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Tata Altroz Dimensions

The Tata Altroz is a Hatchback. On this page, we bring you the dimensions of the Tata Altroz, including its length, width, height, ground clearance, wheelbase, boot space and fuel tank capacity. View Tata Altroz dimensions in mm (millimetres), cm (centimetres), feet and inches.

Dimensions of Tata Altroz

The Tata Altroz measures 3990 mm in length, 1755 mm in width and 1523 mm in height. The Tata Altroz has a ground clearance of 165 mm. The wheelbase of the Altroz measures 2501mm.
Dimension mm cm Inches Feets
Length 3990 399 157.09 13.09
Width 1755 175.5 69.09 5.76
Height 1523 152.3 59.96 5
Wheelbase 2501 250.1 98.46 8.21
Total 4 doors
Seating up to 5 people

Tata Altroz Boot Space

Boot space refers to the dedicated luggage storage space located at the rear of the vehicle, behind the rear passenger seats. Tata Altroz’s boot space stands at 345 litres.
Total Boot space is 345 Ltr
You can fit upto 3.45 cabin baggages.

Altroz Internal Dimensions

The Altroz is a stylish hatchback with lots of interior room and good looks. Even your tallest pals will be able to travel comfortably because of the cabin's spaciousness. With a large boot to fit all of the luggage requirements, the Altroz shines in storage as well. You have a sizable fuel tank and are prepared for your next journey!

  • Boot Space: Is there enough room for everything you own? The stunning 345-litre boot capacity of the Altroz is the only place to look! Whether you need groceries for the week or luggage for a weekend getaway, this hatchback can fit your needs. Ample storage space will greet you instead of little quarters. You may carry as much as you need to pack in the Altroz without compromising comfort for you or your passengers. Prepare to travel with plenty of room!

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: Are you ready to go a distance without constantly stopping to refuel? The 37-litre fuel tank of the Altroz covers you! Say goodbye to routine fill-ups and hello to limitless excursions. This hatchback guarantees you'll spend more time enjoying the trip and less time at the gas pump, whether you're speeding through town or on a broad road. With a tank that's ready to go, the Altroz is your mobile passport to independence!

Altroz External Dimensions

After all, it's time to evaluate the Tata Altroz! Despite its dimensions on the outside, this smooth hatchback actually has a lot of power. Check-in with a length that provides you with just the right mix of both amenity and manageability and also a corresponding width, which, when all is said and done, gives you the stability you will need for the road. Further mix this with a comfortable height, a wide wheel base for a smooth ride, and sufficient ground clearance, and you will have a car that is ready to hit any road with a stylish look and confident swagger. The Altroz: simple, clever, and too fabulous!

  • Length: The Altroz from Tata measures 3990 mm in length, and therefore, it ends up occupying a sweet spot by offering a compact vehicle for manoeuvring and, at the same time, enriching space. Such a size of the car gives relief during city street circulation and parking but at the same time provides a big legroom for comfortable city driving with friends and/or family.

  • Width: With its 1755mm width, the Altroz offers ample room inside for all passengers. Say goodbye to the tightness in your shoulders! Whether it's a family carrying groceries or a group of friends going out for the evening, everyone can unwind and enjoy the ride without feeling crammed into a tiny space.

  • Height: Because of the Altroz's 1523 mm height, you will have outstanding road visibility, which boosts driving confidence. Furthermore, this height makes it easy to enter and exit, especially for people with restricted mobility, and provides enough headroom for taller people.

  • Wheelbase: The wheelbase is the distance/space between the front and rear wheels. In Altroz's case, its 2501mm wheelbase is a major contributor to a smooth and stable ride. Long trips will feel more pleasant as a result of the back passengers having additional legroom. Think of it as extra room to stretch out and enjoy the ride!

  • Ground Clearance: With a ground clearance of 165mm, the Altroz easily tackles most city roads and highways. With this clearance, you can confidently avoid damaging the undercarriage by navigating over potholes, speed bumps, and the occasional dirt path. Even though it's not an off-road champion, it can easily manage daily adventures.

Altroz Dimensions vs Rivals

Are you considering the Tata Altroz but unsure if its measurements will work for you? In this section, the measurements of the car, including length, width, height, wheelbase, and ground clearance, are compared with those of the Altroz's primary hatchback rivals. By closely evaluating these features, you can make an informed decision on which hatchback best suits your driving requirements and way of life in terms of ground clearance, agility, and passenger space.

Altroz vs Hyundai i20

Parameter Altroz Hyundai i20
Length 3,990 mm 3,995 mm
Width 1,755 mm 1,775 mm
Height 1,523 mm 1,505 mm
Wheelbase 2,501 mm 2,580 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm 170 mm
Boot Space 345 litres 311 litres
Fuel Tank 37 litres 37 litres

Altroz vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Parameter Altroz Maruti Suzuki Baleno
Length 3,990 mm 3,990 mm
Width 1,755 mm 1,745 mm
Height 1,523 mm 1,500 mm
Wheelbase 2,501 mm 2,520 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm 170 mm
Boot Space 345 litres 382 litres
Fuel Tank 37 litres 37 litres
HeroCardBGTata Altroz CarImage
Tata Altroz
1497 cc1199 cc
5 Seater
On-road price in undefined
₹7.17 L - ₹13.17 L
Get min ₹48,545 off

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space is there for legs in the Altroz?

The Altroz's 2501 mm wheelbase allows for plenty of legroom for both front and back occupants.

Is there enough room for luggage in the Altroz boot space?

The 345 litre boot of the Altroz may easily hold groceries for the family or bags for a weekend getaway.

How many people can comfortably fit in the Altroz?

The Tata Altroz offers comfortable seating for 5 adults with ample headroom and shoulder room.

What is Altroz's fuel tank capacity in relation to comparable hatchbacks?

With a fuel tank size of 37 litres, the Altroz is comparable to many of its hatchback competitors.