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Tata Altroz Colours

Explore colour of Tata Altroz

The Tata Altroz is offered in 13 colour options - Arcade Grey, Atomic Orange With Black Roof, Avenue White, Avenue White With Black Roof, Cosmo Dark, Daytona Grey, Downtown Red, Downtown Red With Black Roof, Harbour Blue, HighStreet Gold, Opera Blue, Opera Blue With Black Roof, Pure Grey With Black Roof .
Tata Altroz Arcade Grey hero image

Color: Arcade Grey

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Tata Altroz Exterior Images

Tata Altroz Exterior Images Front Left View
Front Left View
Tata Altroz Exterior Images Left View
Left View
Tata Altroz Exterior Images Rear Left View
Rear Left View
Tata Altroz Exterior Images Rear View
Rear View

Tata Altroz Interior Images

Tata Altroz Interior Images Dashboard
Tata Altroz Interior Images Steering
Tata Altroz Interior Images Steering With Controls
Steering With Controls
Tata Altroz Interior Images Cruise Control
Cruise Control
HeroCardBGTata Altroz CarImage
Tata Altroz
1497 cc1199 cc
5 Seater
On-road price in undefined
₹7.27 L - ₹13.17 L
Get min ₹48,545 off

Tata Nexon Colours: An Overview

The Tata Nexon facelift has brought a fresh breath of looks to the compact SUV with its futuristic, sharp and elegant design language. Complementing the exterior design are its vibrant colour options, which further elevate the visual appeal of the SUV. In the following sections, let’s look at all the available Tata Nexon colours in detail.

  • Fearless Purple with Black Roof: Purple is one of the best and the newest colour options for the Nexon. It looks funky and classy at the same time, and the combination of the black roof gives it an elegant look.

  • Ocean Blue: If you like the colour of the serene ocean, the Ocean Blue colour is for you. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and renders a premium look to the compact SUV.

  • Ocean Blue with Black Roof: Tata offers a dual-tone variant of the Ocean Blue colour combined with a black roof. This colour adds a “cool” touch to this otherwise “hot” SUV in the market.

  • Daytona Grey with Black Roof: Grey is one of those colour options that does not hit you on your face. It’s subtle, classy and sophisticated. The dual-tone treatment adds to the elegance of the colour.

  • Daytona Grey with White Roof: A black roof may not be your cup of tea, and maybe you are looking for something more classy. Then Tata has an option of the white roof with the same Daytona Grey colour. This dual-tone colour works well for those looking for a subtle yet contrasting colour palette.

  • Flame Red: As the colour name suggests, it gives a bold character to the compact SUV. If you like bright colours that draw attention, this is for you.

  • Flame Red with Black Roof: Looking for a striking entry with your Nexon? Then the Flame Red with Black Roof is the colour that fits the bill. It is bright and grabs the eyeball wherever you go.

  • Flame Red with White Roof: Don’t like the black roof? Worry not, as Tata has another variation of the Flame Red colour with a white roof. This dual-tone colour option looks attractive as it is a combination of fiery red and cooling white. The white roof also has an advantage as it will keep the cabin cool.

  • Pristine White with Black Roof: Want to have that “clean” look for your Nexon? The Pristine White is exactly what you are looking for then.  With contrasting white and black colour combinations, it looks classy, and the old-school car lovers will like this paint scheme.

  • Calgary White: This colour option gives an urbane look to the Nexon. If you wish for a crisp and chic appearance, this paint scheme will serve the purpose.

  • Pure Grey: If you are not into vibrant and contrasting colours, this Pure Grey colour option for the Tata Nexon is for you. It is minimalistic and keeps thins simple as driving this SUV.

  • Atlas Black: It is a colour option exclusively offered with the Dark Edition of the Tata Nexon. It is an evergreen colour option, as an all-black look suites the exterior design of the SUV and renders it an intense look.

Tata Nexon Variant-wise Colour Options

If you are confused about which variant has what colour options, this section will provide detailed variant-wise colour options available for the Tata Nexon.


  • Calgary White

  • Flame Red

  • Daytona Grey


  • Pure Grey

  • Calgary White

  • Flame Red

  • Daytona Grey


  • Ocean Blue

  • Ocean Blue with Black Roof

  • Daytona Grey with White Roof

  • Flame Red with White Roof

  • Calgary White


  • Fearless Purple with Black Roof

  • Daytona Grey with Black Roof

  • Flame Red with Black Roof

  • Pristine White with Black Roof

Tata Nexon: Popular Colour Choices

The Tata Nexon is available in a bunch of colour options that look attractive to the eyes. But colour is a subjective matter, and not everyone likes the same colour. However, there are a few colour options that are popular amongst the Tata Nexon buyers.

Some popular colour choices for the Tata Nexopn include Fearless Purple with Black Roof, Ocean Blue with Black Roof, Daytona Grey with Black Roof, Pure Grey, Flame Red with White Roof and Calgary White. There’s also an Atlas Black colour option with the Dark Edition, popular amongst car buyers.

Tata Nexon Colour Maintenance Tips

The Tata Nexon is offered with some stunning colour options. But once you buy the Tata Nexon in your favourite colour, the next big task is to maintain its paint scheme. 

To help you in that regard, here are a few tips to maintain the colour of your Tata Nexon.

  • Regular car washing: Wash your Tata Nexon regularly to get rid of dust, dirt or any other contaminants that could dull the shine of the paint.

  • Wax/Polish after wash: Apply a wax or polish to your Tata Nexon after the wash. It helps in protecting the paint and enhances the shine of the colour.

  • Apply paint protection or ceramic coating: You can also consider applying a paint protection film or ceramic coating to the Nexon’s exterior. It will help protect the paint against scratches and harsh UV rays.

  • Avoid parking in direct sunlight: Sunlight contains harsh UV rays, which is bad for your skin. Similarly, it is also bad for your Nexon’s paint. It can fade the colour over a period of time. Hence, it’s best to avoid parking in an open area. Always park in a shaded area to protect the paint.

  • Do not use harsh chemicals: Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals when washing your Tata Nexon. Always use gentle cleaning agents while washing your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which colour of Tata Nexon is best?

Fearless Purple with Black Roof, Ocean Blue, Flame Red and Calgary White are some of the best colour options for Tata Nexon.

Is the Tata Nexon available in white colour?

Yes, the Tata Nexon is available in two white colour options: Pristine White and Calgary White.

Is the Ocean Blue colour available in all trims of Tata Nexon?

The Ocean Blue colour is available only with the Creative trim of the Tata Nexon.

Is the Tata Nexon available in dual-tone colour options?

Yes, the Tata Nexon is available in dual-tone colour options.

Is the Tata Nexon available in matte colour options?

No, the Tata Nexon is not available in a matte colour option.