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Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Jamnagar (GJ-10): Helpline Phone Numbers

Team Ackodrive8, Oct, 2021

Two documents that are extremely integral to the smooth functioning of the vehicle industry in India. First, the Registration Certificate or the RC. This document is crucial as it signifies vehicle ownership. Second, the Driving License or the DL. This license authorises a person to operate a specific type of vehicle. And the road to obtain both these documents passes via a Regional Transport Office or the RTO. For example, RTO Jamnagar.

RTO Offices In Jamnagar

Go through this article to know about RTO Jamnagar’s contact details so that you can reach out to the office if the need arises. In this article, you will also come across various functions and tasks executed by the office along with the fees charged for a majority of those functions. The article ends with a Frequently Asked Questions section for doubt clarification. Read ahead to know details about the RTO in Jamnagar and its contact information.

Jamnagar RTO Code: Office Address & Contact Number:

Here’s the information related to Jamnagar’s State code and RTO code.

Point State Code RTO Code
What is it? It is an alphabetical code that signifies the vehicle featuring it belongs to a particular state. It is a numerical code that signifies the vehicle featuring it belongs to a particular RTO within a state.
What is Jamnagar’s code? Gujarat (GJ) RTO 10. Along with the state code, the RTO code is read as GJ-10.
Helpful for? Administrative, tracking, and back-end functions. Offers more filtering options for better vehicle data management.

Jamnagar RTO, Gujarat GJ-10 – Contact Number:

The following table features details about the Jamnagar RTO, its contact number, email ID and the address.

Name Jamnagar RTO (GJ-10)
Address Lal Bangla Compound, Jamnagar - 388005.
Working Hours 10 AM to 6 PM on Weekdays. 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays and select Public Holidays.
Contact Number 0288 - 2672100
Email ID rto-trans-jmn@gujarat.gov.in
Website Commissionerate of Transport, Government of Gujarat

Jamnagar Check Post Contact Details:

Address and contact number for Jamnagar check post.

Name Jamnagar Check post
Address Check post Jamnagar, Khambhaliya Road, Near Samarth Hospital, Jamnagar, Pin: 360001.
Contact Number 0288 - 2910198

Transport Office’s Contact Details:

Contact number and email ID of Gujarat’s transport officer.

Designation Transport Commissioner
Contact number +91 79-23251362
Email ID commi-trans@gujarat.gov.in

RTO Fees in Jamnagar:

RTO fees in Jamnagar, Gujarat depends upon the task at hand. The fees are minimal for a basic task and are on the higher side if it is a major task. Here are a few tables that will help you understand the fee structure. Note that the fee structure mentioned in the following tables is taken from the website mentioned in the previous section. Although it is sourced from a government website, it should be noted that the fees mentioned are subject to changes.

1) Driving License Fees

Here’s a table with Driving License fees in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

Task Fees
For a license to learn driving INR 150
For giving a test to learn driving INR 50
For a DL INR 200
Regrading a permit to drive internationally INR 1000
To include another class of vehicle in the DL INR 500
To make modifications in the details of the DL such as a change in address INR 200

2) PUC Certificate

Here are the fees for a Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate.

Class of vehicle Fees
2 wheelers (moped included)INR 30
3 wheelers INR 60
Light Motor Vehicles (MV) working on CNG or LPG or Petrol INR 80
LMV (Diesel)INR 100
Medium and Heavy MV INR 100

3) Jamnagar RTO Registration Charges

Here are the vehicle registration fees that you have to pay to avail a registration certificate from the Jamnagar RTO.

Registration Fees for Fees
Motor-cycle INR 50
A non-transport vehicle belonging to the following category: 3-wheeler, quadricycle or Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) INR 600
A transport vehicle belonging to the following category: 3-wheeler, quadricycle or Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) INR 1000
Goods vehicle of a medium category INR 1000
Passenger-carrying vehicle of a medium category INR 1000
Goods vehicle of a heavy category INR 1500
Passenger-carrying vehicle of a heavy category INR 1500
Motor-vehicle (imported) INR 1000
Motor-cycle (imported) INR 2500

4) Fitness Certificate Charges

Here’s a table with the charges for a vehicle’s Fitness Certificate in Jamnagar RTO.

Vehicle Fees
A motorcycle with a manual transmission system INR 200
A motorcycle with an automatic transmission system INR 400
A 3-wheeler, quadricycle or an LMV with a manual transmission system INR 400
A 3-wheeler, quadricycle or an LMV with an automatic transmission system INR 600
A vehicle that is medium-sized or heavy-sized with a manual transmission system INR 600
A vehicle that is medium-sized or heavy-sized with an automatic transmission system INR 1000

5) Permit Charges

You will have to pay the following permit charges (as per your vehicle) in Jamnagar.

Permit for Fees
A vehicle that carries goods INR 350
Counter-sign concerning a permit for a vehicle that carries goods INR 350
All over India including the authorization fee INR 850
Contract Carriage (CC)INR 350
Stage Carriage (SC)INR 350
An SC that can also be used as a CC INR 350
Goods carrying vehicle temporary permit INR 100
For passenger vehicle (special permit)INR 100
Private service vehicle INR 350
Institution or a school bus INR 350

Jamnagar RTO Performance Standard:

The above-mentioned tables consist of several tasks performed by the Jamnagar RTO. Each of these tasks has a time frame within which it gets completed. Certain tasks can take days to be completed while some might take just a few hours. Thus, the time taken to complete a task is based on the task and its complexities. Please speak to an executive at the Jamnagar RTO for specific details.

Functions of Jamnagar RTO:

Here’s all you need to know about prominent functions performed by the Jamnagar RTO. Note that some of these functions might be conducted entirely or partially by other sections of the state transport department as well.

1) Vehicle Registration

Vehicles sold in Jamnagar are registered at the Regional Transport Office. The vehicle owner receives a Registration Certificate upon successful registration.

2) Conduct DL Tests

A DL is a must to drive a vehicle in the country. For that, you have to pass a driving test. Such tests are managed by the RTO.

3) Collect Tax

An RTO is entrusted with the responsibility of collecting road tax for private as well as commercial vehicles.

4) Issue/Renew License

You need to approach the Jamnagar RTO for a new LL or a DL. Also, such licenses are often time-bound and expire after a fixed date. Thus, they need to be renewed periodically. This can be done by visiting the RTO.

5) Issue/Renew Permits

If you are in a business of travel and transportation, you will need appropriate permits for your vehicles. For example, there are different permits for a passenger-carrying vehicle and goods-carrying vehicle. The RTO will help you with procuring and renewing such permits.

6) Issue/Renew Fitness Certificates

Just as other documents such as a license and a permit, a vehicle’s Fitness Certificate can be availed from an RTO. You can also renew it by contacting the office.

7) Duplicate Documents

There might be scenarios where your original driver-related and vehicle-related documents may get damaged. For example, a lost wallet. Or flooding can damage important documents. You will need duplicate documents in such cases. Such duplicate documents can be applied at the RTO.

8) Road Safety

The RTO also initiates and executes Road Safety campaigns to educate the public about road safety and related topics.

9) Other Tasks

Other tasks such as granting a No Objection Certificate, making changes in the RC, etc. are also performed by the RTO.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s a list of commonly asked queries related to Regional Transport Offices. Note that the questions and answers discussed below are generic. For specific questions, please get in touch with your local RTO.

Where can I get the pollution emission levels of my two-wheeler checked?


You can get your two-wheeler’s pollution emission levels checked at authorised Pollution Checking Centres that are located all over the state. Mostly, you can find them near petrol pumps.

When should I renew my PUC certificate?


Usually, you should renew it after 6 months for a BS 3 engine and after one year for a BS 4 engine. The certificate’s expiry date shall be mentioned on it. Make sure to renew it before that date.

Is there any specific form to apply for a change of address in the DL?


To apply for a modification in the address stated in the DL, simply write an application on a sheet of paper and submit it to the RTO along with supporting documents.

Where can I get the RTO application forms?


You can ask for the relevant forms at the RTO. Alternatively, you can download respective forms from the state’s Transport Department’s Website.

A Learning License is valid for how long?


A Learning License’s validity is for six months from the date of issue.

My age is 51. Do I need a medical certificate to obtain an LL?


Yes, as your age is above 50, you will need a medical certificate to obtain an LL.

My son just crossed 14 years. Is he eligible for a LL?


No, he is not eligible for a LL till he turns 16.

What is the meaning of ‘test of competence to drive’?


A ‘test of competence to drive’ simply means a driving test. You need to pass this test to get a permanent DL. This test is conducted by an Inspector of Motor vehicles. During the test, the inspector can ask you to drive the vehicle in a particular manner. You will be assessed as per your driving skills.

What is the validity of a DL?


The validity of a DL is different for a transport and a non-transport vehicle. If you are using your vehicle for private purposes, then the validity is either 20 years or till you reach the age of 50. Post that, the validity is for 5 years. For a transport vehicle, the validity is 3 years but if the license is for transporting hazardous goods, then it is one year.

Which documents do I need to submit to apply for an International Driving Permit?


Here’s a list of supporting documents required to apply for an International Driving Permit.

  • DL copy

  • Flight ticket copy (as applicable)

  • Passport copy (as applicable)

  • VISA copy (as applicable)

What is an NDC and when is it required?


An NDC is a No Due Certificate. It is required when a vehicle’s transfer of ownership process is initiated in another region.

Is it required to present the vehicle in question for the change in ownership process?


The vehicle in question is inspected during the change in the ownership process. Therefore, its presence is necessary.

Which department enforces the permit condition?


The transport department’s Enforcement Wings enforces the permit condition.

Do vehicles running on CNG/LPG also need a PUC?


Yes, vehicles running on CNG/LPG also need a PUC. This rule is also applicable for vehicles conforming to Euro-I/ Euro-II/ Euro-III norms.

Which are the three types of traffic signs?


The three types of traffic signs are as follows:

  • Mandatory signs: It is an offence to not follow these signs.

  • Cautionary signs: These are crucial for driver safety.

  • Informative signs: They provide information.

It is important to be aware of road signs. You must be able to understand what they mean and act accordingly.

The Transport Department and the RTOs go by which law?


The Transport Department and Regional Transport Offices go by The Motor Vehicles Act, allied acts, and rules.

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