How to find FASTag customer ID using vehicle number?

Team Ackodrive6, Jun, 2022

FASTag is an electronic toll payment system that uses Radio Frequency Identification or RFID tags for automatic payment deductions at toll plazas. It is linked to a digital wallet, which you can recharge by logging into your account via the official FASTag portal of the issuer bank or other authorised portals online. 

In order to access your FASTag wallet, you will need your customer ID and the password. So, if you lose your customer ID, it can stop you from accessing your FASTag account. 

In this article, we have explained how to find FASTag customer ID using the vehicle number. But before that, you should understand how a FASTag and FASTag wallet work together.

How to find FASTag customer ID using vehicle number?

How are FASTag and FASTag wallet connected?

Enabled by the RFID technology, FASTag is the new-age system used for electronic payment deduction at toll plazas situated on Indian highways. A FASTag is mandatory for all four-wheelers in India from 16 February 2021. All toll booths under NHAI or the National Highways Authority of India collect toll charges via FASTags.

While you can stick a FASTag on your car’s windshield, it stays linked to a wallet that you can manage via the issuer bank’s website or other authorised digital platforms. The required toll payment is deducted from the FASTag wallet when your car’s tag comes in the detection range of the scanners at toll plazas. That’s how a FASTag and its linked wallet work together.

What is FASTag customer ID?

You get a customer ID with your FASTag sticker. It is sent along with the FASTag welcome email, containing 13 digits starting from 17 (such as 17xxxxxxxxxxx).

A customer ID, also known as user ID, allows you to log in to your FASTag account. So, in case you forget or lose your FASTag customer ID, accessing the account can be difficult. 

How to find FASTag customer ID using vehicle number

If you have forgotten your customer ID and are not able to find it anywhere, use the below-mentioned steps to obtain it back.

Steps to find FASTag customer ID from vehicle number

Step 1: Visit the official FASTag portal of your issuer bank or FASTag service provider where you bought the tag.

Step 2: Find the ‘Contact’ section on the portal.

Step 3: Use the customer support number to contact an executive from the issuer bank.

Step 4: Explain the problem to the support executive and provide your vehicle number.

Step 5: The support executive will verify your vehicle number and provide you with the FASTag customer ID. 

Is FASTag linked to the vehicle number?

Yes, a FASTag is always linked to a vehicle number. You can change the vehicle number for a FASTag, but it can serve only one vehicle number at a time. 

To change the vehicle number for a FASTag, you will require scanned copies of your new vehicle’s RC (Registration Certificate). Your issuer bank will verify the RC along with your personal details. Then, the new vehicle number will be updated for your FASTag. You can complete this process online using the issuer bank’s FASTag portal.

Frequently asked questions

Now, let’s answer a few questions related to FASTag.

How can I buy a FASTag online?

There are many issuer banks and other authorised FASTag providers online. You can check the website of your bank to ensure that they offer FASTag. Or, go to the National Payments Corporation of India or NPCI portal to find a list of all FASTag issuer banks. 

At ACKO Drive, you can purchase your FASTag for free using these easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the online portal of ACKO Drive or download the app and click on ‘Products’ on the home page.

Step 2: Select the option ‘Buy FASTag’.

Step 3: Enter the registration number of your car, then, click the ‘Get FASTag’ button.

Step 4: Complete KYC and provide a few essential personal details.

Step 5: Pay the minimal amount or more to be added as your FASTag wallet’s balance.

Step 6: Wait for just 3-5 working days for your FASTag’s home delivery. 

The amount you pay while buying the FASTag will be added to your wallet. Thus, you get the FASTag for free.  

Where can I find the customer ID for my FASTag?

You get a customer ID along with your FASTag sticker. You should check the welcome email sent to the registered email address at the time of purchasing the FASTag. This email should contain a 13-digit customer ID starting with the number 17. 

What is a wallet ID for FASTag?

You get an identification number for the FASTag wallet from the issuer bank along with the FASTag sticker. It contains 14 digits starting with the number 17. The wallet ID for a FASTag is sent to the user in the welcome email. 

How do I recharge my FASTag online?

You can recharge your FASTag wallet online via UPI payment portals, net banking, NEFT/RTGS, etc. Or, you can get your FASTag via ACKO Drive and recharge it instantly using these steps.

Step 1: Use your registered phone number to access your account at the ACKO Drive website/app.

Step 2: Select the option called ‘My Account’ and click ‘View’.

Step 3: Pick an amount and select ‘Recharge Now’.

Step 4: Pay via a preferred digital payment method to recharge your FASTag instantly.

Is it mandatory to have a FASTag on my vehicle?

The Government of India has made toll payments via FASTag mandatory for four-wheeled vehicles from 16 February 2021. Moreover, a FASTag is now mandatory to purchase third-party insurance for vehicles. Thus, you must purchase a FASTag for automatic toll payments on NHAI highways.

What if I don’t have a FASTag and want to cross a toll plaza?

To cross a toll plaza without an active FASTag, you will have to pay double the regular toll in cash. 

At the initial stage of the FASTag launch, toll plazas used to have only 1 or 2 lanes dedicated to automatic toll collection. This allowed vehicles without FASTag to pay the regular charges in cash to cross toll booths. But now, the government has mandated FASTag for every four-wheeler. Thus, if you choose to cross a toll lane with cash payment, the amount will be double the regular charges. 

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