of buying a brand new car.
Suitable for first-time car buyers or for those with a very tight budget. Since the used car has already gone through wear and tear, the maintenance costs are on the higher side.
If you purchase the used car on loan, the loan amount and EMIs are less than a new car purchase. There may be engine reliability issues if the used car has clocked a lot of mileage.
The car insurance premium is less due to the depreciated value of the vehicle. Low fuel economy.
There is no waiting period while buying a used car. The resale value is on the lower side.
  • Check for the resale value of your used car: If you are planning to exchange your old car while buying your next vehicle, do check your used car’s worth before you walk into a dealership. Perform online and offline research to find out the current market value of your vehicle.

  • Choose the right fuel type:  Ensure that you choose the right fuel type for your car as per your requirement. The below table will give you a better idea about the differences between fuel types.

Parameters Petrol car Diesel car CNG car
Fuel cost High Lower than petrol Low
Power Linear power delivery with good initial acceleration. Better top end with good pulling power. Lower than petrol and diesel cars.
Fuel economy Lower than diesel cars. Higher than petrol cars. Higher than petrol and diesel cars.
Maintenance cost Lower than diesel cars. High Lower than diesel cars.
Refinement Low NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) levels. High NVH levels. Lower NVH levels than diesel cars.
  • Check for Diwali discounts and offers: Once you have decided on the car make and model, the next task is to scout for the best Diwali car sale discount and offers on that particular model. Figure out which dealer is offering the best deals before proceeding with the purchase procedures.

The best way to get good discounts on new cars is by visiting online car buying platforms such as ACKO Drive. Along with the hassle-free online car buying experience, ACKO Drive also provides you with the best discounts on new cars.

  • Look for other financing options: Don't rely on the dealer-provided car loan options if you purchase the car on loan. Check if you already have a pre-approved loan or look for other options to get the best interest rate for the loan amount.

  • Consider car insurance premium while calculating budget: When calculating the car's total cost, factor other expenses such as car insurance premium. The insurance premium depends on the price/value of the vehicle. Hence, do factor it to avoid any last-minute hassle with the finance.

  • Check if a car loan is a viable option: Analyse your financial situation before making a car purchase plan. If you have enough savings, it may be a good option to buy the car by paying the total amount. If not, you can opt for a car loan. However, calculate the monthly payments (EMI) and figure out if it works out for you.

  • Check for creature comfort and safety features: A car should offer a comfortable and safe drive. So, ensure that you check the safety and other features before settling for a car. Ensure that the vehicle meets your requirements before making the purchase.

  • Take a test drive: Once you are satisfied with all the elements of the car, the last step is to take the car for a spin. Check the interior space and the driveability and see if the car suits your driving style. Check the seating position and ensure that it is comfortable for both driver and passengers.

What to check before buying a new car during Diwali from a dealer?

Apart from the standard discounts and offers, you also need to check for other benefits while buying a car during Diwali. Generally, brands/dealers come up with several benefits for the customers during the festive season. Below are some of the offers you need to check with the dealer while making a car purchase during Diwali.

  • Free car accessories: Always check if the dealer/manufacturer offers any free accessories with the car. Generally, dealers offer free accessories such as car covers, seat covers, etc. So, ensure that you check for those things.

  • Extended warranty and RSA (Roadside assistance): Check if the dealer provides any extended warranty packages or roadside assistance add-ons for free. Generally, brands/dealers tend to offer such packages during the festive season.

  • Check for easy financing options: Car dealers will have their partner banks that offer car financing options. During the festive seasons, the banks may come up with attractive Diwali offers on car loans such as low-interest rates, flexible tenure, etc. Do check for those offers if you are going for a car loan.

  • Check for corporate discount/loyalty bonus: Apart from the regular festive discounts, a dealer also offers several other discounts. One of them is a corporate discount. It is a discount offer for employees of reputed MNSc/companies.

Some manufacturers also offer a discount if you already own a car from the same brand. It’s called a loyalty bonus. So, do check for these offers while buying your next vehicle.

  • Check for exchange offers: If you are exchanging your old car while buying a new car, do check for exchange offers. Some manufacturers may provide an additional exchange bonus if you trade the vehicle from the same brand. Some dealers may also offer additional exchange bonuses during Diwali.

  • Check for annual maintenance offers: Maintenance expenses account for a large proportion of the ownership costs. Hence, enquire with the dealer about annual maintenance offers. The annual packages save you a lot of money for servicing and maintenance of the car.

  • Avoid buying unnecessary add-ons: Sometimes, the dealer may push for add-ons that are not necessary or do not suit your requirements. In such situations, you have to be mindful and choose the add-ons as per your requirements. For example, the dealer may ask you to buy an RSA package, which your car insurance provider may offer. Hence, keep an eye on those things which may bump up the car’s price.

Best cars to buy this diwali

Here are some of the best cars that you can buy this Diwali.

Note: For more details, you can go through the ‘Best cars to buy this Diwali’ article.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the common queries and their answers related to car purchases during Diwali.

Is Diwali a good time to buy a new car?

Yes, Diwali or the festive season is an ideal time to make a new car purchase. Usually, manufacturers and dealers come up with attractive Diwali discounts and offers and other benefits to the buyers. Hence, you can make use of those benefits to get a good deal on your new car.

Do I get a better deal if I pay cash for my new car during Diwali?

ACKO Drive offers you a good discount on new cars irrespective of the payment method (cash or car loan). Alternatively, If you buy a vehicle at the authorised dealership, you may get additional discounts as you clear the payment in one go. However, it depends on the dealer and the make/model you are purchasing.

I'm planning to buy a new car. Where can I get the best Diwali car deals?

Almost all car manufacturers come up with Diwali discounts and offers on new cars. You can visit the ACKO Drive website/app ( for exciting offers on new cars. We at ACKO Drive offer the best discounts on new cars. Alternatively, you can also purchase your new vehicle through the authorised dealerships and benefit from the Diwali discounts.

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