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Tata Nexon EV Colours

Explore colour of Tata Nexon EV

The Tata Nexon EV is offered in 11 colour options - Creative Ocean With White Roof, Daytona Grey With Black Roof, Daytona Grey With White Roof, Empowered Oxide With Black Roof, Fearless Purple With Black Roof, Flame Red With Black Roof, Flame Red With White Roof, Intensi Teal With Black Roof, Onyx Black, Pristine White With Black Roof, Pristine White With White Roof .
Tata Nexon EV Creative Ocean With White Roof hero image

Color: Creative Ocean With White Roof

Dual Tone
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Tata Nexon EV Exterior Images

Tata Nexon EV Exterior Images Front View
Front View
Tata Nexon EV Exterior Images Front Right View
Front Right View
Tata Nexon EV Exterior Images Rear View
Rear View
Tata Nexon EV Exterior Images Headlight

Tata Nexon EV Interior Images

Tata Nexon EV Interior Images Dashboard
Tata Nexon EV Interior Images Steering
Tata Nexon EV Interior Images Instrument Console/Cluster
Instrument Console/Cluster
Tata Nexon EV Interior Images Infotainment System
Infotainment System
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Tata Nexon EV
40.5 kWh30 kWh
5 Seater
325.00 - 465.00 km
On-road price in undefined
₹15.32 L - ₹19.19 L
Get min ₹79,114 off

Tata Nexon EV Colours: An Overview

The Tata Nexon EV is one of the most popular electric SUVs in India. It's known for its eco-friendly performance and great design. The car underwent a facelift in 2023 with new features, including the introduction of the dark edition. The dark edition is based on a black theme inside out, giving the car a sharper and sportier outlook.

Nexon EV is available in 3 main trims: Creative, Fearless, and Empowered, with specific colour options for each variant. The Nexon EV is available in 8 different colours, which include Empowered Oxide, Pristine White, Intense Teal, Flame Red, Daytona Grey, Fearless Purple, Creative Ocean and Empowered Dark.

In the following section, let's look at all the available Tata Nexon EV colours in detail: 

  • Empowered Oxide: This colour option looks greyish white and has a slightly metallic undertone. This tone gives the car elegance and is a good choice for those who prefer a subtle look for their cars. The colour is very soothing to the eyes and is available only for the most expensive Empowered trim.

  • Pristine White: This colour option is pure white and has no other undertones, which makes the car look fresh and bright, but it can get dirty easily thus, it needs regular maintenance. Nevertheless, it makes the design of the Nexon EV appear more prominently.

  • Intensi Teal: This deep, rich bluish-green teal shade is uncommon and only available for empowered trim. It gives off a royal and sophisticated look. 

  • Flame Red: This bright and vivid red looks quite attractive. It has a fiery undertone and gives away an orangish hue, adding an energetic and sporty vibe to the car.

  • Daytona Grey: This colour gives a classic grey tone, and it has a modern outlook due to its deep charcoal grey shade. This colour makes the car look timeless and also doesn’t let the car appear dirty for a longer time. 

  • Fearless Purple: It is rich, unconventional, and magical. It has a reddish undertone, making it seem vibrant enough to grab every onlooker's attention.

  • Creative Ocean: It has a unique teal shade with a greenish-blue undertone. This gives a refreshing look to the car. It is a stylish and sophisticated choice for buyers and is available only for creative trim.

  • Empowered Dark: This colour is a dark black shade, which gives the car a sleek and prominent look, highlighting its design. It doesn’t have any other undertones and looks bold. It is available only for the special Dark edition.

Tata Nexon EV Variant-wise Colour Options:

If you are wondering which variants have what colour options, this section shall guide you through the available colours for Nexon EV:


  • Pristine White

  • Daytona Grey

  • Flame Red

  • And two exclusive shades: Empowered Oxide and Intensi Teal. 

Fearless :

  • Pristine White

  • Daytona Grey

  • Flame Red

  •  And its exclusive shade is Fearless Purple


  • Pristine White

  • Daytona Grey

  • Flame Red

  • And its exclusive shade, Creative Ocean. 

In addition, the Nexon EV Empowered Dark shade is available in a completely black shade, other than all the different colours combined with a black contrast roof. 

Tata Nexon EV: Popular Colour Choices

The choice and demand for colour depend on individual taste and are subjective. However, some options are popular among Nexon EV buyers. The most popular choice is Pristine White and Empowered Oxide, as these neutral and brighter shades also help hide minor scratches. Uncommon colours such as Fearless Purple and Intense Teal are always in demand due to their rare combination of undertones. Flame Red is preferred by many to get a bold and intense reflection on the car. 

Meanwhile, the Creative Ocean and Daytona Grey are searched for by buyers as these are shades with an undertone impacting their look. Lastly, the Empowered Dark is in a total black shade that never goes out of trend and is always in high demand.

Tata Nexon EV Colour Maintenance Tips:

Maintaining the premium colour finish of the car will demand a bit of care and attention, which can be done in the following ways:

  • Washing the car regularly: Washing it daily after a ride or even when not ridden can keep it dirt and dust-free. This is why the car usually looks dull, even when newly bought. It's incredible how a simple wash can restore the shiny gloss instantly.

  • Cleaning gently: Cleaning with microfiber is gentle on the paint material. Avoid using harsh chemicals and choose solvents cautiously.

  • Waxing and sealing: Applying wax or polishing is necessary after the wash. It helps enhance the colour's shine, acts as a guard against any small external damage, and protects from the harsh rays of the sun.

  • Keeping in regular check: It is important that any minor damages are addressed immediately so that they do not increase later on. Also, seek professional advice and cleaning services to keep the car's look and paint intact.

  • Cover your car:  Sunlight contains harsh UV rays that can cause paint to fade. Hence, covering the car protects it from damage from dust and harsh sunlight and is better for protecting the paint. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the colours of the Fearless variant of the Nexon EV?

Tata Nexon EV Fearless Long Range is available in Automatic transmission and offered in 4 colours: Pristine White, Daytona Grey, Flame Red and its exclusive shade, Fearless Purple.

What are the colours of the Nexon EV?

Tata Nexon EV is available in eight colours: Empowered Oxide, Pristine White, Intensi Teal, Flame Red, Daytona Grey, Fearless Purple, Creative Ocean, and Empowered Dark.

Which colour is best for Nexon?

Daytona Grey is reflective, helping keep your car cooler and more fuel-efficient in hot climates. It also shines up the best, which means that you can definitely turn a few heads when your car is cleaned up and looking good.

Is Tata Nexon EV Creative Plus MR available in dual tone?

Yes, this variant of Neon EV offers four dual-tone shades: Pristine White With White Roof, Flame Red With White Roof, Daytona Grey With White Roof, and Creative Ocean With White Roof.

What are the available colour options for the Tata Nexon EV facelift?

The Tata Nexon EV Facelift is available in the following colours: Empowered Oxide Pristine White, Daytona Grey, Intensi-Teal Flame Red, and Fearless Purple Creative Ocean.