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How to Get FASTag for Free from Paytm App and in Toll Plaza

Team Ackodrive4, Aug, 2021

To encourage vehicle owners to move to cashless payments at National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) toll plazas, the National Highways Authorities of India (NHAI) will be providing free FASTags until 1 December 2019, which is also the last date to affix FASTag on your vehicle. Read on to find out how to get FASTag for free from Paytm App and at toll plazas.


Steps to Get FASTag for Free from Paytm App:

With the Central government’s push for digitisation of government services, you can get FASTag at free of cost online. Here are some of the issuer agencies and banks which are offering FASTag at free of cost. Paytm is offering free FASTag for a limited period.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Below are the steps to get free Paytm FASTag:

1. On the Paytm App, select FASTag Option

After you have logged in, on the home page, select “FASTag & Toll” or “Get your Free FASTag now!”.

Note: To avail free FASTag from Paytm you should complete the Paytm Payments Bank KYC.

Paytm App

2. Select “Buy FASTag

On the new page, click “Buy FASTag” .


3. Fee Breakup:

On the new page, you can view that the charge for buying a FASTag has been waived by Paytm. On the same page, you can view the breakup of the cost to buy FASTag which includes the minimum balance to be maintained and refundable security deposit. Currently, the minimum balance is Rs.150 and the security deposit is Rs.250. Both the charges are refundable upon closing your Paytm FASTag account.

  • Enter Vehicle Details: Enter the vehicle’s registration number and upload the front and back photo of your vehicle RC.

  • After you have entered all the required information, click on “Buy Now”.

  • Pay the amount required and your free FASTag will be delivered to the address mentioned.

Limited time offer from Paytm:

  • Free Delivery

  • Free Movie Ticket

Steps to Get FASTag for Free from Toll Plazas:

The NHAI has set up Point of Sale (POS) on several NETC-toll plazas across the country. About 27,000 POS have been set up by NHAI and government certified banks to make it easier for vehicle owners to get FASTag for free. However, free FASTags will be available only at locations where NHAI has set up its POS counters.

The security deposit for FASTag is Rs.150, which is not charges until 1 December 2019. Upon purchasing the free FASTag, you need to link it to your bank account to recharge to pay the toll fee electronically.

Below are the steps to get free FASTag from toll plazas:

  • Step 1: Approach POS set up at any of the NETC-toll plazas.

  • Step 2: Submit your vehicle’s Registration Certificate, passport size photographs and KYC documents which includes ID and address proof.

  • Step 3: Pay the minimum recharge and the balance amount and get your free FASTag.

List of Toll Plazas where you can get Free FASTag:

S.No. Toll Plaza State Toll Plaza City Toll Plaza Name Toll Operator Name Code
1 Andhra Pradesh Nellore Sullurpet Plaza (NH- 16), (old NH-5) SWARNA TOLLWAY PRIVATE LIMITED 48001
2 Andhra Pradesh Nellore Budhanam Plaza (NH- 16),(old NH-5) SWARNA TOLLWAY PRIVATE LIMITED 48002
3 Andhra Pradesh Nellore Nellore Plaza (NH- 16), (old NH-5) SWARNA TOLLWAY PRIVATE LIMITED 48003
4 Andhra Pradesh Vijaywada Keesara Plaza (NH-65), (old NH-9) SWARNA TOLLWAY PRIVATE LIMITED 48004
5 Andhra Pradesh Prakasam Bollapalli Toll Plaza Saimbhapuri Expressway Ltd. 73001
6 Andhra Pradesh Prakasam Tangatur Toll Plaza Saimbhapuri Expressway Ltd. 73002
7 Andhra Pradesh Nellore Musunur Toll Plaza Saimbhapuri Expressway Ltd. 73003
8 Andhra Pradesh Vishakhapatn am Panchvati Colony(Vishakapatnam Port Connectivity) NHAI 81001
9 Andhra Pradesh Vishakapatna m Goshtani Gate of Navy(Vishakapatnam Port Connectivity) NHAI 82001
10 Andhra Pradesh Kadapa Palempalli Toll Plaza Rayalasema Expressway Private Limited 234001
11 Andhra Pradesh Kurnool Chagalmarri Toll Plaza Rayalasema Expressway Private Limited 234002
12 Andhra Pradesh Kurnool Nannur Rayalaseema Expressways Private ltd 352001
13 Andhra Pradesh Krishna Chillakallu GMR 15003
14 Andhra Pradesh Kurnool Amakthadu toll plaza MEP Infra Projects 21001
15 Andhra Pradesh Anantapuram Kasepalli toll plaza MEP Infra Projects 21002
16 Andhra Pradesh Anantapuram Marur toll plaza MEP Infra Projects 21003
17 Andhra Pradesh Guntur Kaza Toll Plaza Mangalgiri IJM 49001
18 Andhra Pradesh Icchapuram Bellupada NHAI 63101
19 Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam Madapam NHAI 65001
20 Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam Chilakpelam NHAI 66001
21 Andhra Pradesh Vizianagaram Nathavalasa NHAI 67001
22 Andhra Pradesh Vishakhapatnam Agnampadi NHAI 68001
23 Andhra Pradesh Vishakhapatnam Vempadu NHAI 69001
24 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari Krishnavaram NHAI 70001
25 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari Kalaparru NHAI 72001
26 Andhra Pradesh Krishna Pottipadu NHAI 352011
27 Andhra Pradesh Srikakulam Laxmipuram NHAI 212001
28 Andhra Pradesh Chittoor S.V Puram Toll Plaza Transtroy 239200
29 Andhra Pradesh West Godavari Unguturu Toll Plaza NHAI 239300
30 Andhra Pradesh East Godavari Eethakota at Km.946.300 NHAI 239301
31 Andhra Pradesh Chinthalapalem Chinthalapalem toll plaza NHAI 352004
32 Andhra Pradesh Rapur Rapur toll plaza NHAI 352005
33 Andhra Pradesh Mylavaram Badava NHAI 352006
34 Andhra Pradesh Markapuram Mekalavaripalli NHAI 352002
35 Andhra Pradesh Markapuram Raviguntapalli NHAI 352003
36 Andhra Pradesh Bhramanapalli Bhramanapalli NHAI 352007
37 Andhra Pradesh Mydukur Basapuram NHAI 352015
38 Andhra Pradesh Rayachoti Durgamvaripalli Toll Plaza NHAI 352008
39 Andhra Pradesh Kankipadu Davaluru NHAI 352014
40 Andhra pradesh Nandyal Chapirevula NHAI 352013
41 Bihar Kaimur Mohania Toll Plaza KNR Tollways Pvt. Ltd. 33002
42 Bihar Rohtas Sasaram Toll Plaza Khed -Sinnar Expressway Project (HAHPU) 33003
43 Bihar Aurangabad Saukala Toll Plaza NHAI 64001
44 Bihar Araria Hariabara SMS 84001
45 Bihar Supaul Asanpur Toll Plaza SMS 85001
46 Bihar Muzaffarpur Maithi SMS 87001
47 Bihar Purvi Champaran Parsoni Khem NHAI 88001
48 Bihar Purnia Maranga NHAI 90001
49 Bihar Bhagalpur Kharik NHAI 380003
50 Bihar Purnia Barsoni Toll Plaza NHAI 211001
51 Bihar Lakhisarai Balgudar Toll Plaza NHAI 239800
52 Bihar Darbhanga Raje Toll Plaza (T-2) SMS 239900
53 Bihar Sitamarhi Runni Shaidpur Toll Plaza NHAI 241300
54 Bihar Patna DidarGanj BPAPA 380001
55 Bihar Muzaffarpur Mahant Maniyari KNR Muzaffarpur Baraunitollway Pvt Ltd 284001
56 Bihar Barauni Murlitol KNR Tollways Pvt.Ltd. 280001
57 Bihar Saidpur Patedha (Sarai) Saidpur Patedha NHAI 380002
58 Chhattisgarh Durg Durg Bypass M/s SMS Shivnath Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 91001
59 Chhattisgarh Rajnandgaon Thakurtolla toll plaza Ashoka Buildcon 92001
60 Chhattisgarh Mahasamun d Chhuhipali Toll Plaza BSCPL Aurang Tollway Limited 241700
61 Chhattisgarh Mahasamun d Dhank Toll Plaza BSCPL Aurang Tollway Limited 241701
62 Chhattisgarh Raipur Lakholi Toll Plaza Raipur Expressways Limited 241900
63 Delhi New Delhi IGI Toll Plaza Millinieum City Expressway(MCEPL) 7002
64 Gujarat Vadodara L&T Vadodra L&T 1002
65 Gujarat Navsari IRB Boriach IRB 2001
66 Gujarat Valsad IRB Bhagwada IRB 2003
67 Gujarat Surat IRB Choryasi IRB 2004
68 Gujarat Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Toll Plaza IRB 2005
69 Gujarat Ahmedabad Ahmedabad (Ring Road) Toll Plaza IRB 2006
70 Gujarat Kheda Nadiad Toll Plaza IRB 2007
71 Gujarat Anand Anand Toll Plaza IRB 2008
72 Gujarat Vadodara Vadodara Toll Plaza IRB 2009
73 Gujarat Kheda Kheda IRB 2011
74 Gujarat Anand Vasad IRB 2012
75 Gujarat Aravalli Vantada Toll Plaza NHAI 10007
76 Gujarat Sabarkatha Kathpur Toll Plaza NHAI 10008
77 Gujarat Kheda Pithai Toll Plaza Essel Infra 38001
78 Gujarat Panchmahal Vavadi Toll Plaza Essel Infra 38002
79 Gujarat Rajkot Pithadiya Toll Plaza ILFS 52001
80 Gujarat Rajkot Bharudi Toll Plaza ILFS 52002
81 Gujarat Dahod Bhatwada Toll Plaza Highway Concessions 63001
82 Gujarat Banaskantha KHEMANA TOLL PLAZA NHAI 94001
83 Gujarat Patan Varahi Toll Plaza PATEL HIGHWAY MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. 95001
84 Gujarat Kutch Makhel Toll Plaza PATEL HIGHWAY MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. 95002
85 Gujarat Banaskantha Bhiladi Toll Plaza PATEL HIGHWAY MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. 95003
86 Gujarat Banaskantha Bhalgam Toll Plaza PATEL HIGHWAY MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. 95004
87 Gujarat Kutch Surajbari Toll Plaza NHAI 96001
88 Gujarat Morbi Vaghasiya Toll Plaza Safeway Concessions 97001
89 Gujarat Porbandar Vanana Toll Plaza Safeway Concessions 98001
90 Gujarat Rajkot Dhumiyani Toll Plaza NHAI 99001
91 Gujarat Kutch Samakhiali L&T 100001
92 Gujarat Tapi Mandal Toll Plaza Soma Isolux 217002
93 Gujarat Kutch Mokha Toll Plaza Reliance 219001
94 Gujarat Ahmedabad Mujras Toll Plaza Bhilwara Rajsamand Tollway Private Limited 243001
95 Gujarat Gir Somnath Dari Toll Plaza Jetpur Somnath Tollways Private Limited 213002
96 Gujarat Surat Bhatia Toll Plaza Soma Isolux 217001
97 Gujarat Ankleshwar Mandva Toll Plaza (Narmada Bridge) NHAI 336001
98 Gujarat Junagadh Gadoi Toll Plaza Jetpur Somnath Tollways Private Limited 336003
99 Haryana Gurgaon Manesar Toll Plaza Millinieum City Expressway(MCEPL) 7001
100 Haryana Panipat L&T PANIPAT L&T 39001
101 Haryana Palwal Srinagar Toll Plaza Reliance 62001
102 Haryana Rewari Jat Gangaicha Toll Plaza Kurukshetra Expressways Limited 103001
103 Haryana Jhajjar Dighal Toll Plaza Kurukshetra Expressways Limited 103002
104 Haryana Rohtak Makrauli Kalan Toll Plaza Sadbhav 104001
105 Haryana Panipat Dahar Toll Plaza Sadbhav 104002
106 Haryana Karnal Gharonda Toll Plaza Soma Isolux NH One Tollway Pvt.Ltd. 154001
107 Haryana Ambala Ghagghar Toll Plaza Soma Isolux NH One Tollway Pvt.Ltd. 154002
108 Haryana Panchkula Chandimandir Toll Plaza JP Infra 155001
109 Haryana Rohtak Rohad Toll Plaza West Haryana Highways Project Pvt. Ltd. 239400
110 Haryana Faridabad Badarpur faridabad Toll plaza Badarpur Faridabad Tollway ltd 241601
111 Haryana Rohtak Madina Toll Plaza Rohtak Hissar Tollway Private Limited 242000
112 Haryana Hisar Mayar Toll Plaza Rohtak Hissar Tollway Private Limited 242001
113 Haryana Dharamgarh Narwana IRB 312001
114 Haryana Bado patti Bado patti IRB 312002
115 Haryana Chaudhariwas Chaudhariwas IRB 312003
116 Haryana Sonipat Bhagan Toll Plaza NHAI 313001
117 Haryana Hisar Landhari Toll Plaza NHAI 313002
118 Haryana Sirsa Khuian Malkna NHAI 312005
119 Haryana Sirsa Bhavdeen Plaza NHAI 312004
120 Haryana Jakhauli Main Plaza Village Jakhauli NHAI 312006
121 Haryana Maujpur Maujpur NHAI 312007
122 Haryana Chhajju Nagar Chhajju Nagar NHAI 312009
123 Haryana Shahjadpur MilkMajra NHAI 312010
124 J&K Udhampur Bann Toll Plaza Rakesh Kumar Choudhary 106001
125 J&K Mada & Nashri Mada Fee Plaza NHAI 318001
126 J&K Pulwama Kachkoot Toll Plaza NHAI 318002
127 Jharkhand Hazaribagh Rasoiya Dhamna Toll Plaza NHAI 107001
128 Jharkhand Giridih Ghanghri Toll Plaza NHAI 107002
129 Jharkhand Ranchi HAZARIBAGH-RANCHI EXPRESSWAY (Pundag) NHAI 108001
130 Jharkhand Dhanbad Beliyad toll plaza M/s IL&FS 209001
131 Jharkhand Bokaro Tand Balidih NHAI 392001
132 Karnataka Koppal Vanagiri GMR 16001
133 Karnataka Koppal Shahapur GMR 16002
134 Karnataka Koppal Hitnal GMR 16003
135 Karnataka Tumkur Karjeevanhally Toll Plaza IRB 17001
136 Karnataka Chitradurga Guilalu Toll Plaza IRB 17002
137 Karnataka Bangalore Rural Laxamannath Plaza NHAI 29001
138 Karnataka Bangalore Urban ELECTRONIC CITY Phase 1 NAVAYUGA UDUPI TOLLWAY PVT LTD 35001
139 Karnataka Bangalore Urban ATTIBELLE BETL 35002
140 Karnataka Bijapur Bijapur Toll Plaza Sadbhav 46001
141 Karnataka Bagalkot Nagarhalla Toll Plaza Sadbhav 46002
142 Karnataka Belagavi Kognoli NHAI 109001
143 Karnataka Belagavi Hattargi NHAI 110001
144 Karnataka Belagavi Hirebgewadi toll plaza Ashoka Buildcon 111001
145 Karnataka Haveri Bankapur NHAI 112001
146 Karnataka Haveri Chalageri NHAI 113001
147 Karnataka Davanagere Hebbalu NHAI 114001
148 Karnataka Bangalore Rural Kulumapalya toll plaza (Neelmangla Tumkur) Jass Tollways 115001
149 Karnataka Tumkur Chokkenahalli toll plaza (Neelmangla Tumkur) Jass Tollways 115002
150 Karnataka Bangalore Rural Plaza 1 @ Km 14+825 Navayuga 116001
151 Karnataka Bangalore Rural Devanahalli Toll Plaza Navayuga 116003
152 Karnataka Chikballapur Bagepalli Toll Plaza NHAI 117001
153 Karnataka Bangalore Rural Nelamangala Toll Plaza LANCO DEVANHALI TOLLWAY LTD 118001
154 Karnataka Mandya Bellur Toll Plaza LANCO DEVANHALI TOLLWAY LTD 118002
155 Karnataka Bangalore Rural Hoskote Toll Plaza LANCO HOSKOTE TOLLWAY LTD 119001
156 Karnataka Kolar Mulbagal Toll Plaza LANCO HOSKOTE TOLLWAY LTD 119002
157 Karnataka Mandya Kadabhalli (Kirasave) Toll Plaza L&T 120002
158 Karnataka Dakshina Kannada Surathkal Toll Plaza NHAI 239500
159 Karnataka Hassan Shantigrama Toll Plaza L&T 120001
160 Karnataka Kolar Nangli Toll Plaza JSRMTPL 239600
161 Karnataka Sasthan Sasthan Toll Plaza Navayuga 257001
162 Karnataka Talapady Talapady Toll Plaza NAVAYUGA UDUPI TOLLWAY PVT LTD 257003
163 Karnataka Hejamadi Hejamadi Toll Plaza NAVAYUGA UDUPI TOLLWAY PVT LTD 257002
164 Karnataka Bidar Mangalgi M/s Deccan Tollways Ltd 356100
165 Karnataka Dakshina Kannada Brahamarakotlu NHAI 356105
166 Kerala Thrissur Paliyekkara Toll plaza Guruvayoor 123001
167 Kerala Ernakulam Kumbalam Toll Plaza Kochi Aror Tollways 124001
168 Kerala Palakkad PamPamPallam Toll Plaza KNR Walayar Tollways Pvt Ltd 239700
169 Madhya Pradesh Barwani Jamli Toll Pllaza Khalghat Sendhwa Tollways Pvt Ltd 131001
170 Madhya Pradesh Indore SONWAY Toll Plaza Oriental Pathways(Indore) PVT LTD 245001
171 Madhya Pradesh Guna Pagara Toll Plaza Dilip Buildcon Limited , Metro infrasys 345003
172 Madhya Pradesh Biaora Jogipur Toll Plaza Dilip Buildcon Limited , Metro infrasys 345004
173 Madhya Pradesh Dhar Khalghat Toll Plaza NHAI 27001
174 Madhya Pradesh Morena Choundha Agra Gwalior 125002
175 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Mehra Path 126001
176 Madhya Pradesh Sagar Malthone DPJ DRA Tollways 127001
177 Madhya Pradesh Sagar Chitora DPJ DRA Tollways 127002
178 Madhya Pradesh Sagar Titarpani DPJ DRA Tollways 127003
179 Madhya Pradesh Damoh Bakori DPJ DRA Tollways 127004
180 Madhya Pradesh Seoni Allonia NHAI 345016
181 Madhya Pradesh Shivpuri Ramnagar Jhansi Baran Pathways 129001
182 Madhya Pradesh Guna Guna Guna Infra 130001
183 Madhya Pradesh Indore IDTL Toll Plaza-A Indore Dewas Tollways 132001
184 Madhya Pradesh Dewas IDTL Toll Plaza-B Indore Dewas Tollways 132002
185 Madhya Pradesh Betul Khambara Toll Plaza Oriental 214001
186 Madhya Pradesh Betul Milanpur Toll Plaza Oriental 214002
187 Madhya Pradesh Betul Chikhalikala NHAI 238001
188 Madhya Pradesh Seoni Fulara NHAI 238002
189 Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara Jungawani NHAI 238003
190 Madhya Pradesh Seoni Jaitpur NHAI 238004
191 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Fanda Toll Plaza MPRDC 545001
192 Madhya Pradesh Sehore Amlaha Toll Plaza MPRDC 545002
193 Madhya Pradesh Dewas Bhourasa Toll Plaza MPRDC 545003
194 Madhya Pradesh Kolaras Purankhedi Toll Plaza Ircon 345005
195 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Panihar Essel Infra 345001
196 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Mud Kheda Essel Infra 345002
197 Madhya Pradesh Rewa Rathara M/s Path India Pvt.Ltd 345008
198 Madhya Pradesh Rewa Choratha M/s Path India Pvt.Ltd 345009
199 Madhya Pradesh Katni Katni Bypass Road Ltd - Entry Ashoka Concessions 345012
200 Madhya Pradesh Katni Katni Bypass Road Ltd - Exit Ashoka Concessions 345013
201 Madhya Pradesh Indore Chapra New Delhi Oriental 345010
202 Madhya Pradesh Indore Rojwas Oriental 345011
203 Madhya Pradesh Sidhi Sonvarsha NHAI 345015
204 Madhya Pradesh Rewa Khadda NHAI 345014
205 Maharashtra Palghar IRB Charoti IRB 2002
206 Maharashtra Amravati Nandgaon Toll Plaza NHAI 23001
207 Maharashtra Nagpur MANSAR TOLL PLAZA NHAI 24001
209 Maharashtra Nagpur NAGPUR BYPASS CHECK TOLL PLAZA NHAI 24003
210 Maharashtra Wardha BORKHEDI TOLL PLAZA NHAI 24004
211 Maharashtra Wardha Karanja Toll Plaza NHAI 25001
212 Maharashtra Palghar Khaniwade Toll Plaza IRB 40001
213 Maharashtra Satara TASAWADE TOLL PLAZA MSRDCL 44001
214 Maharashtra Kolhapur Kini Toll Plaza MSRDCL 44002
215 Maharashtra Solapur Sawaleshwar Toll Plaza ILFS & ITNL 51001
216 Maharashtra Solapur Varwade Toll Plaza ILFS & ITNL 51002
217 Maharashtra Nagpur Gondkhairi Plaza Atlanata Infra 53001
218 Maharashtra Pune Patas Plaza TRIL 54001
219 Maharashtra Raigad Sardewadi Plaza TRIL 54002
220 Maharashtra Satara Anewadi Toll Plaza Reliance 61001
221 Maharashtra Pune Khed-Shivapur Toll Plaza Reliance 61002
222 Maharashtra Yavatmal Kelapur NHAI 134001
223 Maharashtra Wardha Daroada Anuj Kumar Aggarwal 134002
224 Maharashtra Nagpur Mathni JMC 137001
225 Maharashtra Bhandara Sendurwafa toll plaza Ashoka Buildcon 138001
226 Maharashtra Dhule Shirpur DPTL 139001
227 Maharashtra Dhule Songir DPTL 139002
228 Maharashtra Nashik Chandwad toll plaza Ircon Soma 140001
229 Maharashtra Dhule Laling toll plaza Ircon Soma 140002
230 Maharashtra Nashik Baswant Toll Plaza NHAI 141001
231 Maharashtra Nashik Ghoti toll plaza Gammon India 142001
232 Maharashtra Thane Arjunalli toll plaza Gammon India 142002
233 Maharashtra Nagpur Kelwad NHAI 239001
234 Maharashtra Nagpur Patanswangi Toll Plaza NHAI 240000
235 Maharashtra Shedung Shedung Toll Plaza IRB 540002
236 Maharashtra Khalapur Khalapur Toll Plaza IRB 540003
237 Maharashtra Kusgaon Kusgaon Toll Plaza IRB 540004
238 Maharashtra Talegaon Talegaon Toll Plaza IRB 540005
239 Maharashtra Ahmadnagar Hiwargaon pavasa Khed -Sinnar Expressway Project (HAHPU) 341401
240 Maharashtra Pune Chalakwadi toll plaza Khed -Sinnar Expressway Project (CPUAH) 341101
241 Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Sinner Tollways Limited NHAI 340001
242 Maharashtra Sholapur Tamalwadi Toll Plaza IRB 340002
243 Maharashtra Osmanabad Yedashi Toll Plaza IRB 340003
244 Maharashtra Aurangabad Pargaon TP YABOT (IRB) 340004
245 Maharashtra Aurangabad Padalshingi TP YABOT (IRB) 340005
246 Maharashtra Aurangabad Maliwadi TP YABOT (IRB) 340006
247 Meghalaya Ri-Bhoi Diengpasoh Toll Plaza Nandini Talukdar 144001
248 Meghalaya Ri-Bhoi Pahammawlein Toll Plaza M/s Sahakar Global Ltd 237001
249 Meghalaya Ri-Bhoi 18th Mile Toll Plaza Farakka Raiganj Highways Ltd. 244000
250 Meghalaya Ri-Bhoi Gazole Toll Plaza Farakka Raiganj Highways Ltd. 244001
251 Meghalaya Khliehriat Lomshinong NHAI 379002
252 Meghalaya Jowai Pasyih NHAI 379001
253 Odisha Balasore SERGARH TOLL PLAZA NHAI 146001
254 Odisha Cuttack Manguli Toll Plaza Shree Jagannath Expressway Pvt Ltd. 148001
255 Odisha Khordha Gudipada or Gangapada Toll Plaza NHAI 149001
256 Odisha Ganjam Gurapali NHAI 150001
257 Odisha Bargarh Sambalpur Baragarh Tollways Ashoka Buildcon 151001
258 Odisha Jajpur Srirampur toll plaza NHAI 152001
259 Odisha Jaipur - Keonjhar Hasanpur SAI MAATARINI TOLLWAYS LIMITED 375001
260 Odisha Keonjhar Kantaghar SAI MAATARINI TOLLWAYS LIMITED 375002
261 Odisha Keonjhar Banajodi SAI MAATARINI TOLLWAYS LIMITED 375003
262 Odisha Pipili Pipili NHAI 375006
263 Odisha Jajpur PANIKOILI TOLL PLAZA NHAI 375005
264 Punjab Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar Ambala Chandigarh GMR 14001
265 Punjab Pathankot LADPALWAN TOLL PLAZA IRB 30001
266 Punjab Amritsar WARYAM NANGAL TOLL PLAZA IRB 30002
267 Punjab Kapurthala JATL Dhilwan Toll Plaza IVRCL 41001
268 Punjab Amritsar JATL Nijjerpura Toll Plaza IVRCL 41002
269 Punjab Ludhiana Ladowal Toll Plaza Soma Isolux NH One Tollway Pvt. Ltd. 154003
270 Punjab Amritsar Chiddan Toll Plaza NHAI 156001
271 Punjab Rupnagar BSC-C&C Kurali Toll Plaza BSC-C&C Kurali Toll Plaza Pvt Ltd 157001
272 Punjab Hoshiarpur Harsa Mansar Toll Plaza NHAI 158001
273 Punjab Hoshiarpur Chollang Toll Plaza NHAI 159001
274 Punjab Sangrur Badbar NHAI 314003
275 Punjab Channo Kalajhar Toll Plaza NHAI 314005
276 Punjab Bhatinda Lehra Begga NHAI 314004
277 Punjab Amritsar Usma Toll plaza NHAI 314006
278 Punjab Patiala Dharer Azizpur Toll Plaza NHAI 314011
279 Punjab Zirakpur Dhareri Jattan Plaza NHAI 314010
280 Punjab Talwandi Kot Karora Kalan Plaza NHAI 314012
281 Punjab Bhatinda Zidda Toll Plaza NHAI 314009
282 Punjab Partran Paind Toll Plaza NHAI 314013
283 Rajasthan Ajmer Gegal Soma Isolux 6001
284 Rajasthan Ajmer Pipalaz Soma Isolux 6002
285 Rajasthan Jaipur Jaipur Plaza GVK 8001
286 Rajasthan Ajmer Kishangarh Plaza GVK 8002
287 Rajasthan Alwar Shahjahanpur Toll Plaza Pink City Expressway 9001
288 Rajasthan Jaipur Manoharpura Toll plaza Pink City Expressway 9002
289 Rajasthan Jaipur Daulatpura Toll Plaza Pink City Expressway 9003
290 Rajasthan Chittaurgarh Jojro Ka Kheda Toll Plaza IRB 10002
291 Rajasthan Udaipur Narayanpura Toll Plaza NHAI 10004
292 Rajasthan Udaipur Khandi Obri Toll Plaza IRB 10006
293 Rajasthan Jaipur Barkheda Toll Plaza IRB 31001
294 Rajasthan Tonk Sonwa Toll Plaza IRB 31002
295 Rajasthan Jaipur Tatiawas Toll Plaza Reliance 47001
296 Rajasthan Sirohi UNDVARIYA TOLL PLAZA NHAI 102001
297 Rajasthan Kota Similiya M/S Kota Baran Toll Ways 160001
298 Rajasthan Baran Fatehpur M/S Kota Baran Toll Ways 160002
299 Rajasthan Chittaurgarh Bassi Chittorgarh Kota Toll Ways 161001
300 Rajasthan Bhilwara Aroli Chittorgarh Kota Toll Ways 161002
301 Rajasthan Bundi Dhaneshwar Chittorgarh Kota Toll Ways 161003
302 Rajasthan Sirohi Malera Udaipur Pathways 162001
303 Rajasthan Udaipur Gogunda Udaipur Pathways 162002
304 Rajasthan Bharatpur Ludhwai Toll Plaza Madhucon Infra 163001
305 Rajasthan Bharatpur Amoli Toll Plaza Madhucon Infra 163002
306 Rajasthan Dausa Sikandra Toll Plaza JAIPUR MAHUA TOLLWAY PRIVATE LIMITED 164001
307 Rajasthan Jaipur Rajadhok Toll Plaza JAIPUR MAHUA TOLLWAY PRIVATE LIMITED 164002
308 Rajasthan Baran Mundiyar Jhansi Baran Pathways 165001
309 Rajasthan Sikar Akhepura NHAI 330044
310 Rajasthan Pali Raipur L&T 220001
311 Rajasthan Pali Indranagar L&T 220002
312 Rajasthan Pali BIRAMI L&T 220003
313 Rajasthan Sirohi UTHMAN L&T 220004
314 Rajasthan Jhalawar Methoon Toll Plaza NHAI 231001
315 Rajasthan Kota Kishorepura Toll Plaza GVK 233001
316 Rajasthan Rajsamand Mandawara Toll Plaza Shreenathji Udaipur Tollway Pvt Ltd 235001
317 Rajasthan Rajsamand Negadiya Toll Plaza Shreenathji Udaipur Tollway Pvt Ltd 235002
318 Rajasthan Chittaurgarh Rupakheda Toll Plaza Bhilwara Rajsamand Tollway Private Limited 243000
319 Rajasthan Gulabpura Khedi IRB 330008
320 Rajasthan Jaipur Lambiya Kalan IRB 330007
321 Rajasthan Churu Lasedi M/s Salasar Highways Pvt.Ltd. 330002
322 Rajasthan Churu Dhadhar M/s Salasar Highways Pvt.Ltd. 330003
323 Rajasthan Churu Sobhasar M/s Salasar Highways Pvt.Ltd. 330004
324 Rajasthan Ajmer Banthri NHAI 330005
325 Rajasthan Ajmer Tamdoli NHAI 330006
326 Rajasthan Barmer Nimbayani NHAI 330011
327 Rajasthan Kota Kota Bypass Toll Plaza NHAI 330012
328 Rajasthan Karauli Kondar NHAI 330009
329 Rajasthan Badi Chilla Chond NHAI 330010
330 Rajasthan Jodhpur Doli toll plaza M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd 330001
331 Rajasthan Barmer Nimbasar NHAI 330013
332 Rajasthan Jaipur Nekawala NHAI 330015
333 Rajasthan Bharatpur Rajora Khurd NHAI 330025
334 Rajasthan Ladnun (Nagaur) Nimbi Jodha NHAI 330026
335 Rajasthan Nagaur Harimma NHAI 330027
336 Rajasthan Barmer Hathitala Toll Plaza NHAI (QualiX) 330023
337 Rajasthan Barmer Bor Charnan Toll Plaza NHAI (QualiX) 330024
338 Rajasthan Jaisalmer Kair Fakir Ki Dhani toll plaza QualiX 330014
339 Rajasthan Bikaner Khara Toll Plaza MoRTH 330016
340 Rajasthan Bikaner Bhadera Toll Plaza MoRTH 330017
341 Rajasthan Bikaner Hindore Toll Plaza MoRTH 330018
342 Rajasthan Bikaner Salasar Toll Plaza Ircon PBTL 330019
343 Rajasthan Bikaner Nokhra Toll Plaza Ircon PBTL 330020
344 Rajasthan Bikaner Kheerwa Toll Plaza Ircon PBTL 330021
345 Rajasthan Dahod Limdi Toll Plaza NHAI 330033
346 Rajasthan Tonk Gumanpura NHAI 330036
347 Rajasthan Jaisalmer Lathi GR Infra / NHAI 330042
348 Rajasthan Jaisalmer Ramdevara GR Infra / NHAI 330043
349 Rajasthan Jodhpur Jasnathnagar NHAI 330037
350 Rajasthan Jodhpur Khanori NHAI 330038
351 Rajasthan Para Para Plaza NHAI 330028
352 Rajasthan Jodhpur Morani NHAI 330039
353 Rajasthan Bhilwara Khachrol NHAI 330040
354 Rajasthan Lilamba Leelamba Plaza NHAI 330041
355 Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram SriPerumbadur NHAI 13001
356 Tamil Nadu Vellore Chennasamaduram NHAI 13002
357 Tamil Nadu Villupuram Vikkravandi Toll Plaza Ulundurpet Expressway(IDFC) 18001
358 Tamil Nadu Villupuram SENGURICHI TOLL PLAZA Trichy Tollways Pvt Ltd 19001
359 Tamil Nadu Perambalur THIRUMANDURAI TOLL PLAZA Trichy Tollways Pvt Ltd 19002
360 Tamil Nadu Tiruvallur SURAPATTU TOLL PLAZA NHAI 20001
361 Tamil Nadu Tiruvallur VANAGARAM TOLL PLAZA NHAI 20002
362 Tamil Nadu Madurai Kappalur Raima Toll Road(MEP) 22001
363 Tamil Nadu Virudhunagar Etturvattam Raima Toll Road(MEP) 22002
364 Tamil Nadu Thoothukudi Salaipudur Raima Toll Road(MEP) 360010
365 Tamil Nadu Tirunelveli Nanguneri Raima Toll Road(MEP) 22004
366 Tamil Nadu Salem Omalur Toll Plaza IRB 32001
367 Tamil Nadu Tiruchirappalli Samayapuram Toll Plaza Indu Navayuga 36001
368 Tamil Nadu Pudukkottai Boothakudi M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd 360015
369 Tamil Nadu Madurai Chittampatti M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd 360014
370 Tamil Nadu Erode Vijayamangalam Toll Plaza IVRCL 42001
371 Tamil Nadu Salem Vaiguntham Toll Plaza IVRCL 43001
372 Tamil Nadu Tiruchirappalli Ponnambalapatti Plaza Reliance 55001
373 Tamil Nadu Dindigul Kozhinjiipatti Plaza Reliance 56001
374 Tamil Nadu Namakkal Rasampalayam Plaza Reliance 57001
375 Tamil Nadu Salem Mettupatti Plaza Reliance 58001
376 Tamil Nadu Salem Nathakkarai Plaza Reliance 58002
377 Tamil Nadu Villupuram Veeracholapuram Plaza Reliance 58003
378 Tamil Nadu Tiruchirappalli Thiruparaithurai Plaza Reliance 59001
379 Tamil Nadu Karur Manavasi Plaza Reliance 59002
380 Tamil Nadu Krishnagiri Krishnagiri Plaza Reliance 60001
381 Tamil Nadu Vellore Vaniyambadi Toll Plaza L&T 167001
382 Tamil Nadu Vellore Pallikonda Toll Plaza L&T 167002
383 Tamil Nadu Tiruvallur Nallur Toll Plaza L&T 168001
384 Tamil Nadu Dharmapuri L&T Krishnagiri Thopur Toll Plaza L&T 169001
385 Tamil Nadu Dindigul Velanchettiyur Madhucon Infra 170001
386 Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram Paranur NHAI 360011
387 Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram Athur NHAI 174001
388 Tamil Nadu Tiruchirappalli Valvanthankottai Madhucon Infra 176001
389 Tamil Nadu Virudhunagar Elliyarpathy Madhucon Infra 176002
390 Tamil Nadu Thoothukudi Pudurpandiyapuram Madhucon Infra 176003
391 Tamil Nadu Villupuram Pondicherry Tindivanam Toll Plaza Pondicherry Tollways 177001
392 Tamil Nadu Pudukkottai Lembalakudi NHAI 360012
393 Tamil Nadu Pudukkottai Lechchumanapatti NHAI 360013
394 Tamil Nadu Thoothukudi VAGAIKULAM TOLL PLAZA NHAI 178003
395 Tamil Nadu Tiruppur IVRCL Chengapally Tollways Limited IVRCL 230001
396 Tamil Nadu Tiruvallur Pattarai Toll Plaza Transtroy 239201
397 Tamil Nadu Palaya Gandharvako ttai Village Palaya Gandharvakottai toll plaza NHAI 360003
398 Tamil Nadu Shenbagamp ettai Village Shenbagampettai toll plaza NHAI 360002
399 Tamil Nadu Madharam Mathur Toll Plaza NHAI 360017
400 Tamil Nadu Dharmavaram D C Palli NHAI 360005
401 Tamil Nadu Sivagangai Tirupachethi NHAI 360018
402 Tamil Nadu Nellore Buchireddypalem NHAI 360006
403 Tamil Nadu Ramnathpuram Bogalur NHAI 360019
404 Telangana Nalgonda Pantangi GMR 15001
405 Telangana Nalgonda Koralaphad GMR 15002
406 Telangana Mahabubnag ar Raikal Toll Plaza NAVAYUGA UDUPI TOLLWAY PVT LTD 34001
407 Telangana Nalgonda Guduru Toll Plaza Sadbhav 45001
408 Telangana Adilabad Pippalwada NHAI 350020
409 Telangana Adilabad Rolmamda NHAI 75001
410 Telangana Adilabad Gamjal NHAI 76001
411 Telangana Nizamabad Indalwai Navayuga 78001
412 Telangana Mahabubnagar Sakapur Toll plaza L&T 79001
413 Telangana Mahabubnagar Pullur NHAI 80001
414 Telangana Nizamabad Bhiknoor Toll Plaza NHAI 350021
415 Telangana Bidar Kamkole M/s Deccan Tollways Ltd 350100
416 Telangana Kadthal Kadthal NHAI 350003
417 Telangana Hyderabad Kokapet IRB 550001
418 Telangana Hyderabad Edulanagulapally IRB 550002
419 Telangana Hyderabad Patancheru IRB 550003
420 Telangana Hyderabad Sultanpur IRB 550004
421 Telangana Hyderabad Dundigal IRB 550005
422 Telangana Hyderabad Medchal IRB 550006
423 Telangana Hyderabad Shamirpet IRB 550007
424 Telangana Hyderabad Keesara IRB 550008
425 Telangana Hyderabad Ghatkesar IRB 550009
426 Telangana Hyderabad Taramatipet IRB 550010
427 Telangana Hyderabad Pedda Amberpet IRB 550011
428 Telangana Hyderabad Bongulur IRB 550012
429 Telangana Hyderabad Ravi Ryal IRB 550013
430 Telangana Hyderabad Tukkuguda IRB 550014
431 Telangana Hyderabad Peddagolconda IRB 550015
432 Telangana Hyderabad Shamshabad IRB 550016
433 Telangana Hyderabad Rajendra Nagar IRB 550017
434 Telangana Hyderabad TSPA IRB 550018
435 Telangana Hyderabad Nanakramguda IRB 550019
436 Telangana Chinthapally Chinthapally NHAI 350001
437 Telangana Medak Manoharabad NHAI 350022
438 Telangana Konetipuram Konetipuram NHAI 350023
439 Uttar Pradesh Agra Korai Toll Plaza Bhubaneswar Expressway Pvt.Ltd 26001
440 Uttar Pradesh Kanpur Dehat Barajore toll plaza NHAI 28001
441 Uttar Pradesh Auraiya Anantram Toll Plaza NHAI 28002
442 Uttar Pradesh Varanasi Daffi Toll Plaza Bhilwara Rajsamand Tollway Private Limited 33001
443 Uttar Pradesh Moradabad Niyamatpur Ekrotiya Toll Plaza Moradabad Bareilly Expressway Limited 50001
444 Uttar Pradesh Bareilly Thiriya Khetal Toll Plaza Moradabad Bareilly Expressway Limited 50002
445 Uttar Pradesh Mathura Mahuvan Toll Plaza Reliance 62002
446 Uttar Pradesh Agra Baretha or Jajau Agra Gwalior Pathways 125003
447 Uttar Pradesh Jhansi Raksha Jhansi Baran Pathways 129002
448 Uttar Pradesh Firozabad Tundla Toll Plaza IRB 180001
449 Uttar Pradesh Firozabad Gurau (Formerly Semra Atikabad) Toll Plaza IRB 180002
450 Uttar Pradesh Jhansi Babina Toll Plaza Sh. Keshav Agarwal 181001
451 Uttar Pradesh Lalitpur Vighakhet Toll Plaza M/s Balaji Enterprises 181002
452 Uttar Pradesh Kushinagar Salemgarh Toll Plaza M/s Gorakhpur Kasia Tollways Pvt Ltd. 182001
453 Uttar Pradesh Kushinagar Muzaina Hetim Toll Plaza M/s Gorakhpur Kasia Tollways Pvt Ltd. 18300
454 Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur Tendua Toll Plaza M/s Gorakhpur Kasia Tollways Pvt Ltd. 184001
455 Uttar Pradesh Basti Chaukadi Toll Plaza Ayodhya Gorakhpur SMS Toll Pvt. Ltd.(AGSTPL) 185001
456 Uttar Pradesh Basti Mandawnagar Toll Plaza Ayodhya Gorakhpur SMS Toll Pvt. Ltd.(AGSTPL) 186001
457 Uttar Pradesh Bareilly Nawabganj Toll Plaza PNC Kanpur- Ayodhya Tollways Pvt. Ltd. 187001
458 Uttar Pradesh Barabanki Ahmadpur Toll Plaza PNC Kanpur- Ayodhya Tollways Pvt. Ltd. 187002
459 Uttar Pradesh Faizabad Ronahi Toll Plaza PNC Kanpur- Ayodhya Tollways Pvt. Ltd. 187003
460 Uttar Pradesh Jalaun Chamari Toll Plaza M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd 188001
461 Uttar Pradesh Jalaun AIT Toll Plaza M/s Welcome Infra 189001
462 Uttar Pradesh Jhansi SEMRI Toll Plaza M/s Bhargavendra Nath Upadhyaya 190001
463 Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Naini Toll Plaza M/s Bholanath Rajpati Shukla 192001
464 Uttar Pradesh Hapur Brijghat Toll Plaza IRB 193001
465 Uttar Pradesh Amroha Joya Toll Plaza IRB 194001
466 Uttar Pradesh Sitapur Itaunja Toll Plaza Lucknow Sitapur Expressways Limited 196001
467 Uttar Pradesh Sitapur Khairabad Toll Plaza Lucknow Sitapur Expressways Limited 197001
468 Uttar Pradesh Fatehpur Katoghan Toll Plaza M/s Bholanath Rajpati Shukla 198001
469 Uttar Pradesh Kaushambi KOKHRAJ (Sirohi) Toll Plaza M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd 199001
470 Uttar Pradesh Allahabad HANDIYA (Sujala ) Toll Plaza M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd 199002
471 Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Nawabganj Toll Plaza M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd 199003
472 Uttar Pradesh Allahabad SORAON Toll Plaza M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd 199004
473 Uttar Pradesh Allahabad SAHSON Toll Plaza M/s Eagle Infra India Ltd 199005
474 Uttar Pradesh Sant Ravidas Nagar Lalanagar Toll Plaza M/s Bholanath Rajpati Shukla 200001
475 Uttar Pradesh Aligarh Madrak Toll Plaza Brijbhoomi Expressway Pvt.Ltd. 201001
476 Uttar Pradesh Hathras Baros Toll Plaza Brijbhoomi Expressway Pvt.Ltd. 201002
477 Uttar Pradesh Fatehpur Badauri Toll Plaza M/s Bholanath Rajpati Shukla 202001
478 Uttar Pradesh Kanpur Nagar Aliyapur Toll Plaza PNC Kanpur Highways Ltd. 215001
479 Uttar Pradesh Hamirpur Khanna Toll Plaza PNC Kanpur Highways Ltd. 215002
480 Uttar Pradesh Meerut Sivaya Toll Plaza Western UP Tollway Ltd. 216001
481 Uttar Pradesh Rae Bareli Dakhina Shekpur Toll Plaza Arya Toll Infra Limited 218001
482 Uttar Pradesh Gautam Buddh Nagar LUHARLI Toll plaza Gaziabad Aligarh Expressway Pvt Ltd 239100
483 Uttar Pradesh Aligarh GABHANA Tollplaza Gaziabad Aligarh Expressway Pvt Ltd 239101
484 Uttar Pradesh Amethi Nuruddinpur toll plaza Khalatkaar Constructions 241800
485 Uttar Pradesh Jaunpur Kunwarpur Vinayendranath Upadhyay 241801
486 Uttar Pradesh Agra Raibha toll plaza NHAI 320001
487 Uttar Pradesh Bahraich Aaini Toll Plaza NHAI 320002
488 Uttar Pradesh Mavikala Mavikala NHAI 320003
489 Uttar Pradesh Duahi Duhai NHAI 320005
490 Uttar Pradesh Dasana Dasana NHAI 320007
491 Uttar Pradesh Bilakbarpur Bilakbarpur NHAI 320009
492 Uttar Pradesh Fatepur Rampur Fatehpur Rampur NHAI 320011
493 Uttar Pradesh Fatehabad ALEP Main Plaza 21 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320013
494 Uttar Pradesh Fatehabad ALEP Ramp Plaza 27 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320014
495 Uttar Pradesh Shikohabad ALEP Ramp Plaza 54 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320015
496 Uttar Pradesh Etawah ALEP Ramp Plaza 77 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320016
497 Uttar Pradesh Saifai ALEP Ramp Plaza 92 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320017
498 Uttar Pradesh Etawah ALEP Ramp Plaza 108 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320018
499 Uttar Pradesh Etawah ALEP Ramp Plaza 116 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320019
500 Uttar Pradesh Saurikh ALEP Ramp Plaza 154 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320020
501 Uttar Pradesh Taki Gram ALEP Ramp Plaza 171 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320021
502 Uttar Pradesh Kannauj ALEP Ramp Plaza 193 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320022
503 Uttar Pradesh Kanpur ALEP Ramp Plaza220 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320023
504 Uttar Pradesh Unnao ALEP Ramp Plaza 238 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320024
505 Uttar Pradesh Lucknow ALEP Main Plaza 290 Eagle Infra India Ltd 320025
506 Uttar Pradesh Raebareli Jindpur Toll Plaza NHAI 320027
507 Uttar Pradesh Raebareli Aihar Toll Plaza NHAI 320026
508 Uttar Pradesh Haidergarh Bara Toll Plaza NHAI 320029
509 Uttar Pradesh Sultanpur Asroga Toll Plaza NHAI 320030
510 Uttar Pradesh Gulalpurva Gulalpurva NHAI 320031
511 Uttar Pradesh Pilkhua Chhajarsi NHAI 320032
512 Uttarakhand ​Rudrapur​ DEORIYA Kashipur Sitarganj Highways Pvt.Ltd. 326002
513 Uttarakhand Khatima Banushi NHAI 326003
514 West Bengal West Medinipur Rampura Plaza NHAI 29002
515 West Bengal Bardhaman Palsit NHAI 370002
516 West Bengal Hooghly Dankuni NHAI 370003
517 West Bengal Howrah Rajchandrapur Toll Plaza Second Vivekananda Bridge Tollway Company Private Limited 204001
518 West Bengal Howrah Jaladhulagori toll plaza Ashoka Buildcon 205001
519 West Bengal West Medinipur Debra toll plaza Ashoka Buildcon 205002
520 West Bengal Darjeeling Paschim Madati NHAI 206001
521 West Bengal Uttar Dinajpur Surjapur NHAI 370004
522 West Bengal Purba Medinipur Sonapetya NHAI 208001
523 West Bengal Murshidabad Chandermore Plaza Barahmpur- Farakka Tollway Pvt. Ltd. 210001
524 West Bengal Murshidabad Shibpur Plaza Barahmpur- Farakka Tollway Pvt. Ltd. 210002
525 West Bengal Alipurduar Guabari Toll Plaza NHAI 241400
526 West Bengal Durgapur Banskopa Plaza M/s IL&FS 370001

Documents Required to Get FASTag:

To get FASTag for free or by purchasing one, you need to submit the required documents to avail the same. Below is the list of documents to get FASTag:

  1. Vehicle Registration Certificate.

  2. Passport Size Photographs (2 nos.).

  3. Know-Your-Customer (KYC) documents:

    1. Address and ID Proof.

    2. Owner’s DL.

    3. Voter ID.

    4. PAN Card.

    5. Passport.

    6. Aadhaar.

FASTag Charges:

A one-time joining fee of Rs.200 is levied by the issuer bank or agency; however, the security deposit and FASTag charges are based on the type of vehicle.


Toll Plazas in Assam to Reopen from 10 January

– January 7, 2020

Toll plazas at Raha, Dhalpara, Patgaon, Madanpur, Nazira Khat, Manderdisa and Hawagaon will reopen on 10 January 2020 as per the directive of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). The toll plazas will be reopened in a uniform manner by the NHAI. The authority has held meetings with the state government for a better collection of toll from various toll plazas.

Over 1 Crore FASTags Issued Till 24 December 2019

– December 24, 2019

As per the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), over 1 crore FASTags have been issued till 24 December 2019. The NHAI began electronic toll collection through the FASTags, which is a Radio-Frequency ID (RFID), on all its toll plazas in the country from 15 December 2019 for smooth movement of vehicles at NH toll plazas. The FASTag is affixed on the windshield of the vehicle which enables automatic deduction of toll and lets vehicles pass toll lanes without having to stop to pay toll through cash or other modes. Since several vehicles are yet to be affixed with a FASTag, the NHAI has made 75% of the toll lanes as FASTag lanes and the remaining as hybrid lanes which allow users to pay by cash.

NHAI Begins Electronic Toll Collection at National Highways Across the Country

– December 16, 2019

The National Highways Authority of India on Sunday said it has begun electronic toll collection at national highways across the country through the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) based FASTag. To ensure seamless travel through national highway toll plazas, Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) enabled by FASTag was started on 15 December 2019 all over India. The NHAIsaid that all 523 toll plazas are ETC enabled for use of FASTag for cashless toll payments at NH toll plazas. It added that many vehicles are yet to affix FASTags hence up to 25% of the toll lanes have been kept hybrid lanes which accept both digital and cash payments.

District Administration Hands Over 70 Hectares of Land to NHAI for Expressway

– December 8, 2019

To construct the Delhi-Meerut expressway, the District Administration of Ghaziabad has handed over 70 hectares of land to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). More than 200 houses were demolished to make way for the expressway with the aid of the said landowners within 15 days target. More than 80 villagers were compensated for the land acquisition worth over Rs.10 crore. The District Administration held camps at four villages affected by the land acquisition and compensation was processed and transferred to the villager’s account.

Deadline for Mandatory Implementation of FASTag Postponed

– November 29, 2019

The Central government has postponed the deadline for mandatory implementation of FASTag for all vehicles in the country to 15 December 2019 from the earlier deadline of 1 December. Post 15 December, the Centre will levy double toll fee from vehicles passing through the FASTag lane without the tag. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) said the extension of the mandatory FASTag on vehicles was done to give citizens to buy and put the FASTag on their vehicles. FASTag is a Radio-frequency ID which enables cashless payment of the toll fee in an effort to decongest highways and to promote digital payments at toll plazas. FASTag account can be recharged through several payment gateways such as debit card, credit card, UPI and net banking. FASTags are available through 22 certified banks, e-commerce platforms as well as through Point of Sale kiosks at toll plazas.