How to recharge FASTag using Google Pay (GPay): Step-by-step guide

Team Ackodrive6, Jun, 2022

To ease the passage of vehicles through toll plazas and reduce the waiting time, the Government of India has initiated digital payment of toll charges via the introduction of FASTag. It is compulsory for all commercial and private four-wheelers from February 16, 2021. Its use is quite simple. You only need to recharge your FASTag online, and while crossing any toll booth, toll payment will automatically be deducted from your FASTag account. Here’s a guide as to how to recharge FASTag using GPay (Google Pay).

How to Recharge FASTag Using Google Pay

For FASTag recharge using Google Pay, you will have to link your FASTag account with GPay. The below steps will explain the process of linking FASTag to Google Pay.

  • Step 1: Open Google Pay (GPay) app on your smartphone.

  • Step 2: Tap on the 'New Payment' button.

  • Step 3: Further, tap on the 'Bill Payment'.

  • Step 4: From the Payment Categories, select 'FASTag recharge'.

  • Step 5: You will get a list of all the banks and institutions providing FASTag recharge service. Select the FASTag issuer bank. You will find your issuer bank name on your FASTag sticker.

  • Step 6: Tap on the 'Get Started' option.

  • Step 7: The 'Link Account' page will open. Enter your car’s registration number (without spaces) — for example, AB01AB1234. Further, enter your FASTag account information and tap on 'Next'.

  • Step 8: Review the information and click on 'Link Account'.

After completing these steps, your FASTag account will be linked with Google Pay to enable FASTag recharge.

How to recharge FASTag using GPay app

After linking your FASTag account with GPay, you can now easily make your FASTag payment through Google Pay. The process is quick, simple and hassle free as it hardly requires a few minutes to complete the recharge. Below are the steps to recharge your FASTag via Google Pay.

Step-by-step procedure to recharge FASTag using Google Pay

  • Step 1: After linking your FASTag account with Google Pay, you will find the ‘Pay’ button below the screen. Tap on that button.

  • Step 2: Enter the recharge amount.

  • Step 3: Click the tick icon and confirm the bank account or card you want to complete the payment with.

  • Step 4: Click on Pay, enter your UPI PIN, and complete the payment.

That’s it; your GPay FASTag account will get recharged with the amount you entered.

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Things to remember before making your FASTag recharge through Google Pay

Keep the following points in mind before FASTag recharge using GPay.

  • The maximum recharge limit may be capped at Rs. 2,000 per day for limited KYC FASTag customers.

  • A maximum recharge limit of Rs. 1,00,000 for full KYC customers.

  • There are no transaction charges for FASTag recharges through UPI (like Google Pay).

  • Recharges done through debit cards, credit cards, or net banking may attract payment gateway charges, wherever applicable.

  • The recharge limit may vary as per the bank portal or application and the issuing bank.

Frequently asked questions

The above sections address most of the questions about recharging FASTag using Google Pay. Below are a few more questions regarding FASTag.

How does FASTag work?


FASTag has automated the toll collection via the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The toll charges are automatically debited from the tag account as the moving vehicle with an RFID tag affixed on the windshield passes through the toll booth’s scanner.

How can I buy FASTag?


You can buy FASTag by visiting the ACKO Drive website or logging in to the app. Alternatively, you can also purchase FASTag by visiting Point of Sale (POS) locations at Toll Plazas/NETC Member Banks POS outlets/their sales offices/distribution agents. One can also make an online application at the issuer bank's portal or NHAI.

What are the documents required to purchase a FASTag for my car?


You need the following documents to buy FASTag for your vehicle.

  • Passport size photo of the vehicle owner

  • KYC documents of the vehicle owner

  • Signed FASTag application form

  • RC (Registration Certificate) of the vehicle

  • Driving License

  • Vehicle image

What should I do if there is a double deduction of toll charges?


In case of double deduction, contact the customer service of your issuer bank and raise a complaint. The bank will raise a chargeback for a duplicate deduction based on merit.

What are the benefits of using a FASTag?


Using a FASTag accrues the following benefits to the customers.

  • Faster transportation.

  • Time-saving due to lesser traffic.

  • Eliminates the problem of carrying cash and change to the toll plaza.

  • Fuel-saving.

  • Online transaction benefits like SMS alerts, transaction summary, account balance, and usage.

What is the validity of FASTag?


The FASTag has a validity of 5 years. After purchase, you only need to recharge for continual usage.

What are the charges for FASTag?


As per the guidelines of the Government of India, the cost of FASTag is a maximum of Rs. 100. However, when you buy FASTag from ACKO Drive, you get your tag for free as there are no additional charges. All you have to pay is the minimum wallet balance of Rs. 100.

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