Cuttack RTO: RTO Office in Cuttack - Address, Phone & Timings

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All about Cuttack Regional Transport Office (RTO)

Established under The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Cuttack functions as per the provisions under Section 213 of the act. Being the second-largest city in the state of Odisha, the roads of Cuttack serve thousands of visitors every day. And the Cuttack RTO plays a critical role in ensuring an efficient road transport system via its services for the locals and visitors in the city.

Cuttack Regional Transport Office (RTO)

Cuttack RTO (OD-05): Contact Details

Here is the Cuttack RTO code with the helpline number and other contact details.

RTO Code/Number:OD-05
Office Address:Regional Transport Office, CuttackNear Collectorate, P.O. - Chandni Chowk, P.S. - Lalbag, Cuttack - 753002
Phone:0671-2507492 (Office)
Helpline Number:0671-2508028

RTO Services in Cuttack

The main functions of the Motor Vehicles Department are to enforce the provisions of the MV Act, 1988 and the Central MV Act, 1989, and ensure the development of Odisha’s road transport through effective permit regime. Additionally, the department collects and levies taxes on motor vehicles under the Motor Vehicles (Transportation of Passengers) Act, 1958 and the Motor Vehicles Tax Act, 1959.

The day-to-day functions of the Cuttack RTO are as follows:

  • Grant/renew Learner and permanent Driving Licence

  • Grant temporary/permanent Registration Number

  • Grant/renew Fitness Certificate

  • Grant/renew Permits

  • Issuance of NOC

  • Transfer of Ownership

  • Grant National Permit (Commercial Vehicle)

  • Grant Stage Carriage Permit

  • Collection of Road Tax and Penalties

Here are more information on vehicle-related services provided by RTO Cuttack.

Granting Driving Licence (DL)

The RTO office in Cuttack grants Learner and Permanent Driving Licence to individuals depending on the vehicle type. 

  • Driving Licence for commercial or transport vehicles

  • Driving Licence for 50cc geared vehicles

  • Driving Licence for 50cc or lower automatic vehicles

  • Driving Licence for heavy goods motor vehicles

You can apply for RTO Cuttack Driving Licence renewal online and offline, change of information in DL and other associated services.

Granting Registration Certificate (RC)

Cuttack RTO holds the authority to grant/renew Vehicle Registration for different types of motor vehicles. One can apply for an RC renewal for reasons like transfer of ownership, change of address and others. Temporary registration is permitted for vehicles for transportation to another state, while permanent RCs are issued for all vehicles as per the MV Act, 1988.

Road tax collection

The Cuttack RTO holds the responsibility of collecting road tax from motor vehicle owners based on their vehicle type. The tax amount is standardised by the State Government aligned with the provisions of The MV Act, 1988.

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Fees in Cuttack RTO

The RTO in Cuttack offers several services such as issuing Learner’s and Driving Licence, Registration Certificate, Permits, etc. Below are the details related to service type and fee structure.

Driving Licence Fees

Here are the Cuttack RTO fees related to Learners and Driving Licence (DL).

FeeIssue/RenewalLate Fee
Learner’s LicenceRs.30Rs.30
Driving Licence (Form 6)Rs.40Rs.40
Driving Licence (Form 7)Rs.150Rs.150
Driving TestRs.50-
Addition of Class of VehicleRs.30-
PVC Cards ServiceRs.100-

Cuttack RTO Registration Charges:

Below are the RTO fees related to registration of private and commercial vehicles:

Vehicle TypeFees
Private Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)Rs.200
Commercial Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)Rs.300
Medium Passenger/Goods VehicleRs.400
Heavy Passenger/Goods VehicleRs.600
Late FeeUp to 30 Days: Rs.25; 31 to 90 Days: Rs.50; Above 90 Days: Rs.100

Fitness Certificate Charges:

Following are the Cuttack RTO charges related to fitness certificate of vehicles:

Vehicle TypeTestingIssue/RenewalValidity
Two and Three-WheelersRs.100Rs.100New Vehicle: 2 YearsOld Vehicle: Every 1 Year
Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)Rs.200--
Medium Motor Vehicle (MMV)Rs.300--
Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV)Rs.400--
Late FeeRs.20--

Permit Charges (Transport Vehicles):

Below are the Cuttack RTO permit charges for transport vehicles:

Vehicle Type Application Fee One Region More Than One Region
Temporary Permit (Up to 120 Days)
Goods Carriage/Private Service Vehicle/Stage Carriage/Motor Cab, etc. Rs.100 Rs.80 (Per Week) Rs.100 (Per Week)
Contact Carriage Rs.150 Rs.80 (Per Week) Rs.100 (Per Week)
Goods Carriage/Private Service Vehicle/Stage Carriage Rs.500 Rs.5,000 -
Motor Cab Rs.200 Rs.1,000 -
Contact Carriage Rs.750 Rs.7,500 -
Others Rs.500 Rs.1,000 -
National Permit Rs.500 Permit Fee: Rs.5,000 -
National Permit Rs.500 Authorisation Fee: Rs.1,000 -
Surcharge for Permit - Rs.500 -
Duplicate Permit - Same as permit fee -

Cuttack RTO Performance Standard:

Below is the turnaround time for each of the services provided at the Cuttack RTO:

ServicesTurnaround Time
Transfer of Ownership2 Days
Hypothecation1 Day
Supplicate of Registration Certificate1 Day
Registration (Commercial)1 Day
Registration (Private)1 Day
Grant of Learner’s LicenceSame Day
Grant of Driving LicenceSame Day
NOC (No Objection Certificate)7 Days
Temporary PermitSame Day
Grant/Renewal of National PermitSame Day
Grant/Renewal of Local Permit for Goods VehicleSame Day
Stage Carriage Permit RenewalSame Day
Counter Signatures of Goods VehicleSame Day
AITP Authorisation/RenewalSame Day
Supplicate Permit (All Vehicles)Same Day
Grant/Renewal of CC Permit (Buses)Same Day

Cuttack RTO official website

The online services of Cuttack RTO can be obtained via the official website

Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources. The information may be updated from time to time. Hence, please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any RTO-related decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the common questions asked by services or functions of an RTO:

What does RTO stand for?


RTO stands for Regional Transport Office. Each RTO located in a city/town is generally known by their jurisdiction such as Cuttack RTO.

What does RTO code mean?


RTO code is a unique number given as the Regional Transport Office code for every state in India. For example, RTOs in Odisha follow the RTO code ‘OD’ and the subsequent two digits signify the respective RTO.

Can I apply for the renewal of my driving licence?


Yes. The Central Government has launched a national web portal ‘Parivahan’ for online RTO related services such as RC/DL or RC status. You can also apply for the renewal of your DL through this web portal.

What is the charge for the smart card?


The Smart Card of the Driving Licence costs Rs. 200 if the application is within the grace period. For applications made after the grace period, the cost is Rs. 200 and an additional late fee of Rs. 50 for each year of delay. Note that the charges are subject to changes.

What is the maximum time for disposal of the DL?


The turnaround time for the disposal of a private Driving Licence is one working day. However, a Commercial Licence will be issued after the verification process, which may take around 30 days.

Can I get a temporary permit in Cuttack RTO?


Yes, you can apply for the temporary permit at the Cuttack RTO office.

Can I apply online for the Learner’s Licence in RTO, Cuttack?


The RTO of Cuttack has made the LL application system online. Applicants can apply without visiting the RTO.

How do I get an appointment for the LL test?


Prior to taking the LL test at the RTO, applicants need to take an online appointment and book a slot.

In what languages can I take the LL test in Cuttack RTO?


The LL test is available in Odia, English, and Hindi languages in Cuttack RTO.

How will the RTO deliver the DL or RC to the applicant?


The process of delivering the DL or RC by hand to the applicant has been stopped and the documents will be sent by the postal delivery system to the registered mailing address.

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Odisha Transport Department Announces Cashless Transaction for RTO Services – January 08, 2021


The Odisha transport department authority has announced that transactions related to services through the VAHAN portal for RTO related services will be cashless effective from 11 January 2021. This means that the RTOs will not accept cash payments at the counters for RTO-related services. Services such as payment of road tax, apply and take printouts of permits, upload documents, fitness certificate fee receipts, etc. will be accepted only through the online mode. Vehicle owners can visit the Parivahan web portal to avail the services and make payments via the same web portal. The government said that the initiative was launched to reduce the wait time in the RTO and to decrease the queue in the RTO for paying the required fees for the services provided.

RTOs To Remain Operational During Dussehra in Odisha – October 23, 2020


The Indian automobile market has been severely affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The necessary restrictions and actions against the spread of the virus meant that the manufacturing and selling of vehicles could not be performed at the scale that it used to. However, with the easing of the restrictions, manufacturers have started introducing new models and the dealerships have started opening.

The three months of October, November, and December are festive in India. As a result, several brands launch their vehicles and have attractive schemes on offer. As new cars need to be registered at the Regional Transport Offices (RTO), the RTOs in Odisha shall remain operational to an extent (3 PM to 5 PM) during the Dussehra festival as well. A notification from the State Transport Department stated that the RTOs shall remain open on 24 and 26 October to enable vehicle registration.

Odisha: State Transport Department Plans for Transport Seva Kendra – August 26, 2020


The State Transport Department of Odisha has planned to create Transport Seva Kendra (TSK) in urban locations. They are doing this to avoid congestion at the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs). Instead of visiting RTOs, people can approach TSK for their transport-related tasks. TSK will help with online transport services. TSK will be based on the existing Jana Seva Kendras or Common Service Centres. Jana Seva Kendras operate in rural areas and TSK will focus on urban settings. Those who are not used to operating computers and accessing online facilities associated with the transport department can approach the Kendra. TSK is proposed in five of the state’s municipal corporation areas on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model. These five locations are Rourkela, Bhubaneshwar, Sambalpur, Cuttack, and Berhampur. The TSK will charge a nominal fee from the users for the services.

Odisha Extends Validity of Vehicle and Driver-Related Documents Until 31 December 2020 – August 25, 2020


The State Government of Odisha has extended the validity of driver and vehicle-related documents such as Learner’s Licence, Permanent Driving Licence, Registration Certificate, Permits for transport vehicles and Fitness Certificate for private and transport vehicles till 31 December 2020. The State Transport Authority of Odisha announced that Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates must be renewed accordingly to avoid penalty. The order comes amidst the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The order was issued under the Motor Vehicles Act and the Central Motor Vehicle Rules. While all driver and vehicle-related documents’ validity has been increased to the end of 2020, PUC certificates shall be obtained by the vehicle owner as and when it expires to avoid any penal action by the transport authority.

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