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Regional Transport Office (RTO) In Amritsar (PB-02): Helpline Phone Numbers, Address

Team Ackodrive8, Oct, 2021

If you need a Driving License (DL), you will have to approach the Regional Transport Office in your locality for it. You will also need to visit the RTO to renew the DL or to apply for a duplicate one. The same goes for a Registration Certificate (RC) as well. The DL and the RC are two documents that are a must-have to drive legally in India. Since you need to get in touch with the RTO for these documents, the role of RTO becomes extremely important for vehicle owners like you. For example, you will have to visit the Amritsar RTO if you reside in and around that area.

However, the scope of the Amritsar RTO is not limited to issuing and renewing documents. They perform other functions as well; such as collecting road tax, maintaining a database of vehicles, etc. This article will highlight major RTO functions and feature contact details of the RTO in Amritsar. Read ahead for more information on this topic.

RTO Offices In Amritsar

Amritsar RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

As mentioned above, one of the key functions of the Amritsar RTO is to maintain records of cars and their owners. Decades ago, this was a tedious process; however, thanks to technology, the process has become comparatively easier. This is where RTO codes also prove helpful.

Vehicles registered at an RTO are tagged with a unique code making it convenient to identify them. For example, the Amritsar RTO will have a different code and the Ludhiana RTO will have a different code. But both will feature Punjab’s state code, which is: PB. Ludhiana’s RTO code is 02. Tagged with the state code, it is read as PB-02. Thus, if you purchase a bike, a car or other vehicle in Amritsar, its number plate will feature PB-02. The same will also be recorded at the RTO’s back-end, in their database. This is done for tracking and record-keeping purposes.

Amritsar RTO, Punjab PB-02, Contact Number:

Here’s a table highlighting Amritsar RTO’s contact number, RTO office address and other details.

RTO NameRTO Amritsar
RTO CodePB-02
Office AddressAmritsar, Punjab – 143001
Contact Number +(91)-183-2565244
WebsiteState Transport Commissioner

RTO Fees in Amritsar:

This section is all about the RTO fees in Amritsar for functions related to DL, RC, etc. Here are a few tables that feature information sourced from the state website mentioned above. Note that the charges mentioned might be subject to change.

Driving License Fees

Here’s a table with Driving License fees in Amritsar.

Type of VehicleAmount in INR
Issue or renewal of Learner’s License for each class of vehicle30
Issue of a Driving License for each class of vehicle50
Issue of a Driving License in Form 7200
Test of competence to drive50
Addition of another class of vehicle to Driving License50
Renewal of Driving License50

Amritsar RTO Registration Charges

Here’s a table with Registration Charges in Amritsar.

Type of VehicleAmount in INR
Invalid Carriage20
Light Motor Vehicle (Non-transport)200
Light Motor Vehicle (Light Commercial Vehicle)300
Medium Goods Vehicle400
Heavy Goods Vehicle600
Imported Motor Vehicle800
Imported Motorcycle200
Any other vehicle not stated above300
Change of residence20
Changes in Registration Certificate50

Fitness Certificate Charges

The information in the following table is sourced from the Parivahan Website. Note: Specific charges for Amritsar may vary.

Fitness Certificate ForFees in INR
Three-wheeled or light motor vehicle or quadricycleManual400
Medium or Heavy motor vehicleManual600
Grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness for motor vehicle200

Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles)

The information in the following table is sourced from the Parivahan Website. Note: Specific charges for Amritsar may vary.

Local Permit:

Vehicle TypeFees in INRValidity of Permit
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV)2000 and 500 (authorisation)5 years and 1 year, respectively
Heavy Goods Vehicle25005 years

National Permit:

Vehicle TypeFees in INRValidity of Permit
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV)2015 and 500 (authorisation)5 years and 1 year, respectively
Heavy Goods Vehicle25155 years

Amritsar RTO Performance Standard (Turnaround Time):

The best way to know the turnaround time for a task at RTO Amritsar is to request the RTO official in charge of the task for it. The tasks can take a few days, weeks, or a month to be completed. The duration will depend upon the kind of task, the officer’s availability, national holidays, etc.

For example, if your query is how long will the driving test take, then the answer to that is you must show up with the right documents on the given day and the test will be done in a few hours. If your query is how much time it will take for the DL to arrive at your home from the moment you apply for it, then it is a long timeline that is dependent on several other conditions. Thus, it is difficult to place a fixed time for it.

Functions of Amritsar RTO:

As covered in the previous sections, the Regional Transport Office in Amritsar, Punjab performs varied functions. Here’s a section on the prominent functions performed by the office. In case you want to avail any of the services associated with the functions, you can reach out to the RTO, fill the forms, pay the fees, and your task shall be initiated and completed after the due process.

When people think of a license to ride or drive a vehicle, they usually think of a Driving License. However, there is it’s precursor: Learner’s License as well. And it’s variant: International Driving License/International Driving Permit. Also, the DL is for a specific class of vehicle. For example, DL for a gearless bike, heavy good vehicle, etc. Thus, specific classes of vehicles need to be mentioned on the DL for you to drive them legally. The RTO in Amritsar performs these functions.

Along with the above-mentioned functions, the RTO in Amritsar also renews driving-related documents, and issues duplicate copies of these documents if required. The office provides DLs for both private as well as commercial vehicles.

2) Registering a Vehicle

When the police officials stop your vehicle and ask for the vehicle’s papers, they often check for the vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC) along with other documents such as insurance, pollution certificate, etc. The RC is a document that establishes a direct connection between the owner and the vehicle. It is the go-to document to verify vehicle ownership. Vehicles purchased in Amritsar are issued an RC by the Amritsar RTO.

Just as the DLs expire after a period, the RCs also become invalid after some time and need to be renewed. If there are instances where you purchase a second-hand car, you need to ensure that your name is mentioned in the vehicle’s Registration Certificate as the lawful owner. Such tasks are performed by the RTO in Amritsar.

3) Administrative Tasks

Here’s a list of important administrative tasks performed by the Amritsar RTO.

  • Functions related to collecting road tax.

  • Permit-related tasks.

  • Updating and maintaining the back-end database of vehicles.

  • Tasks related to facilitating No Objection Certificate for transfer of the vehicle to a different location.

  • Other tasks as per The Motor Vehicles Act and Central Motor Vehicle Rules.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some common queries related to RTOs in Amritsar and all over India.

I am thinking of purchasing my second bike. Do I need another Driving License for it?


No, your existing, valid and appropriate two-wheeler DL should suffice. DLs are for the rider and not for the ride. However, if your current DL is for a gearless bike and you are purchasing a geared bike, then you will be required to add a new class of vehicle to your DL.

Do I need two RCs for my two cars?


Yes, as RCs signify ownership, you will need separate RCs for separate vehicles.

I damaged my RTO application form for the NOC. What should I do?


Please approach the local RTO and request for a new form.

Unfortunately, I missed my driving test. Can I reapply for it?


Yes, you can reapply for the driving test by paying the applicable fees.

Will the DL issued by Amritsar RTO be valid in Gujarat?


Yes, DLs are valid across India. Make sure you drive the correct class of vehicle as mentioned in the DL. For example, if you have a DL for riding a geared two-wheeler, you cannot (legally) drive a car with it. But you can ride a geared two-wheeler with that DL in Gujarat or other Indian locations.

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