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MG Gloster Dimensions

The MG Gloster is a SUV. On this page, we bring you the dimensions of the MG Gloster, including its length, width, height, ground clearance, wheelbase, boot space and fuel tank capacity. View MG Gloster dimensions in mm (millimetres), cm (centimetres), feet and inches.

Dimensions of MG Gloster

The MG Gloster measures 4985 mm in length, 1926 mm in width and 1867 mm in height. The MG Gloster has a ground clearance of 210 mm. The wheelbase of the Gloster measures 2950mm.
Dimension mm cm Inches Feets
Length 4985 498.5 196.26 16.35
Width 1926 192.6 75.83 6.32
Height 1867 186.7 73.5 6.13
Wheelbase 2950 295 116.14 9.68
Total 4 doors
Seating up to 6-7 people

MG Gloster Boot Space

Boot space refers to the dedicated luggage storage space located at the rear of the vehicle, behind the rear passenger seats. MG Gloster’s boot space stands at 343 litres.
Total Boot space is 343 Ltr
You can fit upto 3.43 cabin baggages.

MG Gloster Internal Dimensions

The MG Gloster, a captivating SUV, sets new standards for luxury and comfort. It is elegance and grace in the form of an automobile. Every part of this car, from inside to outside, speaks sophistication with its opulent interiors and advanced technology. The details are carefully thought out to create a truly luxurious driving experience. Each drive becomes unforgettable when you look at the internal dimensions that reveal space and refinement inside this car's body.

Boot Space

The MG Gloster can keep all your required luggage and more, ensuring you never need to settle for less space. It has a big boot with about 343 litres capacity when all seats are up, allowing room for bags, groceries, or other necessary things on journeys. Also, if you fold down the back seats, it grows even more significant - great flexibility! You can carry large items or lots of stuff up to 1,350 litres maximum size. This flexibility guarantees that you can take on any journey without difficulty, be it a short excursion or an extended family outing.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Matching its roomy inside, the MG Gloster holds a significant amount of fuel in its tank. This gives it the power to travel long distances without needing to stop and refill often. This car has a good range capacity with a fuel tank that can hold around 75 litres. It is suitable for various types of trips - from driving in busy city areas to going across wide country fields and more. This efficiency makes things easier but also gives trust, making sure every travel happens with a calm mind. Whether you're starting a long journey or just going to your daily job, the MG Gloster provides outstanding performance and luxury that turns each mile into a lavish treat.

MG Gloster External Dimensions

With its big size and strong look, the MG Gloster shows off its grandeur on the road. The external measurements also support this, combining style and usefulness very well.


The MG Gloster stands around 4,985 millimetres in length. It is a big car that grabs attention and offers plenty of room inside for people to sit comfortably while going on long trips.


The MG Gloster's width is 1,926 millimetres. This provides a wide area inside, ensuring enough space for passengers to sit and enjoy the journey without feeling cramped.


The MG Gloster, at 1,867 millimetres, stands tall and proud. From this elevated position, drivers can enjoy the feeling of being in control as they navigate through traffic.


Having a wheelbase of approximately 2,950 millimetres, the MG Gloster provides a comfortable and steady journey that is not disturbed by uneven ground conditions.

Ground Clearance

With a clearance of about 210 millimetres, the MG Gloster handles unevenness and obstacles smoothly when traversing different surfaces. This feature balances the occupant’s comfort while maintaining its luxury touch.

MG Gloster Dimensions Vs Rivals

Now, let's look at how the MG Gloster's dimensions stack up against its rivals in the market.

MG Gloster vs Hyundai Tucson


MG Gloster

Hyundai Tucson

Length 4985 mm 4,630 mm
Width 1926 mm 1,865 mm
Height 1867 mm 1,665 mm
Wheelbase 2950 mm 2,775mm
Ground Clearance 210 mm 181 mm
Boot Space 343-1350 litres 540 litres
Fuel Tank 75 litres 54 litres

MG Gloster vs Citroen C5 Aircross


MG Gloster

Citroen C5 Aircross

Length 4985 mm 4,500 mm
Width 1926 mm 1,969 mm
Height 1867 mm 1,710mm
Wheelbase 2950 mm 2,730 mm
Ground Clearance 210 mm 230 mm
Boot Space 343-1350 litres 580litres
Fuel Tank 75 litres 52.5 litres

MG Gloster vs Toyota Fortuner


MG Gloster

Toyota Fortuner

Length 4985 mm 4795 mm
Width 1926 mm 1855 mm
Height 1867 mm 1835 mm
Wheelbase 2950 mm 2745 mm
Ground Clearance 210 mm 200-225 mm
Boot Space 343-1350 litres 296 litres
Fuel Tank 75 litres 80 litres


HeroCardBGMG Gloster CarImage
MG Gloster
1996 cc
6-7 Seater
On-road price in undefined
₹43.42 L - ₹49.30 L
Get min ₹2,38,639 off

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MG Gloster a full-size SUV?

The MG Gloster is a full-size SUV with roomy interiors and strong performance characteristics.

Is Gloster bigger than Fortuner?

Yes, the MG Gloster is bigger externally than the Toyota Fortuner, making it look more dominant on roads.

Is Gloster bigger than Endeavour?

Yes, the MG Gloster has greater external dimensions than the Ford Endeavour and offers an improved interior area and storage capacity.

What is the ground clearance of MG Gloster?

The MG Gloster has a ground clearance of approximately 210 millimetres, ensuring it can handle uneven terrain easily.

What is the full tank capacity of MG Gloster?

The MG Gloster has a big fuel tank that can hold around 75 litres of fuel. This gives it a good distance for travel over long stretches without stopping and refuelling often.